IIDE Super Session Topic

Airline Marketing in the New Normal with COVID-19.

  • Super Session by Mr. Akira Mitsumasu, VP, – Global marketing at Japan Airlines. Our first ever international speaker, Mr. Mitsumasu talked about how the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the aviation sector and companies all around the world to revamp strategies to survive
  • They followed the mantra of sense, shape and seize. It means sensing the change that is happening around, shaping and adapting your business to the change, and seizing the opportunity to make the most out of it. The reset was the need of the hour, afterall the aviation industry had taken a staggering hit of 97% loss in revenue
  • The first action they undertook was to conduct a research on who are their main target audience and who is more likely to travel first as the world opens up again. They engaged wherever possible with a high number of millennial, solo and female travellers around the globe
  • They repurposed their business and adapted to the changing needs by following the new protocol of sanitization and hygiene standards for the safety and peace of mind of the travellers. He shared a valuable advice that it is extremely important to ask the right questions instead of searching for the right answer
  • He also discussed about the steps taken by the aviation industry in order to reduce the carbon emission as the sector is responsible for 2% of global emissions and they are actively seeking to decrease the carbon footprint. The industry is moving in the right direction as they intend to reach their goals within the set timeline and further innovate as and when possible

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