Extensive SWOT Analysis of Gloria Jeans Coffees with 360 Degree Analysis

Updated on: Nov 6, 2021

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Last time we saw the Business Model of Zomato, today let’s look at the SWOT Analysis of one of the most famous coffee houses in the world- Gloria Jeans Coffees.

Gloria Jeans Coffees company is one of the most loved and leading coffee houses in the world, who is majorly serving different types of nourishing coffees across more than 50 countries. 

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In this case study we will look at the SWOT analysis of Gloria Jeans Coffees but before that let’s learn some more facts about the company. 

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About Gloria Jeans Coffees

Gloria Jeans Coffees Shops was firstly opened in the city of Chicago in the United States of America, 40 years back in 1979, as a small-scale coffee shop by the owner Gloria Jeans Kvetko. Her ultimate aim was to meet caffeine and people in one place. Now the company has grown into a large-scale business, which serves more than 90000 delicious coffee cups across 50 countries in the world. 

Gloria Jeans Coffees - SWOT Analysis of Gloria Jeans Coffees | IIDE

Gloria Jean’s Coffees take the theme of sustainability very seriously where they not only consider the great taste, but they also make sure the wellbeing of their workers,  suppliers, workers, and the environment.

Their coffee beans are sourced from many locations around the world and many different farms of different sizes and types. From tiny farms to large plantations, meaning that there is no perfect approach to responsible buying; rather they are focused more on promoting sustainable farming, as a result, a better outcome for all.

Quick Stats about Gloria Jeans Coffees
Founder Gloria Jean Kvetko
Year Founded 1979
Origin Australia
No. of Employees 133
Company Type Private
Market Cap NA
Annual Revenue $ 4.6 Million
Net Income/ Profit $ 3.88 Million


Products Provided by Gloria 

Following are the products offered by Gloria: 

  • Different Kinds of Coffee
  • Cold and Hot Beverages¬†

Competitors of Gloria

Some of Gloria’s top competitors are as follows:

  • Nutrifood
  • Tata Consumer Products
  • Lee Kum Kee


SWOT Analysis of Gloria  Jeans Coffees

Infographic- SWOT Analysis of Gloria Jeans Coffees | IIDE

SWOT Analysis is a popular method when in business planning, which are identically business’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

¬†According to the SWOT Analysis, “Strengths and Opportunities‚ÄĚ are Positive internal and external factors respectively while ‚ÄúWeaknesses and Threats‚ÄĚ are¬† Negative internal and external factors, respectively. SWOT analysis helps companies to make a unique strategic plan. It shows the current business environment of a company.¬†

1. Strengths of Gloria Jeans Coffees

Following are the strengths of the company that make them distinguished from the rest of the global coffee-making companies.

  • Strong Market Positioning: Gloria Jeans Coffees secures a good position among the major leading coffee selling houses in the world.¬†
  • Reliability of Supplying: Gloria Jeans Coffees company has a reliable supplier network from around the world especially from Central and South America and the African continent who have sufficient raw material which is the best quality aromatic coffee beans to offer them for their supply chain.
  • Highly Skilled Employees: Gloria Jeans Coffees is formed with a skilled workforce to work efficiently, make thousands of coffee cups, and serve daily.¬†

employees of Gloria Jeans Coffees- SWOT Analysis of Gloria Jeans Coffees | IIDE

  • Strong Distribution Network: Gloria Jeans Coffees has a strong distribution network that can reach the target market and have its stores located in around 50+ countries.


2) Weaknesses of Gloria Jeans Coffees

Below are the weaknesses of Gloria Jeans Coffees company that they need to develop to stay in the industry.

  • Niche Target Marketing – Gloria Jeans Coffees company targets only a niche market with customers who are into luxury coffee deliveries.
  • Less Variety – The company has a fewer number of coffee blends when compared to their competitive coffee houses.
  • Old Machines – The¬†company has non-updated coffee brewing machines that don‚Äôt provide the latest coffee blends.


3) Opportunities of Gloria Jeans Coffees

 Opportunities are external factors that contribute to the growth of the company if identified and grabbed at the right time.

  • Uniqueness – ¬†Gloria Jeans Coffees has its unique identification of different coffee blends.
  • Advertising and Promotions – The company carries out more advertising and social media promotional activities across different social media channels.

Promotional Activity of Gloria Jeans Coffees | IIDE

  • Partnerships – Gloria Jeans Coffee company has their partner countries to bring raw materials especially from the African continent, Central and South America.
  • Wide Target Market – Gloria Jeans Coffee companies are located worldwide, especially around countries with cold weather, serving their special blends. Their target audience is larger because coffee is a favorite drink of all.


4) Threats of Gloria Jeans Coffees

  Threats are also kind of an external factor that are potential harms for the brand if not rectified or removed at the right time. Let’s see some threats for Gloria Jeans Coffees.

  • Rising Raw Material Prices – With high inflations, the raw material prices are increasing, as a result, Gloria Jeans Coffee company faces the problem of increasing their price of a blended coffee.
  • Competitors – The coffee market has a lot of competitors like Starbucks and CCD, giving out tough competition to Gloria. It needs to have product differentiation to get a competitive advantage.
  • Increasing Levels of Obesity¬† – With the consumption of a high amount of coffee, there is a threat of obesity in their target audience, this will gradually lead to the decline of demand in the coffee market.
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The world-leading Gloria  Jeans coffee brand has gained high popularity and a high market share inside the global coffee selling market due to the nourishing, aromatic, and innovative coffee blends they are offering. Even though they have a lot of competition, they have branched their companies in different countries and have become one of the top coffee drinks manufacturing companies in the world due to high promotional activities and a  high ROI.

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