About The Course

This online Facebook Ads course teaches you not only the technical aspects of how to run Facebook campaigns but also how you can create ad creatives and copies that compel people to click on the ad. Over and above, with this online Facebook marketing course, you will learn more about delivering an engaging user experience. By the end of this course you will be a certified Facebook and Instagram advertiser..

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads Beginners
  • Start-up owners & Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing Managers & Digital Media Buyers
  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Digital Marketing & Advertising Students
  • Business Owners looking to boost ROI
  • Marketers attempting Blueprint Certification
  • Small Business Owners looking to expand
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Media Buyer
  • Social Media Specialist
  • A Facebook account
  • Debit card, credit card or any other payment method
  • Website or landing page is not mandatory but would be beneficial
  • Laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet
  • Good Internet Connection

Create Stellar Instagram & Facebook Ads

About The Instructor

Karan Shah is a tech enthusiast, a public speaker and the founder of the Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE). He has worked for top Digital Marketing Agencies including Social Kinnect where he created and implemented digital marketing strategies for clients like Havmor Ice-Creams, Taj Hotels, Murcia Handbags and many more. For the last 8 years, his teaching efforts have impacted thousands of lives by managing to train 25,000+ students and corporations online and offline making him the ideal person to learn Digital Marketing basics from.


  • Harvard University alumni
  • TEDx speaker
  • Trained CxO level employees of Volkswagen, Mahindra Partners, Estée Lauder, Abbott and many more
  • Contributor to Education Times, Hindustan Times, Entrepreneur India, The Free Press Journal and many more
Instagram Marketing and Facebook Ads Course Instructor -Karan Shah





What this Course Includes


2+ hours on-demand video lectures
Learn Conveniently via any Device
Lifetime Access
Regularly Updated Curriculum



Receive a Certificate of Completion
Access to Case Studies & Resources
Practice Tests & Assignments
Dedicated Q&A Support & Help

Stand Apart with IIDE’s Certificates

Add it to your wall of fame or share with your LinkedIn connections — IIDE’s certificate serves as a testament to the knowledge and skills you have gained.

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Ratings & Reviews

2340 reviews | 4.6 Average Rating

  • 5 Star 58% 58%
  • 4 Star 32% 32%
  • 3 Star 8% 8%
  • 2 Star 1% 1%
  • 1 Star 1% 1%

“It was a good course for understanding the facebook advertising world. Highly recommended for everyone who is starting out, and people looking for a refresher course. Overall i’m satisfied for the money paid.”

Marcos Cruz
Student , US

“Great course. gave me all the basic to get it started and move to the next level. Asked a question and got immediate response. Absolutely recommendable.”

Pasquale Gorrasi
Business Owner, Bangladesh

“This was really helpful in learning the basics of Facebook ads. I will find a good routine with this Facebook Ads course and hopefully get to the point where ads are effective enough to pay us back and not a drain on the wallet. Thank you!.”

Sierra Myers
Social Media Marketing Intern, France

“Excellent experience I am so glad that I came across this online facebook marketing course… I have every reason to shout with gladness that now I have learn facebook advertising I can finally move on to learning how to create an income working with Facebook!!! It really is the best Facebook ads course . I give the instructor a 5-star rating and a thumbs up. Thank you!”

 Mariya Rose
Designer, Morocco

“The content is just relevant for your purpose as committed and does not waste your time with any just for heck details. He actually took you thru every micro-detail on the FB campaign creation and the run. He demoed by keeping his own company as a case study. ”

 Iqbal Yaqub

Guaranteed Outcome

You will learn everything from how to run a Facebook campaign to Facebook ad tips that’ll come in handy even for Instagram Marketing. The online Facebook marketing course includes Facebook ad tips from an expert and gradually progresses towards advanced topics including Facebook Remarketing and Facebook Sales Funnel. By the end of this course you will be a certified Facebook and Instagram advertiser.

Introduction to Facebook Ads and Instagram Marketing
Building a Quality Customer Base Online
Targeting Demographics, Interest & Behavior
Facebook & Instagram Ad Placement & Budgeting
Facebook & Instagram Ad Formats
Importance of Landing Pages and Remarketing
Deeper Understanding of Facebook and Instagram Ads

Create ROI-driven Facebook Ads Campaigns

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start watching the online Facebook Ads course?
To start watching the course, create an account. After that, go to the course page and purchase the course. As soon as you make the payment, you will find the online Facebook Ads course on your account dashboard under ‘My Courses’. When you click on the course name, you will be redirected to the course landing page. Click on ‘Resume Course’ to start watching.
What devices can I watch the lectures on?

You can learn Facebook advertising by logging into your course account from your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer browser.!

How much time do I have to complete the online Facebook Marketing course?
This online Facebook Marketing course is self-paced. Since you have lifetime access to the lectures, you can learn Facebook Advertising and revisit the Facebook ad tips at your own convenience.
Is there a way I can test my learning?
You will get access to tests that will help you assess and implement the persuasive advertising strategies that you’re learning during the course.
How can I get my doubts solved?
You can reach out on learnonline@iide.co. Our Facebook Ads subject matter experts are available anytime between Monday and Saturday and will solve all your doubts that surface during the course.
Does IIDE provide certifications?
Yes. Every IIDE graduate receives a certificate of completion in Digital Marketing. Along with that, we also prepare every student for Google Ads exams and certifications. IIDE’s Digital Marketing Course Certification will help you get better Job opportunities with a better package.
I have completed the online Facebook Marketing course. Will I receive the Certificate of Completion?
Yes. When you’ve completed all the lectures and passed the tests, you will receive the Certificate of Completion. You can even save the certificate in a .pdf or .jpg format, which will make it easier for you to share. Please check if all the lectures listed under the course content have been marked as complete (look for a check mark against every lecture).
All the lectures have been marked as complete but I still don’t see the Certificate of Completion. Why?
After watching all the lectures, you have to achieve a minimum score of 80% in the final test to get the Certificate of Completion. Please check your score for the final test. If it’s lower than 80%, you will have to retake the test.
How many times can I attempt the final test?
You can attempt the final quiz a maximum of 3 times.
I’ve watched all the lectures and passed the test. I still can’t find the Certificate of Completion. What do I do?
In this case, please get in touch with us and we’ll check what the problem is.
I really enjoyed the online course. How can I show my appreciation?
We’re extremely happy to know that you’re enjoying the online Facebook Marketing course. To rate and review the course, you can go to the online course dashboard. In the course player, click on Leave a rating.
I’m sure my friend will benefit from this Facebook Ads course. How do I share the course with him/her?
On your account dashboard, you will find the Referral Program. There will be a link that you can share with as many people as you want.
What benefits do I enjoy if I share your course with others?
When you get someone to enroll with one or more of IIDE’s online courses, you enjoy discounts on your own purchases. You also get first access to any new courses that IIDE will create in the future. You can find more information about this here
What if I don't like the course?
By any chance, if you feel that the course has not met your expectations, you can let us know by filling out this form within 7 days of your purchase. Our academic counsellor will reach out to gather feedback and provide the best possible solution. If that doesn’t work, we will refund the entire amount to you within 3-7 working days.