What our Email Marketing Course seeks to achieve?

The chief objective of our Email Marketing course is helping individuals to market a product, brand or blog using e-mailers. It involves a week long power packed training with our email marketing expert trainer. The course helps you use the power of emails to further your business agendas which could mean acquiring and retaining customers, building brand awareness or even driving sales.

First and foremost, the training begins with insights into building the right database, subscriber list and segmenting them on basis on factors like target group, demographics, mode of acquisition, etc. The course structure is set in a way to help you understand what type of emails are sent for what marketing goals. For instance: An e-commerce retailer with the objective of converting prospective customers into acquired customers will send out special discount promotions or abandoned cart emails. While, a company with brand awareness in mind would send out company newsletters to its subscribers.

Once your email marketing goal is set, the emailing marketing training moves backwards with planning the other details of the campaign. This includes setting the email design, contents of the email, right subject line, frequency and time schedule, etc. Students are given a host of email marketing software and tools such as MailChimp and AWeber to manage the marketing campaign. Last but not the least, we also touch base with the art of writing the perfect cold email and ways of using email automation and drip marketing into your email marketing campaign.

Email marketing still continues to remain one of the primary modes of marketing between B2B and B2C individuals and businesses all over the world continue to make big spends on email marketing. Thus, Email marketing is a skill that once added to your arsenal of capabilities is sure to reap great benefits. The email marketing certification you receive post completion of the course will put you in a position to use email marketing at work or for your own business. If you wish to learn email marketing from the experts, join IIDE’s Email Marketing course in Mumbai.

Email Marketing course in mumbai

Email Marketing Course Details

  • Uses of email marketing
  • Advantages of email marketing
  • Types of emails
  • Subscribers list & Database building
  • Segmentation of emailing list
  • Successful Cold emailing
  • Email marketing tools & software
  • Understanding the email marketing process
  • Creating email marketing plan
  • Designing emails
  • Avoiding spam filters
  • Email campaign analytics
  • Email automation
  • Drip email marketing

Date: 27th – 28th January 2018

Duration: 8 hours

Fees: Rs. 6,500/-

Time: Weekend Batch

Location: IIDE, Andheri (W), Mumbai

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