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A Digital Marketing Course Curated for Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Learn Digital Marketing at IIDE and become a
Certified Digital Marketer in just 6 Months

21 modules | 24 week


Enroll now for a free 1-on-1 counseling

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A Digital Marketing Course Curated for Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Become a Certified Digital Marketer in 6 Months

 21 modules | 24 weekends


Enroll now for a free 1-on-1 counseling

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Program Overview

The School of Digital Marketing offers you a 6 month program designed to fulfill the needs of working professionals and entrepreneurs. Learn the executive and managerial digital marketing skills you would need to increase sales and also to create a long lasting digital impact. The program has been curated by leading industry experts in the digital space. IIDE’s project based learning attempts to create a system for enhanced learning of digital marketing concepts. A fast track approach to upgrading existing executive skills is the main focus of this program. During the course the students will have ample opportunities to network in the dynamic digital marketing industry.

Most Eligible Applicants

Traditional Advertisers and Marketers

Media Professionals

CEO's and Founders of Companies

Budding Entrepreneurs

Marketing Managers

Management Trainees

Sales Executives

All sorts of Designers

Eligibility: Graduates, Working Professionals and Entrepreneurs


IIDE’s program curriculum is designed in a way to cover all the execution related digital marketing skills & managerial skills. The executive skills are taught in a practical manner as we adopt project based learning. Find the syllabus below:


I. Executive Skills

Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to digital marketing
  • Digital Vs. traditional marketing
  • How effective digital marketing is
  • Conducting competitive analysis
  • How to use digital marketing to increase sales
  • Case studies
Website planning and Creation
  • Understanding website elements
  • Domain and Web Hosting
  • Learning WordPres
  • Theme selection
  • Creating web pages
  • Adding content
  • Understanding: Page v/s post
  • Installing and activating plugins
  • Incorporating design elements
  • Adding content
Search Engine Optimization
  • Understanding Search engines
  • Search engine ranking factors
  • Page Rank algorithm
  • On-Page & Off-Page Optimisation
  • Keyword Research
  • Meta tags & meta description
  • SEO Friendly Content Writing
  • Link Building
  • User experience
  • Unethical SEO practices
Search Engine Marketing
  • What is Google AdWords?
  • Paid search versus Organic search
  • Google Ad Rank Algorithm
  • Relevance and quality score
  • Bidding on AdWords
  • Keyword planning for Google AdWords
  • Search and display network
  • Text ad and ad extensions
  • Google banner ads
  • Campaign management
  • Google partners
  • Understanding the concept of remarketing
  • Remarketing process
  • Adding remarketing tag
  • Creating remarketing lists
  • Display advertising
  • Remarketing on Google AdWords Display Network
  • Facebook remarketing
  • Dynamic remarketing
  • Tracking conversions
Web Analytics
  • Understanding Google Analytics
  • Website tracking and tracking visitor source
  • Key dimensions & metrics
  • Goal setting
  • Conversion funnel
  • E-commerce reporting
  • Decoding Audience, Behaviour & Acquisition report
  • Real-time reports
  • Google banner ads
  • Campaign management
  • Heat Mapping tools
Content Strategy
  • What is Content Marketing
  • Types of Content
  • Content Bucketing
  • Social Media Calendar Creation
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Relevancy and share ability of content
  • Trend capitalization and virality
  • Content Marketing Management tools
  • Content Syndication
Design Essentials
  • Understanding aesthetics of a brand
  • Typography
  • Colours
  • Characteristics of an Ad
  • How to create quick content and creatives
  • Design Thinking
Social Media Marketing
  • Social Platform Algorithms
  • Advertising on Social Media Platforms
  • Data Collection & Analytics
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Brand Case Studies
  • Digital Marketing Overview.
Online Reputation Management
  • Understanding ORM
  • Need for ORM
  • Steps for effective Online Reputation Management
  • Impact of negative conversations
  • Tools for ORM
  • Understanding sentiments of a brand
  • Crisis management
  • ORM case studies.
E-commerce Management
  • Understanding e-commerce
  • Various e-commerce portals
  • Advantages of e-commerce
  • E-commerce Legalities
  • E-commerce marketing
  • Product keyword research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Inventory management
  • Supply chain management
  • Packaging & shipping
  • Selling on online platforms
  • Uploading products to online marketplace
  • Business process
  • Setting up payment gateway
  • Remittance cycle & return policy
  • Creating an E-commerce website
  • Barriers to e-commerce
Email Marketing
  • Types of emails
  • Subscribers list & Database building
  • Successful Cold emailing
  • Email marketing tools & software
  • Designing emails
  • Avoiding spam filters
  • Email campaign analytics
  • Email automation
  • Drip email marketing
Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing tools
  • App marketing and promotion
  • App store optimization
  • On page SEO for app store
  • Creating app engagement
  • App user rating and reviews
  • In app analytics
  • In app advertising
  • Building website presence
  • Web analytics for mobile
  • Mobile Display advertising
  • Rich Media advertising
  • Integrating real world with mobile
  • Trends in mobile advertising
Media Planning
  • What is Media buying?
  • Jargons – CPI, SOV, CPO etc.
  • Types of Media buying
  • Media terminologies
  • Platform based Ad spaces
  • Search based advertising
  • Publisher based advertising
  • Mobile advertising
  • Rich media and innovations
  • Media planning and budgeting
Blogging, Adsense & Affiliate
  • Terminology
  • Content writing
  • How to make blogs SEO friendly
  • Making money through AdSense & affiliate marketing
  • Kinds of Ads and which Ads are suitable to your website
  • Influencer Management

II. Managerial Skills

Introduction to Agency

Client Briefing

The Art of Pitching

Client Oriented Strategy

digital marketing course in Mumbai fees

Campaign Creation for Client

digital marketing course in Mumbai fees

Reporting and Evaluation

Program Specific Details

Program commences: 28th Oct


Application deadline: 22nd Oct


Weekend and Weekday sessions

200 hours, 6 month program

digital marketing course in Mumbai fees

Fees INR 72,000 + applicable taxes

Weekend Program

Commencement Date: 28th October, 2017

Days: Twice a week – Saturday & Sunday

Class Duration: 4 hrs/session

Program Duration: 4 Months + 2 Months (Optional)

Fees: 72k + Taxes

Application Deadline: 22nd October, 2017

Weekday Program

Commencement Date: 27th November 2017

Days: Thrice a week – Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Class Duration: 3 hrs/session

Program Duration: 6 Months

Fees: 72k + Taxes

Application Deadline: 22nd October 2017

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Learn From Our Expert Trainers

Rohan Mehta

Rohan Mehta

CEO, Social Kinnect

Digital Entrepreneur and Media Planning Specialist

Hitesh Motwani

Hitesh Motwani

Associate Partner at Ogilvy

Social Media and Communications Expert

Krish Ramnani

Krish Ramnani

Co-Founder, Togglehead

IT Expert and Consultant, Web and App Developer

Ronak Rajani

Ronak Rajani

Founder, Mumbai Foodie

Instagram Influencer, Marketer and Blogger

Sonesh Prakash

Sonesh Prakash

CMO Outsourced

B2B Digital Marketer and Content Marketer

Reema Prasanna

Reema Prasanna

Ex Googler

Search Engine Marketing Expert and Strategist

Sanaya Tangri

Sanaya Tangri

Digital Marketer, Colors TV

Twitter Enthusiast and Social Media Marketing Expert

Arashdeep Sandhu

Arashdeep Sandhu

Research, MindShift Interactive

Online Reputation Management Specialist

Course Achievements


Students trained


Students placed

Google rating

Corporate Associations

Saatchi n Saatchi - A Digital Marketing Weekend Only Program for Executives

Student Testimonials

Mr. Sikri attended our short program at a renowned college in Mumbai city. He loved the way the course was taught and also gained immense knowledge in a very short period of time. Watch his video to hear about his experience.

Yugal Sikri

Ex-Ceo, Ranbaxy

Kamya, a young entrepreneur attended the program to help her visualize her ideas. On course completion she was skilled enough to create her own website and start her E-commerce business. She has grown exponentially and is doing great business online.

Kamya Dave

Founder, Urban Modara

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