Swiggy – Digital Marketing Strategy by Devesh Shah

In this world of startups, Swiggy has turned out to be one of the most formidable and successful startups. May it be Swiggy’s marketing strategy or social media marketing, Swiggy has been proving its market presence. Let’s learn more about Swiggy as a company and it’s digital marketing strategies done by the company and as suggested by Devesh Shah in his presentation on Digital Marketing Strategy for Swiggy.

About Swiggy

Swiggy is a food ordering and Delivery Company based out of Bangalore, India. Started In August 2014 and founded by Nandan Reddy, Sriharsha Majety, both alumni of BITS Pilani along with Rahul Jaimini, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, Swiggy has been rapidly growing and reaching greater heights.

Owned By Bundl Technologies Pvt. Ltd, it connects neighbourhood restaurants to urban foodies. Currently, operating in 8 cities (Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Gurgaon) and across 5000 top and growing restaurants, Swiggy has been serving an average 30,000 + customers.

Their top clients include Burger King, Café Coffee Day, Goli Vada Pav & much more to name it.

Devesh Shah, a student at IIDE has devised a Digital Marketing Strategy for Swiggy. It entails a detailed digital plan that can improve Swiggy’s online image as well as promote sales.



Target Audience:

Swiggy as a brand can cater to a huge target audience. It can include the varied group of ages, people with various demographics and even varied characteristics.

Though Swiggy has a great population to target, it’s ideal target audience will be people between the age of 18-55.

These people could be students, entrepreneurs or professionals working in MNC’s who are also financially stable and live in posh localities.

Search Engine Optimisation:

SEO is an integral component of every digital marketing strategy. It helps improve your search engine rankings on the search engine results pages (SERP’s). For a brand to rank organically high, it is important to perform a good SEO strategy. A good SEO strategy involves satisfying important attributes like the header tags, meta tags, backlinks, keywords and social media integration.

On performing an SEO analysis for Swiggy, two major issues were discovered.

The website of the brand didn’t have H2 tags at all. H2 tags are an important way of communicating to the search engines what the pages of your website are about.

Also, the number of backlinks for the brand’s website was not adequate. Having a good amount of quality backlinks defines domain’s credibility and improves ranking.

Thus, the brand’s website should inculcate H2 tags and quality backlinks to its website for a great overall SEO performance.

Social Media Campaigns and Content Strategy:

In just 4 years, Swiggy has become a very reputed brand. And that’s not just because of their exceptional service but also because of their excellent social media marketing strategies. Delivery services and social media strategies have gone hand in hand for company’s reputation.

On Facebook, Swiggy has 174K likes and followers. FoodPanda & Zomato which are Swiggy’s biggest competitors have a whopping 2.9 million & 1.2 million likes & followers whereas Faasos & Tiny Owl comparatively have a mere 136K & 31K likes & followers.

But what sets Swiggy apart from Zomato & FoodPanda is their remarkable social media campaign strategies. Every campaign of theirs is extremely engaging, easy to consume and have an interactive quotient in them. The posts are highly appealing, humour based and of good quality.

Considering their past social media campaigns, Swiggy can come up with campaigns such as #eatyourveggies, #earnyourcheatmeal & #superswiggy, where they can convey the notion of healthy eating in a humorous way by using puns and witty one-liners.

Along with a perfect Social Media Strategy, a well-planned Content Strategy also plays an important role in increasing a brand’s online reputation.

The brand can create various types of content such as blogs, videos or listicles on food-related topics or must-visit restaurants & bars or maybe on how to make money through food blogging. Such content is convenient to consume and also relevant to Swiggy’s target audience.

Email Marketing:

An email marketing strategy should be a part of every brand’s overall marketing strategy. Because it helps the brand build relationships with the prospects and its current customers as well as acquire the existing customers conveniently through their inbox.

Swiggy can come up with different email marketing campaigns satisfying different objectives. The emails could be about notifying the customers regarding the delivery of their order or announcing latest offers and features.

This will help foster their sales, increase engagement and drive traffic to their website or mobile app.

Influencer Marketing Strategy:

Influencer marketing is another one great strategy that Swiggy can look up to.

Influencers & Influencer marketing is the newest trend these days. Brands have started approaching influencers to market their product because of their power to create an impact in the minds of people.

There are a lot of famous food bloggers across the country who are also great influencers. Some of the popular names include Mumbai Foodie by Ronak Rajani, Food Talk India by Shuchir Suri & Anjali Batra, My Food Story by Richa Gupta & Delhi Food Guide by Saadidilli. Swiggy can leverage itself by collaborating with these influencers and promoting themselves to a wider audience.

Online Reputation Management:

Online Reputation Management plays a major role in defining a brand’s authority and credibility. It helps manage and monitor a brand’s online image. Thus, to create a good online identity of your brand practising ORM is vital.

As mentioned before, Swiggy has an exceptional service. Excellent services help brands to gain positive reviews and ratings on social media forum. Swiggy’s Online Reputation Management is better than its competitors. Credit goes to the service and social media strategy which helped Swiggy to maintain its ORM.

Swiggy can further strengthen its online reputation by getting itself listed on top websites like Justdial, Grouptable, Huffington Post, Dineout, Tripadvisor. All these websites authentic and a perfect destination for getting listed.

Social Media and Google Ads:

Every Digital Marketing strategy is incomplete without Paid Ads. Every brand practising digital marketing should invest in both Social Media Marketing Ads & Google Ads.

Gaining traction to your website/business page organically is a long-term process. But with paid ads, the process becomes much faster.

In fact, Swiggy’s own biggest competitors Zomato & FoodPanda performs extensive Facebook Advertising.

Swiggy should run a Facebook Carousel Ad showcasing its products or services or launch a Single Image ad offering latest discounts and coupon codes.

It should also perform Search Ads targeting keywords such as ‘order food online’, ‘food delivery’, ‘home delivery’ etc. This will help the ad appear more often because of the accuracy and high relevancy of the keyword with the brand.


Over these years, Swiggy has grown as a brand. It has given a tough competition to other counterparts due to its online presence. Swiggy has been way active on YouTube and the digital marketing team has utilised the platform brilliantly by showcasing the 7-second video to its viewers. However, certain digital marketing strategies suggested by Devesh Shah can boost the brand’s overall digital marketing performance.

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