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Updated on: Sep 4, 2021
SWOT Analysis of Frooti | IIDE

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Frooti is owned by an Indian brand known as Parle Agro Private Limited, it was launched in 1985 in tetra packs. It is one of the most famous mango drinks and is a Flagship product of Parle.

In this blog, we will discuss the SWOT analysis of Frooti and how each segment has aided in Frooti’s growth as it gives a way forward for them to analyze and improve upon their threats and weaknesses and use their strength and opportunity to their advantage. 

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About Frooti 

Frooti Logo | SWOT Analysis of Frooti | IIDE

Frooti is a famous, mango-flavoured beverage on the market in India. One of the first of its kind, it was offered in tetra packs and the notion of an “on the go” beverage was popularized. Today Frooti is also marketed in smaller packs and animal bottles. The release of the drink gained the hearts of millions of Indians in every age group, it is rich in flavour, with no additions or preservatives made with fresh mango pulp. The company is growing and coming up with new packs and designs to learn more read this article about Frooti.

At present, Frooti is exporting to several nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada with various kinds of packaging of every size. In the mango fruit juice area, it has been the market leader over the years.     

Now as we have discussed the company, let us descend into its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. 


SWOT Analysis of Frooti 

A SWOT analysis is a collection of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of an organization. It aims primarily to assist companies to become fully aware of all the elements needed in creating an enterprise choice. It allows a corporation to expand on what they are already doing, tackle what they lack, minimize risks, and maximize their chances of success. 

1. Strengths of Frooti

Strengths are described as what every enterprise performs best for its range of activities that can provide its competitors with the upper hand.  

  • Innovative USP of an ‘on-go drink: Frooti generated the magic by keeping the drink affordable and readily available to anybody in addition to selling mango-like juice. 
  • Good imagination- Frooti has always been a product of branded success since its start. The company designed the name and was suitable for the drink’s taste. The drink has always been young and vigorous. 
  • Packaging -Frooti owes both its flavour and taste to its success. The first drink was marketed in tetra packs and was readily carried by individuals, while coordination was also much less complex during delivery. 
  • Parle’s Associate, Indians have always been very strongly related to Parle Brand and have been well accepted with all its items. It has a very desired image due to Parle in comparison to Maaza and Slice, its competitors. 
  • Parle has an incredibly good network of distributions. It penetrates successfully into both the rural and urban markets 
  • As a brand, Frooti was always inventive to adapt quickly to the market. It was India’s first mango beverage, for example. It was also the first one on the non-carbonated soft drink (NCSD) market to debut a tetra pack and a pet bottle. 
  • Frooti has been a mango fruit juice synonym for years, Parle went with Appy Fizz to create an apple juice and eventually a grape-fruit juice rather than create new tastes at Frooti. Parle understands that introducing a new flavour under Frooti affects its domination of the fruit juice industry in Mango. Therefore, Parle restricted the extent of the Brand extension, but Parle did not leave the same undeveloped. 


2. Weaknesses of Frooti

Weaknesses are indicated for areas in which an improvement of the company or brand is required. Let us view some of Frooti’s shortcomings- 

  • Too much concentration on one flavour, while rivals have tried different varieties of their mango-based beverages such as pineapple or lemon, it has always been linked primarily to mangos and Frooti Fizz is the only solution that has been found.  
  • Failure to comply with the rules: It has been drawn into a big controversy since food regulators have concluded that substantial non-compliance with food safety requirements exists. This has caused much bad brand media advertising and tarnished its reputation. 
  • Failed versions – Though Parle tried to create Frooti Fizz as an alternative and even tried short spells with pineapple, they were all significant failures. Sales have begun to stagnate nevertheless and the brand has begun to lose sight. 
  • Frooti is that although Vitamin A is high, it is not regarded as a healthy drink. It is a drink for children. As indicated before, though, Frooti tries to portray itself as a refreshing drink. 
  • With increasing awareness of stop using single-use plastic, Frooti will need to work on its research and development and produce some alternative packaging. 


 3. Opportunities  of Frooti 

Frooti ad Illustration | SWOT Analysis of Frooti | IIDE

Opportunities relate to the environmental channels surrounding the company that it may leverage to boost its profits. Some possibilities include: 

  • Increasing health concerns: individuals are very aware of their health now with increased information available via the Internet. This gives the category fruit juice an enormous potential for beverages. Carbonated beverages are not seen with much enthusiasm nowadays. The market for soft drinks has created a void that allowed markets for fruit juice to increase 
  • Hygiene issues: Hygiene concerns nowadays are becoming increasingly widespread in people who are worried about food and waterborne infections. So, they prefer to have hygienically bought juices than freshly cooked ones since they are not sure of the quality of the water they are using. This is another option for fruit drinks based on nectar such as Frooti. 
  • The rise of retail locations is no longer cumbersome for the purchase of fruit drinks. Thus, fruit juices are ubiquitous now and are often used for both breakfast and snacks between meals. This usual conduct might be exploited by juice producers 
  • Frooti has sought to reinvent itself over the last several years as a refreshment drink, but it has a strong chance to project itself as a healthy drink. With the rising demand for packaged items, Indian society is more urban. Frooti is also planning to grow. Frooti should seize this chance. 
  • The majority population (55%) of the country comes under the target segment of the company. 
  • There is a huge untapped market in other flavours, Frooti can enter new flavours and raise its growth and market share. 


4. Threats of Frooti

Threats are environmental elements that might adversely affect business growth. 

  • Competition: the juice sector is now one of the most competitive categories on the market. Frooti has no dearth of competitors from aerated drinks to nutritious juices. The major competitors are Tropicana, Real, Maaza, and Slice.  
  • The promotional schemes and activities done by its competitors are a major threat to the company. 
  • There is a huge unorganized market that is a major competition for the company as people prefer getting fresh juices over a packaged item.
  • Frooti only dwells with mango flavour and does not have any other product choice, consumers prefer assorted flavours. 
  • They also have legit competition from global giants like Tropicana which is growing at 20 per cent p.a.


Competitive Analysis of Frooti 

The direct competitors of Frooti in the non-carbonated mango-flavoured segment are Slice(26% market share) and Mazha(43%market share). There are a lot of indirect competitors also for the company which includes local vendors, pulp, squash, shakes, and juices-based drinks. Frooti has strongly maintained its position in the market by not compromising its taste and providing the drink in diverse sizes. To overrule its competitors, the company can enter new segments by introducing new flavours and choices for the consumers.  


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Overall Frooti is performing well and has a good customer base. The company needs to work on its new drinks and should aim to make them a success. With the name of Parle as its parent company, it has gained a loyalty factor for itself, they are required to maintain the trust and grab every opportunity coming their way.  

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