Marketing Strategy of Upstox: Innovative Approach

Updated on: Jun 20, 2023
marketing strategy of upstox

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Greetings folks, if you are somewhat acquainted with the stock market, I am certain you must be aware of the name of Upstox. It is India’s one of the biggest broking houses. An internet-based site that offers business-free value speculations, retail, institutional broking, and items exchanging. Upstox has the second-largest number of dynamic customers on NSE after Zerodha.

In this case study, we will be discussing the Marketing Strategy of Upstox along with its marketing mix, marketing strategies, digital marketing campaigns, etc. If you love reading such analyses and are looking forward to more such case studies, please visit IIDE’s case studies page to learn about the business marketing strategies, swot analyses of some of the famous brands all over the world. 

So let us begin by taking a deeper look into the company and learning more about Upstox.

About Upstox

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Upstox is an India-based online stock and trade exchanging business firm enrolled with the NSE stock exchange. It was founded in 2011 by Shrini Viswanath, Ravi Kumar, and Kavitha Subramanian. The organization’s headquarter is in New Delhi, India. 

The firm offers online stock exchanging services for long-term financial investors, genius traders, and low-maintenance traders through modified portfolio structures and solutions, derivatives, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, and ETFs for both expert dealers and investors.

Utilizing an internet-based plan of action helps the organization offer minimal-expense business plans while keeping functional and operational expenses negligible. 

Upstox has acquired organizations with different financial investors like Tiger Global, Kalaari Capital, and Ratan Tata.

For such big organizations to survive the growing competition they need to have a proper marketing plan in place. Here, let us see how Upstox tackles the changing market trends and what is the marketing strategy of Upstox.

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Upstox’s marketing mix


Zero Brokerage Charges: When you exchange financial exchanges, it isn’t intended free of charge. You need to pay the dealer a commission just as a limited quantity for the real exchange. Typically, this business commission is a level of turnover – the all-out worth of your exchange. 

However, this isn’t the situation with Upstox. It charges level expenses, in this way essentially reducing expenses. This is the reason Upstox is a disruptor in the financier business. Upstox has faith in charging zero financiers. This subsequently helps the purchaser in expanding reserve funds. 

However, does this mean the Upstox financier model isn’t beneficial? 

The answer is No.

We should know the significant marks of their plan arrangement concerning how they create their benefit and fix their costs for the clients. 

  • No offline branches: Offline branches superfluously increment costs for agents. Thusly Upstox decided not to have numerous disconnected branches! This keeps its employable costs low and effective.
  • Not giving tips and advisory administrations: Not just does this cut down on costs, yet it likewise keeps away from a risky irreconcilable situation. Most dealers in India have relationship directors whose obligations incorporate giving tips, suggestions, and warning administrations to customers. Also, a few out of every odd proposal is redone. So it could suit the financial backer’s system. Upstox stays away from this pointless irreconcilable circumstance by not giving tips.
  • Tip providers: Many autonomous tips suppliers are not restricted to agents. Upstox energizes customers who look for tips to search for these free firms, restricting any irreconcilable situation.


  • Pro web: Upstox Pro Web Trading Platform offers multiple indicators to monitor markets on the go.
  • Pro Mobile:  A lightweight mobile trading app in your hands available for both Android and iOS devices that does everything that a desktop terminal should. No extra software uses charges for it.
  • Mutual funds & IPO: Explore direct funds and invest on the go as per your convenience with Upstox and you can also apply for the IPO listing with the mobile UPI service of Upstox.
  • Developer: You can create (code) your trading apps using languages such as Python and with the Upstox developer console & help others trade.
  • Algo Lab: Algo Lab or Bridge for Amibroker is intended for brokers who use Amibroker AFL to make exchange procedures. Dealers can incorporate the Amibroker AFL with Upstox Pro stage and spot exchanges straightforwardly from Amibroker. Upstox Pro web and application have a committed board for clients to view, put in, and adjust orders from Amibroker.
    marketing strategy of upstox-app


To execute its zero financier charge thought, Upstox came up with a progressive plan of action: a massive online plan base that does not require their branches to locate at various locations.

So, Upstox has one functional branch in the Sunshine Tower at Lower Parel, Mumbai. This keeps its usable costs low and effective. 

While other financier firms have hundreds, some of the time a huge number of branches spread the nation over and recover the expenses by charging higher business expenses, taking trading, and various other charges from their customers.


Upstox runs a Partner Program wherein you can turn into a sub-specialist and begin gathering clients from your organization and outside the organization, and procure commissions when they trade and exchange. 

In this program, you can earn in 2 different ways which are mentioned below: 

  • When your reference individual opens a Upstox account you can earn incentives as your referrals.
  • When your referral trade and exchange, some part of the brokerage paid by them will be earned by you.

Marketing strategy of Upstox

The marketing strategy of Upstox is planned to attract more and more clients in a way that works without too much expense. 

  • Client-satisfied referrals: Upstox likewise accepts that the most ideal approach to develop its business is through verbal references. Hence, it evades excess showcasing expenses. It rather accepts that a fulfilled and satisfied client would naturally refer their companions.
  • Upstox Coupons, Promo Codes & Offers: Upstox also provides various exciting coupons, and promo codes to attract a new client base to create accounts and trade into their Demat account. 

Marketing campaigns

Another technique in the marketing strategy of Upstox is through various Campaigns to promote the brand.

The Content Creators

They generally focussed the mission on Youtube to work with the channels whose word is now trusted by merchants and financial investors. They additionally worked with some business channels to situate Upstox as the right application for financial backers. They went to Powerhouse promoting to get credible proposals for their item through driving voices in the business.

Indian Premier League (IPL) Campaign

marketing strategy of upstox-ipl partner

Advanced stockbroking firm Upstox, the sponsor authority partner of the Indian Premier League (IPL),  came up with a campaign called ‘Start Karke Dekho’ to bring out new financial investors on its foundation. 

The objective of the mission is to help with monetary support, make mindfulness, and encourage a venture culture.

We all know that with the humungous IPL’s fan base appeal, where they desire to achieve an incomprehensible degree of exertion into level II and level III towns. With the improvement in web accessibility, practically 70% of their customers come from minimal metropolitan networks and towns. 

marketing strategy of upstox-campaign

The sight and sound showcasing effort remember ads for TV, absurd (OTT) video web-based stages, and computerized, and web-based media stages. While computerized and OTT stages are utilized to connect with target fragments in metros and enormous urban areas, TV rules the media blend for level II, III and IV towns. The mission will run till the last IPL.

As far as patterns, Upstox said that it has seen a spike in versatile exchanging, with almost 85% of its clients setting standard exchanges on their telephones. Over 75% of their all-out buyer base is younger than 35, and there is ascend in the number of youngsters entering the business sectors. In 2020, ladies opened fivefold to the number of records as they did in 2019.

Digital Marketing Presence

Whether it’s brainstormed top-notch marketing strategy of Upstox, marketing campaign, or digital marketing presence, Upstox knows how to steal the show. 

Its presence on all social media platforms whether it be Instagram, Twitter, or any other medium where they constantly keep on updating their stock market enthusiast or non-stock market enthusiasts followers about the current scenarios of the market.

They also provide insightful details about high-performing stocks and advise them why they should invest in them. They hook you with their eye-catching, jaw-dropping creative videos and pictures. Using Social platforms has proved to be an effective marketing strategy of Upstox.

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Upstox is India’s most preferred low-cost stock and trade exchanging business firm. As we have seen before, the online social media crusades run by the brand were an extraordinary achievement. It had its one-of-a-kind promoting procedures. 

This is all about the marketing strategy of Upstox. Having a computerized digital presence has likewise become one of the pivotal parts for organizations throughout the planet. This requires advanced promoting abilities. Are you considering how you can acquire such abilities, and turn into a specialist in this field, You can join and watch a Free Masterclass on Digital Marketing of IIDE, where they explain all the basics and importance of Digital Marketing.

Thank you for reading this blog. We hope you learned a lot about the Marking strategy of Upstox. 

What do you think about the marketing strategy of Upstox? How do you think they can improve in it? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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