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Updated on: Jun 17, 2023

EdTech companies connect learners with technology to redefine the old classroom education system. It has proven revolutionary for acquiring skills and for imparting knowledge by virtual means.

Vedantu is one such Indian-based Edutech learning platform that conducts its online lecture using a real-time virtual learning environment. For better understanding, the model has specializations by which the students can browse and discover tutors according to their choice.

In this blog, we will be having an In-Depth analysis of the marketing strategy of Vedantu and learn many more details about Vedantu.

The pandemic has driven Edtech companies to attain maximum memberships as these companies have created an alternative educational platform with the best features. Vedantu claims to have a virtual live medium designed for one on one interaction with doubt-solving.

Edtech companies are emerging day by day due to which new rivals are entering this field. Vedantu’s top competitors are Byju’s, Toppr, Unacademy, Meritnation, and Simplilearn.

Firstly, Let us get some more insight into Vedantu and learn about its business model, Target audience, Competitors, SWOT Analysis, etc.

marketing strategy of vedantu -logo

Business Model of Vedantu

  • The business model concentrates on their personalized website and application for providing services. 
  • Vedantu works on a B2C business model.
  • Vedantu provides online teaching services and offers free lectures and notes cut shorting it at a single place.
  • They also provide the best LIVE interactive virtual learning environment called WAVE (Whiteboard Audio Video Environment).
  • The company claims to be the 1st Edtech company to begin interactive learning sessions for their respective audience.

Target Audience of Vedantu

  • Vedantu’s target audience includes school and college-going students. They also prepare students for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, Olympiads and more.
  • Some major highlights include:
  1. Phonics based reading course for grades LKG to 1st
  2. Spoken English programs for grades 2nd to 8th
  3. Various crash courses associated with the State boards, CBSE, ICSE and more
  4. Personalized notes
  • They have also stepped up in the field of coding by their initiative named “coding for kids”, this initiative has capabilities to attract more attention.
  • The brand has reached over 500+ cities worldwide with more than 39,787,257+ active students.
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Innovative branding name of Vedantu

  • The name of the company is the first thing anyone notices. It is said to be the company’s first impression.
  • Being an Indian startup company, Vedantu adds the traditional Sanskrit name for its branding purpose.
  •  It is made up of two terms ‘Veda’ and ‘Tantu’, which translate as ‘knowledge’ and ‘network’, respectively.

Revenue model of Vedantu

Vedantu uses a freemium business revenue model. Some of the content is accessible for free and for more users should access their membership. This strategy pulls in numerous students.  Thus students become familiar with the application and the quality of content, due to which they are more likely to feel the requirement for buying the paid services. It is the most clever approach to adapt Edtech platforms. The course fees differ for different courses.

Company’s Funding

They have raised about $200 million through many funding rounds and from other major investors in 2020. The timeline below shows some of the fundings they received.

  • In April 2020 they raised $12.5 million from the Chinese based venture firm named Legend Capital
  • In April 2020 they raised about  $6.8 million from the South Korean based firm KB Global.
  • In July 2020 they raised about  $100 million from one of the leading US-based Coatue Management firms.

They have received many other million dollars fundings from companies like Tiger Global Management, Accel, TAL Education Group, Legend Capital, WestBridge Capital and more.

Vedantu competitors

marketing strategy of vedantu-competitors

  • Vedantu ranks 3rd in terms of users while BYJU’s and Unacademy have captured the top-seeded places in the list.
  • It has been facing stiff competition from other e-learning platforms like Byju’s, Unacademy, Toppr, and more.

     The below statics shows the growth of Edtech companies in India:

  • They are trying to modify their application and website according to their users which is proving very effective.
  • Some of its new added features are coding for children programs and masterclasses.

SWOT Analysis of Vedantu

The tabulated form given below describes the SWOT Analysis of Vedantu:

marketing strategy of vedantu -SWOT Analysis

Marketing strategy of Vedantu

  • Vedantu primarily targets Indian users. They have adopted a fascinating marketing approach that has gained popularity.
  • On the small screen, they have grabbed attention by promoting catchy advertisements. These advertisements primarily have been telecasting on TV and social media platforms.
  • The marketing team narrates the fun learning experience through its jingle-
    marketing staretgy of vedantu -jingle
  • Vedantu has signed Bollywood actor Mr Aamir Khan as their brand ambassador for its advertisement campaign.
  • This clever marketing strategy of Vedantu is creating a great impact on the audience and thus boosted the subscription rate rapidly. 

Digital Marketing Strategy of Vedantu

As we know digital marketing is the need of the hour for the success of a company. If you wish to know more about digital marketing, and learn this skill then apply for a free masterclass at Quick Masterclass on Digital Marketing Basics – IIDE.

Digital marketing is an important marketing strategy of Vedantu. They have effectively adopted it. 

  • They are continuously trying to promote themselves through digital marketing since the coronavirus outbreak.
  • They have effective digital marketing campaigns such as Google Ads, Social Media Ads and Video Marketing.
  • The company has gained an overwhelming response in a short course of time.
  • They have many followers on social platforms. This social media marketing has proven an outbreak for the company.

As a part of the digital marketing strategy of Vedantu following social platforms are used:


marketing strategy of vedantu - youtube

They have multiple youtube channels with millions of subscribers. The company concentrates more on the youtube channel for marketing purposes.


marketing strategy of vedantu-instagram

Vedantu is continuously trying to enhance its Instagram profile by posting unique content like quizzes, master talks, toppers interviews, innovative posts and more. This is a good marketing strategy of Vedantu.


marketing strategy of vedantu-facebook

Their Facebook account manages the events and creates awareness about their application through different posts and unique videos. 

Social media marketing is a proven and very effective marketing strategy and thus can increase global business reach. To know more check out the Social Media Marketing course on our website. 

Marketing Campaign of Vedantu

Vedantu’s 1st marketing campaign

Its first brand campaign started in 2014, introducing the first-ever LIVE online learning platform. The aim was to create an impact on large-scale masses. They claim that if learning is made enjoyable then the child develops a natural interest in that subject. This technique has proven effective and engaging.

Vedantu acquires doubt-solving portal InstaSolv

In February 2021, they introduced acquisition almost after seven years after its inception. InstaSolv is the new feature added to solve the queries of students with proper explanation. Last year, Vedantu had invested $2 million to streamline the accessibility of InstaSolv. This feature enables students can address doubts over chats and messages. The persisting challenge of the low availability of quality teachers in smaller towns can be resolved by this initiative.  

Sponsoring Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Season 12

KBC is considered as one of the most highest-grossing television show with maximum TRP and has a large audience from rural areas to the most developed cities. As part of its marketing campaigns, Vedantu announced its collaboration with KBC season 12. The positive output results in a significant increase in downloads from the play store.


Growth witnessed by the platform

The platform has witnessed a sudden increase in the past couple of months with students attending 75 million live hours of content. The exponential growth of 6.3 million students attending live classes has seen a valuable change across the K-12 category and competitive exams. Their YouTube channel also saw a 9X growth with yearly views of 510 million views. This remarkable growth has made Vedantu one of the largest Educational Youtube channels with whopping millions of subscribers. 

Marketing strategy of Vedantu for future

The board theme of Vedantu’s marketing strategy is ‘2021 the year of a comeback’ in which the principle of DUS (disruptive, unique, and scalable) will be more focused to attain a student-centric approach for the company.

They had also conducted a large-scale event named VOTE, in which the kids were able to access a revision class for the board exam. Along with this,  Vedantu conducted a test for the same. The winners got fascinating rewards which included a trip to NASA and prizes up to INR 1 Crore.

Vedantu is continuously trying to break the stereotypic SOV (Share of voice) game. They are also trying to implement new interactive parents and kids sessions.


Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC


Vedantu has been practising the 5P’s of marketing, i.e. Product, Price, Promotion, Place and People via its newly adapted marketing strategy. We covered marketing strategy of Vedantu,  Service Level and Target Audience.

Flexibility in terms of schedule and instructors binds their users to choose wisely according to personal needs. Their main aim is to create an efficient educational platform that is easily accessible and is user friendly. They focus more on quality education so that learners can take maximum benefit of the same.

We hope you find this blog on marketing strategy of Vedantu helpful. If you like to read such analyses on marketing strategy like The Marketing Strategy of Vedantu do check out our Knowledge Portal for such amazing case studies.

If you have any questions on the marketing strategy of Vedantu you can drop them in the comment section. Happy learning!

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