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How large brands evolve over time?.

  • Rohan Prasher, Group Brand Manager (Media & Digital) of Asian Paints, spoke at a Supersession hosted by IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education, where he addressed “How Large Brands Evolve Overtime”. He started by describing his journey throughout his years working for various departments in Asian Paints.
  • In the session, Rohan walked us through the journey of Asian Paints as a brand and how it has evolved over the years. He gave an overview of how the Brand runs, from its Product Journey to its Competitors, to finally the complete evolution of Asian Paints as a brand.
  • He assisted the students in understanding the “Marketers persona” and various marketing strategies that the brand follows to maintain its traditional as well as digital marketing platforms He gave insights about their TVCs, advertisements, and how these advertisements play a role in maintaining their brand identity. Maintaining a balance between traditional and digital platforms for a brand like Asian paints is essential because its primary target audience is painters and laborers.
  • When asked about the company’s future goals he responded by saying that the company has plans to move into a new sector of Decor and try to establish the same. The session helped in understand what goes into the marketing strategies of big brands and how it is carried out efficiently into achieving their end goals. He concluded by guiding our students on how a customer’s buying journey is taken into consideration while launching a new product and line.
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