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Updated on: Aug 20, 2021
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Marriott International, Inc. is a worldwide corporation based in the United States that owns, operates, franchises, and licenses accommodation facilities such as hotels, residences, and timeshares.

In this blog, we shall talk about the SWOT Analysis of Marriott that includes it’s strengths, shortcomings, opportunities, and dangers in depth. Let’s begin with a brief overview of the company first.


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About Marriott


SWOT Analysis of Marriott - Marriott brand logo | IIDE

The company’s headquarters are in Bethesda, Maryland. J. Willard Marriott and his wife Alice Marriott created the corporation. It is the world’s largest hotel chain in terms of its offerings. 

The company includes 30 brands and 7,642 properties in 131 countries and territories with 1,423,044 rooms. Marriott operates 2,149 of the 7,642 locations, while others operate 5,493 of the firm through franchise agreements. In addition, the corporation runs 20 hotel reservation centres.

Marriott has been on the Fortune 100 list since its debut and is currently ranked number 33 for the 20th year in a row. The Ritz Carlton was acquired by Marriott Group in 1995, and there are now 81 Ritz Carlton hotels worldwide.


Now that we understand the company better, let’s dive into its SWOT analysis right away. 


SWOT Analysis of Marriott

SWOT assessments can be used to evaluate a corporation as a whole or a specific project within a department. SWOT analysis is most commonly used at the organizational level to determine how well a company is aligned with its growth trajectories and success benchmarks, but it can also be used to determine how well a specific project – such as an online advertising campaign – is performing in accordance with its goals.

Here is the Marriott SWOT Analysis. 



1. Strengths of Marriott  

Strengths are the first component of a SWOT analysis. This section focuses on the aspects of the business that the company excels at. This could be something intangible, like the company’s brand qualities, or something more simply defined, like a product line’s unique selling proposition. 

Let’s have a look at the strengths of Marriott.


  • Excellent Reputation

It has been a regular on the Fortune 500 lists for a long time and is a universally recognised premium chain.

  • Loyal Clients

Marriott’s clients will not consider switching to any other hotel. The company has nurtured one of the most faithful client relationships by employing a combination of methodologies, counting one of the most effective loyalty programs in the industry.

  • Market Administration

Marriott is the biggest lodging chain with over 30 brands, 81 inns, and $25.1 billion in resources beneath its impressive portfolio and 6,500 properties advertising over 1.2 million rooms over the globe. Being the most comprehensive guarantee, it appreciates the total benefits of economies of scale. 

SWOT Analysis of Marriott - Marriott hotel | IIDE


  • Profitable Acquisitions

From Ritz Carlton to Starwood, Resorts Around the world, Bulgari Inn, and Gaylord, Marriott has extended its portfolio, incomes, and benefits by procuring exceedingly profitable brands.

  • Profoundly Imaginative

Marriott conveys esteem by pursuing advancement and innovation successfully. From Estates and Homes to wallet-free encounters, imaginative operations are at the centre of Marriott’s victory. As a result, it bagged a spot for itself on the list of 21 Most Inventive Companies.


2. Weaknesses of Marriott

Organizational issues such as a shortage of trained individuals and financial or budgetary constraints are examples of weaknesses of the company. This section of a SWOT analysis also contains weaknesses in comparison to competitors in business, such as a lack of a clearly defined USP in a competitive market.

Let’s have a look at the weaknesses of Marriott.

SWOT Analysis of Marriott - Marriott hotel | IIDE


  • Ineffective Information Security

Shoppers doubt and maintain a strategic distance from companies that come up short to ensure the safety of their information. In 2018, the visitor reservation database of Marriott’s Starwood was hacked, and individual data of up to 500 million individuals was uncovered, counting names, addresses, phone numbers, visa numbers, and so on.

  • Too Strict

Even though strictness is imperative for victory, breathing down the neck of workers could be a way beyond any doubt to bring down resolve, efficiency, and productivity. Marriott requires representatives to take after the code of conduct to the letter and let go of a worker in 2018 for ‘liking’ a tweet that annoyed China. Its HR practices are thus questionable.


3. Opportunities for Marriott 

This section of a SWOT analysis covers everything the corporation can do to boost sales, expand as a company, or further its objective. 


  • Shifting Generations

As increasing millennials and Gen-Z enter into their target audience, the company has the opportunity to develop its client base by positioning itself as an excellent youthful brand. 

  • Focus on Rising Economies

Request for high-end neighbourliness administrations in developing nations is expanding quickly and presents good openings for lodging chains like Marriott.

  • Broaden Offerings

Fulfilling clients of the digital age goes past advertising fundamental policies. The people want personalised administrations. Marriott can separate itself from competitors by promoting customised administrations that cater to the specific needs of customers. 


4. Threats to Marriott 

Threats are the final component of a SWOT analysis, and they can include everything that could jeopardise the company’s success or growth. Emerging competitors, changes in regulatory law, financial hazards, and nearly anything else that could affect the company’s future are all examples of this.

Following are a few of the potential threats to Marriott.

Competitors of Marriott - SWOT Analysis of Marriott | IIDE

  • Stiff Competition

The industry is highly competitive. From Hilton to Novotel and numerous more, eminent lodging chains can diminish Marriott’s share definitively.

  • Trade Pressure

With the broad selection of noninterference, worldwide chains and companies like Marriott are idealised targets by displeased populist governments. 


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The USP of the Marriott group of hotels is their superior offerings and service. The inns were founded in all prime spots to draw in the most incredible visitors. Marriott has diverse kinds of inns with all various styles. We think that that’s what Marriott makes so solid. The company has one image but has found a way to translate that concept in numerous countries and for distinctive individuals. And this equation makes Marriott so well known; it could be a fit for each kind of customer. 

Thank you for reading this case study on the SWOT Analysis of Marriott. We hope you found what you were looking for. If you did, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! Check out IIDE’s Free Masterclass on Digital Marketing to step foot into this sphere. 


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