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Updated on: Sep 14, 2021
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Ferrero Rocher is Italian chocolate and hazelnut dessert made by Ferrero. The confectionary is machine-made, and much of the manufacturing process is kept hidden. The Ferrero Rocher wasn’t introduced until 1982, and it wasn’t released in the United States until 1985, but it swiftly established itself as premium chocolate sold in drug stores and grocers in over 100 nations.

In this blog, we will cover the SWOT analysis of Ferrero rocher and examined the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats about one of the most wonderfully packaged and tasty chocolates on the market – Ferrero rocher.

Let’s start by learning more about Ferrero Rocher.


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About Ferrero Rocher

SWOT Analysis of Ferrero Rocher | IIDE

Ferrero rocher is a well-known food and beverage company.

In Europe, Ferrero Rocher first appeared in 1982. Production was halted shortly after its debut owing to a label printing difficulty. The chocolate was named after a cave in Lourdes’ Roman Catholic shrine, Rocher de Massabielle, by Michele Ferrero, the claimed inventor. The word “rocher” means “rock” or “bluff” in French.


The family firm has always resisted any outside collaboration or stockholders, preferring to maintain privacy in management and focusing on internal development. The relationship between the company and its employees, which is ingrained in Ferrero’s principles and culture, is another key to success. Despite its independence, Ferrero intends to expand its operations, particularly in Asia and the American market, as European sales are increasing. There are several varieties, with Ferrero Fresco Mint being the only one that has been discontinued so yet.


Marketing Analysis of Ferrero Rocher

Consumer lifestyle changes, increased migration, a stable economy, simple availability through e-commerce delivery methods, and cosmopolitan culture are all elements that are propelling the Confectionaries market forward. Although local/domestic companies compete directly with foreign companies due to a greater grasp of market demand patterns, multinational corporations strive to modify the taste and preferences of companies through a simplified delivery route.

SWOT Analysis of Ferrero Rocher

SWOT Analysis of Ferrero Rocher | IIDE

Ferrero rocher’s SWOT analysis examines the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats about one of the most wonderfully packaged and tasty chocolates on the market – Ferrero rocher.

1. Strengths of Ferrero Rocher

  • Ferrero Rocher’s chocolates are considered to have the same flavor, whatever part of the globe you buy them, offering quality and luxurious products.
  • Chocolate has a large distribution because it has gone far and wide and the boxes are available everywhere. Packaged chocolate has a huge market share.
  • Available in 3, 12, 18, and 24 piece packaging, the different package sizes are advantageous as you can change the sizes according to their meaning when you gifting others.
  • Because of the competitiveness in the chocolate market, only a few chocolates have been able to achieve this. In the giving category, however, Cadbury and Ferrero Rocher take the lead.
  • Due to packing Ferrero rocher gains customer’s attention and one of its best parts is that it does not melt at high temperatures.
  • Available for both seasonal and special occasions in several new packages.
  • Ferrero Rocher has launched two new brands, Ferrero Cappuccino and Ferrero Rond Noir.
  • Offers a high-quality and luxurious product- Ferrero rocher chocolate is noted for having the same taste no matter where it is purchased.
  • Has captured use amount of market share inbox chocolates- The distribution of his chocolate is fantastic as it has reached far and wide and the boxes are available everywhere.


2. Weaknesses of Ferrero Rocher

  • Highly-priced – It is more expensive than a competing option. However, this is normal in order to maintain the company’s premium image, although it does have an impact on turnover.
  • Ferrero Rocher’s worst flaw is that it is rarely marked, which means it loses market share to competitors due to the influence on brand recall.
  • The majority of people believe chocolates are unhealthy.
  • Not marketed- Ferrero rocher’s biggest flaw is that it is heavily advertised, and as a result, it loses market share to competitors because of its negative impact on brand recall.


3. Opportunities of Ferrero Rocher

  • High competition from other brands of chocolate.
  • Trends in chocolate substitution for Nutri-bars pose a significant challenge to companies like Ferrero Rocher, whose brand equity is based solely on their chocolates.
  • Government norms for the food and confectionery industry can directly impact the company.
  • The introduction of additional tastes will aid in the expansion of the company’s market share.
  • They should increase their advertising and use an e-commerce platform
  • Increase in the demand for their three-piece impulsive Pack.


4. Threats of Ferrero Rocher

  • Ferrero Rocher-style imitation.
  • High competition from other brands of chocolate.
  • There are bad economic cycles.
  • Nutri-bars are displacing chocolates in increasing numbers. Ferrero Rocher’s brand equity is solely based on its chocolates, so this is a huge threat to the company’s survival.


Competitors of Ferrero Rocher

  • Toblerone
  • Ghirardelli
  • Lindt
  • Cadbury
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The company has a strong brand name, such as Tic Tac mints or Ferrero Rocher, and it created its own unique product, Nutella hazelnut paste, which has a global reputation. Ferrero also understands how to form strong bonds with customers that are beneficial to the company’s expansion. Ferrero places a premium on quality and customer happiness. Ferrero established a value chain of operations to assist create additional value and gain a competitive advantage in order to achieve these goals. SWOT Analysis is a tried-and-true management pattern that helps a firm like Ferrero Rocher to assess its business and performance in comparison to competitors and the industry. Ferrero Rocher is a well-known food and beverage company.

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