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Updated on: Dec 10, 2022
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In our previous article, we looked into the marketing strategy of Alkem Laboratories. In this article, we will discuss the marketing strategy of Thermo Fisher Scientific – a provider of software services, reagents, and equipment for science in the United States.

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Now without wasting any time let’s get into the marketing strategy of Thermo Fisher Scientific. First, let’s look into the company story and know it better.

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About Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Source – Wikimedia Commons

An American company called Thermo Fisher Scientific sells scientific equipment, reagents and supplies, and software services. Thermo Fisher, headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, was created in 2006 by the union of Thermo Electron and Fisher Scientific.

Commitment to excellent quality and innovation across the life sciences. We enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.

Thermo Scientific’s tools, gear, tech, services, and consumables meet a variety of purposes, from sample characterization to chemical analysis to clinical diagnosis and the production of biologically based medicines.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (NYSE: TMO) is the industry leader in offering services to the scientific community, with an estimated annual revenue of $40 billion. Their mission is to enable individuals to enhance the planet’s security, well-being, and ecology. They serve customers whether they are advancing life sciences research, resolving challenging analytical challenges, boosting lab productivity, enhancing patient health through diagnostics, or developing and manufacturing life-changing treatments.

Through our industry-leading brands, which include Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific, Unity Lab Services, Patheon, and PPD, our global team offers an unmatched combination of cutting-edge technology, purchasing ease, and pharmaceutical services. 

Quick Stats

CEO Marc N. Casper
CMO Alan Sachs
Area Served Worldwide
Industry Laboratory equipment, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, healthcare
Market Revenue $42.82 B
Vision We enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.
Tagline Innovating for a better tomorrow.


Marketing Strategy of Thermo Fisher Scientific –

There are many factors that you should look into in a marketing strategy. Let’s begin the marketing strategy of Thermo Fisher Scientific with its STP Analysis.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Segmentation: Thermo Fisher Scientific segments its products into High-end analytical tools as well as laboratory supplies, reagents, consumables, software, and services.

Targeting: Thermo Fisher Scientific targets Customers in biotech and pharmaceutical firms, hospitals, clinical diagnostic labs, and research-based organisations

Positioning: Thermo Fisher Scientific is positioned as a world leader in serving science.

Marketing Campaigns

marketing strategy of thermo fisher scientific - marketing campaign

  • Pharma clients are seeing the real Thermo Fisher. We should say faces—those of its staff and the people they assist. Thermo Fisher Scientific Pharma Services is aiming to customize its medication development and delivery services in its new campaign aimed at pharma companies.
  • Each print advertisement in the series highlights a discovery made by a business scientist. One of the headlines says, “Solved With… Chemistry and Conviction.” Another advertisement with the slogan “Made For… Trials and Triumphs” features a patient and her mother.
  • The campaign also seeks to dispel the myth that Thermo Fisher only collaborates with large pharmaceutical companies. In actuality, according to Ladden, small- to medium-sized pharma accounts for 85% of the company’s revenue. Putting a face to the business helps demonstrate its reachability to those smaller customers.

marketing strategy of thermo fisher scientific - marketing campaign

  • The goal was to make scientists and their passion for cells the focal point of the campaign, with experience-driven material that was viscerally emotional and social at its core.
  • The outcome was a computer programme named “The Art of Cells.” Twelve cell scientists were hired by Transiris/Retina, who revealed their love of cells and the specifics of their research in a letter to their cells. World-class artists were then linked with these scientists, and they transformed the knowledge into an artistic statement using their own unique media.
  • The campaign used a variety of video platforms, including YouTube, digital display, programmatic display, email, and both free and paid social media (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn). All of the documentary videos and artwork were hosted on the Gibco Cell Culture content hub, along with artist and scientist profiles.

Social Media Marketing

  • Instagram – 42.7K
  • Facebook – 129K
  • LinkedIn – 1M
  • Twitter – 64.9K 

Thermo Fisher Scientific has the maximum number of followers on LinkedIn. Thermo Fisher Scientific posts promotional content about the products & services and things they do and support.

SEO Strategies

marketing strategy of thermo fisher scientific - ubersuggest seo screenshot

Source – Ubersuggest

As claimed by SEO Analysis, organic keywords less than 500 are bad, more than 1000 are good and more than 10,000 are amazing has 1.7M+ organic keywords which are remarkable. 

As for monthly traffic, more than 20,000 monthly visits are considered amazing and has 3.8M+ monthly visits which are grand.

Influencer Marketing

No such marketing has happened in Thermo Fisher Scientific.

E-Commerce Strategies

Thermo Fisher Scientific has a good E-Commerce Strategy. They have a shop now an option available on its official website. This helps customers in buying their products conveniently. This also helps Thermo fisher to stay in the market by being involved online as well. 

Mobile Apps

Thermo Fisher Scientific – On the Go is a smartphone app created by Thermo Fisher that enables science on the go for its users in India.

The app provides personalized recommendations on information, products, and promotions that are catered to the user’s area of interest based on the user’s behaviour patterns, industry selection, and workflows of interest.

There are several other apps available on the google play store by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

  • SmartiST Innovative Supply Technology
  • Instrument Connect
  • RadHalo
  • ULScan CPE
  • ChemSearch
  • DailyCalcs—Science Calculator
  • CloningBench—Lab Experiment Tools

Content Marketing Strategies

Thermo Fisher Scientific has various blogs and webinars published on its official website. 

Katherine Scott described the breadth of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s product line as “everything you would ever need in a lab.” In other words, the corporation isn’t lying when it claims to be “the world leader in serving science as its tagline.”

This brings us to the end of the marketing strategy of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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What’s unique about the marketing strategy of Thermo Fisher Scientific?

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The lab’s four essential components are personnel, equipment, consumables/reagents, and software. Your digital transformation strategy will help your scientists perform more precisely and productively by emphasizing the connections between these components and managing them as a whole.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has outperformed its rivals, and the main factor in its success is its fantastic marketing initiatives that highlight the brand to customers. One of the key foundational elements of any organization is marketing, which is currently undergoing fast transformation.

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Thank you for reading the marketing strategy of Thermo Fisher Scientific and please feel free to comment below with your opinions on this case study.

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