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Updated on: Oct 21, 2023
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We previously looked at the SWOT Analysis of Burberry, a luxurious British fashion house. This time, we’ll take a closer look at the SWOT Analysis of PRADA, its competitor.

Since its founding, Prada, the renowned Italian luxury fashion business, has dominated the luxury bag industry. They are noted for their innovative designs, which make it a trailblazer. Prada has also reintroduced a number of classic styles to the mainstream. They are now one of the most fashionable and internationally recognised names in the luxury and apparel industries.

Prada has undertaken excellent marketing efforts, but they are falling behind in the fight to reach the digital world. Marketing evolves with time, according to the demands and preferences of the present population. The bulk of effective campaigns have now migrated to digital media. If you want to learn more about today’s effective marketing, check out our Free MasterClass on Digital Marketing 101 taught by Karan Shah, CEO and Founder of IIDE.

Interested to dive into the key to Prada’s success in the luxury fashion industry? In this case study, we will learn about the SWOT Analysis of Prada. Before we begin, let us learn more about Prada, its founding, products, financial status and competitors.


About Prada


Prada is a fashionable attire and accessories business, established during the early 1900s and is headquartered in Milano, Italy. It’s a luxury fashion brand that focuses on several luxury merchandises ranging from travel accessories to shoes, watches, and so on. Prada manages and owns a few of the most prestigious brands – Miu Miu, Church’s, Cas Shoe, and Pasticceria Marchesi.

Mario Prada and his brother Martino started Prada as a leather goods store called Fratelli Prada, which translates to “Prada Brothers” in Italian. Animal goods, purses, and steamer trunks were among the items marketed by Fratelli Prada. The majority of these things were brought in from England. 

The Fratelli Prada firm took a turn when Miuccia Prada – Mario’s granddaughter, met Patrizio Bertelli, a 24-year-old Italian leather merchant. He persuaded Miuccia to shift her company approach and concentrate on producing high-end baggage.

Prada’s development in the fashion business continued throughout the 1990s, and by that time, it had established itself as one of the world’s top fashion houses. Prada made the purposeful decision to have some exclusivity to the brand, thus certain of their things were produced in restricted quantities. They expanded their business from luxury bags to a plethora of fashion items.


Quick Stats on PRADA
Founder Mario Prada
Year Founded 1913
Origin Milan, Italy
No. of Employees 13,779
Company Type Public
Market Cap €14.45 Billion (2021)
Annual Revenue €2.42 Billion (2020)
Net Profit €-54.37 Million (2020)


What’s new with Prada?

Here’s what was buzzing around Prada recently:

  • New Fall/Winter 2023 collection: Prada’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection, designed by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, is a reconceptualization of beauty, focusing on the beauty of care, love, and reality.
  • New Prada Re-Edition 2005 bag: Prada has re-released the Re-Edition 2005 bag, a popular style from the early 2000s. The bag is available in a variety of colors and materials, including nylon, leather, and shearling.
  • New Prada Symbole collection: Prada has launched a new jewelry collection called Symbole, which features pieces inspired by nature and symbolism. The collection includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.
  • New Prada Linea Rossa collection: Prada’s Linea Rossa collection, which is focused on sportswear, has released a new line of activewear called Linea Rossa Active. The line includes clothing, shoes, and accessories for men and women.
  • New Prada for adidas collaboration: Prada has collaborated with adidas on a new collection of sneakers and sportswear. The collection is inspired by the two brands’ shared history of innovation and style.
  • New Prada flagship store in London: Prada has opened a new flagship store in London’s Old Bond Street. The store is designed to be a welcoming and immersive space for customers to experience the Prada brand.
  • New Prada sustainability initiatives: Prada is committed to sustainability, and has launched a number of new initiatives in 2023, including a new sustainable fabric made from recycled nylon and a new program to collect and recycle used Prada products.
  • New Prada digital experiences: Prada is investing in new digital experiences for its customers, including a new e-commerce platform and a new virtual shopping experience.
  • New Prada social media campaigns: Prada is running a number of new social media campaigns in 2023, including a campaign to promote its new sustainability initiatives and a campaign to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Prada Foundation.
  • New Prada celebrity partnerships: Prada has partnered with a number of celebrities in 2023, including Hunter Schafer, Emma Roberts, and Jung Ho-yeon. The partnerships are designed to reach new audiences and introduce them to the Prada brand.
  • New Prada charitable initiatives: Prada is supporting a number of charitable initiatives in 2023, including a program to support education for women and girls in developing countries and a program to support the environment.

Let’s now understand the target audience of Prada better with the help of a buyer persona.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

Buyer Persona of Prada

A buyer persona generally refers to the detailed information of an ideal customer of a company. When it comes to Prada, people from India use it the most. This buyer persona will help you understand the attributes of a regular Prada user.


Buyer’s Persona


Sophia Rodriguez


New York City, New York


28 years


Marketing Manager in a fashion and lifestyle company


  • Style and Elegance
  • Brand Prestige
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Personal Expression

Interest & Hobbies

  • High Fashion and Luxury Brands
  • Art and Gallery Exhibits
  • Fine Dining and Culinary Exploration
  • Travel and Exploring New Cultures

Pain Points

  • Budget Constraints
  • Limited Time for Shopping
  • Sustainable Fashion Concerns
  • Finding Exclusive Pieces

Social Media Presence

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Fashion Forums and Blogs


Now that we have insight into the background of Prada, let’s delve deep into the company’s operation via the SWOT Analysis of Prada.


SWOT Analysis of PRADA


Infographics - SWOT Analysis of Prada | IIDE


1. Strengths of Prada

What distinguishes Prada from other fashion firms is its minimalist but elegant designs, which are free of flashy brand marks. The following are Prada’s intrinsic strengths that have led to their consistent success – 


  • Finance Status – The company incorporates a robust money position and maintains a decent profit over the past 5 years. It conjointly has accumulated profit assets that will be accustomed to finance several capital expenditures.
  • Distribution and Reach – The corporation is supported by a robust distribution network that ensures that its product would be accessible to an outsized crowd of shoppers in an exceedingly timely fashion. 
  • Dealer Relation – Prada incorporates a sensible relationship with its dealers for its business operations. This maintains a sleek process for its entire production and sale of products. 
  • High customer satisfaction – the firm has been able to attain a high level of customer satisfaction among current customers and strong brand equity among future consumers thanks to its specialised customer relationship management department.
  • Skilled Workforce – Successful training and learning programmes have resulted in a highly competent workforce. Prada devotes significant resources to employee training and development, resulting in a team that is not just highly competent but also driven to attain greater success.


2. Weakness

Next under the segment of the SWOT Analysis of Prada are the Weaknesses. The factors that pull the brand down are its flaws. Early detection of flaws would assist the brand in promptly resolving the issue before it becomes a disaster. Let’s take a look at Prada’s weaknesses – 


  • Sales Inventory – Prada’s automated production method allows for the rapid development of a variety of products. This falls to a disadvantage from time to time as it takes time for all of the products to sell out before fresh ones are manufactured. As a result, it may be necessary to replenish various non-essential items in order to boost associate undesired business value.
  • Rented Places – Many of Prada’s properties are rented rather than owned. As a result, it may find itself paying a significant leasing fee, so significantly raising the worth of its enterprise. This is a general vulnerability due to the unreliable rental property, which will have an impact on the earnings.
  • Integration – Prada has sought and failed to combine with other companies. Many acquisitions have been stymied due to the brand’s present structure and ethos. This is a significant flaw for the brand since it halts its expansion. When there is a lack of diversity in the workforce, it is difficult for workers of various ethnic origins to adapt to a certain geographic location, and it becomes difficult to recognise their abilities.


3. Opportunities

External elements that companies are confronted with in order to seize and build up their business are known as opportunities – 


  • Social Media Platforms – The digital era sees additional users on numerous social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Expansion to social media digital marketing will extend their product promotion, client interaction, and assist with customer feedback.
  • Versatile Products – Prada may be able to tap into new markets as a result of changing customer behaviour. It gives the company a strong chance to expand into new product categories while also generating new income sources.
  • Research & Development – Prada invests in research & development at an average stance compared to their competitors who have gained a considerable competitive edge as a consequence of their creative goods.


4. Threats

Last under the SWOT Analysis of Prada are the Threats. Because prevention is better than cure, what better way to protect the brand’s reputation than to be aware of external threats? Prada should concentrate on the following elements to avoid further damage – 


  • Competitors – Prada sees tons of competitors in its market. Also, competitors have additional technological developments. Most of the competitors inside the business are a threat as customers would get drawn to new content. This would result in a decrease in its market share.
  • Supplies – The providers have exaggerated over the years, and there’s a decrease within the suppliers that the complete has. Many people mean that the price of the inputs could rise for Prada.
  • New Entrants – There are several players that have entered the market during this domain. Several new entrants have gained market share, and this can be a threat to the competition because it might lose customers. The new entrants are offering creative products and increasing their reach. This helps to improve their image as well.


For large brands like Prada, a SWOT Analysis is an ideal technique to break down their operations and analyse management risks and benefits. 


Failed Campaigns of Prada

Prada more than often grabs attention with its unique marketing. But, there have been a few times when the campaign failed to connect with the audiences and gained backlash. 

Here are a few examples of failed campaigns of Prada:

  • 2021 Spring/Summer Women’s Campaign: In 2021, Prada launched a campaign for its Spring/Summer Women’s collection that was widely criticized for being elitist and out of touch. The campaign featured models posed in surreal and unrealistic settings, and many people found it to be off-putting and offensive.
  • 2020 Holiday Campaign: In 2020, Prada launched a campaign for its Holiday collection that was also met with criticism. The campaign featured models posing in front of Christmas trees and other holiday decorations, but many people found it to be bland and uninspired.
  • 2019 Fall/Winter Men’s Campaign: In 2019, Prada launched a campaign for its Fall/Winter Men’s collection that was criticized for being sexist and objectifying. The campaign featured models posed in suggestive positions, and many people found it to be disrespectful to men.
  • 2018 Spring/Summer Women’s Campaign: In 2018, Prada launched a campaign for its Spring/Summer Women’s collection that was criticized for being racist. The campaign featured models with their faces painted black, and many people found it to be offensive and insensitive.
  • 2017 Fall/Winter Women’s Campaign: In 2017, Prada launched a campaign for its Fall/Winter Women’s collection that was criticized for being ableist. The campaign featured models with their legs in casts or crutches, and many people found it to be offensive and insensitive to people with disabilities.


Competitors of Prada

Prada holds their reputation under the top luxury fashion brands. However, they are in constant competition with – 



Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC


As we wrap up our analysis of Prada’s impressive digital marketing strategy, it’s clear that staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques is key to success in the digital marketing world.

Whether you’re a marketing professional or just starting out, be sure to check out our free digital marketing masterclass to gain a solid foundation in the essentials of digital marketing.

Who knows, you might just develop the next big marketing strategy like Prada’s! Don’t forget to share your thoughts and comments on Prada’s strategy in the comments below.

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