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Updated on: Nov 23, 2021
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Previously we saw the Marketing Strategies and SWOT Analysis of ACC Cement, today let’s look at the SWOT analysis of Ambuja Cement.

 Ambuja cement is a major Indian cement company with huge investments in exports and imports. The company was in partnership with one of the largest company  Holcim, which is the second-largest cement manufacturer in the world.

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In this blog, we will look at the SWOT analysis of Ambuja Cement, before that let’s look at the company overview.

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About Ambuja Cement 

Ambuja cement was incorporated as a private limited entity and was a joint venture between Gujarat Industrial Investment Corporation (GIIC), a government body, and the Narotam Sekhsaria and Associates.

Ambuja cement- SWOT Analysis of ambuja cement | IIDE

The company is known for its high-performance Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and Pozzolana Portland Cement (PPC). OPC & PPC both are high-quality brands in the market for all construction applications. It is a major name in the cement industry of India and is known for its cement and large production capacity.

Quick Stats about Ambuja Cement
Founder Suresh Kumar Neotia
Year Founded 1983
Origin Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
No. of Employees 4625
Company Type Public
Market Cap ¥5.67Trillion (2021)
Annual Revenue ¥15.36 Trillion (2018)
Net Income/ Profit ¥1.05 Trillion (2018)


Products offered by Ambuja Cement:

  • Ambuja Kawach
  • Ambuja Buildcem
  • Ambuja Powercem
  • Ambuja Railcem

Competitors of Ambuja Cement:

Some of the competitors of acc cement are:

  • ACC Cement 
  • Ultratech cement 
  • Dalmia cement
  • Shree cement

Let’s go through SWOT analysis of Ambuja cement


SWOT Analysis of Ambuja Cement

swot analysis of ambuja cement | IIDE

The SWOT analysis is done for a company to identify its strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It helps an organization to make better decisions, to make better strategies, and to reach out their goal.

Here are the SWOT analysis of Ambuja cement 

1. Strengths of Ambuja Cement

  •  Leading Indian Cement Company– Ambuja Cement is a leading company in India, with huge investment. 

Ambuja cement store- SWOT Analysis of ambuja cement | IIDE

  • Good Quality– The cement quality of Ambuja Cement is one of the best. Ambuja cement is a special quality PPC cement that includes advanced SPE technology.
  •  Good Logistics Management- They have good management and logistics supply chain.
  • Consistency in Performance– They are very consistent in the performance and supply of their products. the hallmark of Ambuja Cement from its inception has helped in developing technology to produce cement of consistent quality from different raw materials.


2. Weaknesses of Ambuja Cement

  •  Presence only in Indian Market – Ambuja Cement is available only in India. The company exports their product to different countries, but they haven’t started with their branches outside India, it is a well-known Indian company which will be set up soon.
  • Lack of Product Diversification-The company doesn’t have much diversification in its product lines and has a limited variety of products.
  •  High Transportation Cost  – They have a huge transportation cost to transport cement to different retail shops. Also with the increasing fuel prices, it will further increase.


3. Opportunities of Ambuja Cement

  • High Growth– Cement companies have a great growth opportunity in India. Due to huge demand in the construction industry. 
  • More Investment- There will be an investment in cement companies as it never going to go down in demand and price. Ambuja cement has the number of stakeholders and investors investing in their busiiness.EPS are estimated to increase from ₹14.19 to ₹16.24 per share. Net income is forecast to grow 5.3%  by next year.


4. Threats of Ambuja Cement

  • Large Competition– There is a large competition for Ambuja Cement in the industry. The company needs to work on its visibility for getting a competitive advantage.
  • Increasing Fuel Prices– The increasing rates of fuel prices are a major threat for the company as it will lead to an increase in the distribution cost of the company.
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Ambuja cement is a famous Indian cement company. In the SWOT analysis of Ambuja Cement, we came to know about the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company. we also saw the marketing mix of the company and what is segmentation and target group.

Digital Marketing is one of the most important areas for a product. Studying digital marketing opens up more job opportunities like content marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, etc. in the current market it has huge demand. It helps to reach out to customers, increase sales and profit. If you also want to learn digital marketing do check out top-class courses provided by IIDE.

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