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Updated on: Jun 15, 2023
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In this blog, we will examine the marketing strategy of Telenor and the reasons behind its progress and success. We will be reaching out to cover their competitors’ analysis, marketing mix, marketing strategy, marketing campaigns, and digital marketing presence.

Before jumping into the marketing strategy of Telenor, let us gather additional information by taking a quick glance at the overview of Telenor.


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Telenor is the biggest telecommunication company in Norway. During the late 90’s it was deregulated and shifted from fully government-owned into a public limited company. However, the government conserved considerable risk regarding shares. The company is divided into four groups: Mobile operation, Telenor fixed, Telenor broadcast, and other activities. 

For over 150 years, telecommunications has played a crucial part in developing a unique Norwegian society. As the incumbent provider, Telenor has been the driving force in developing a highly complicated home market. The physical work involved in establishing networks and services across long distances has helped in developing long-term relationships with customers.

Globally, Telenor has achieved big positions in satellite communications, mobile communications, and domestic internet activities. Telenor has been one of the world’s leading suppliers of satellite communications for several years.

Telenor is a settler in mobile communications. The autonomous NMT system was implemented in Norway in 1981, and physical mobile telecommunication services were first offered there in 1966. Its digital successor, GSM, was introduced in 1993, and the third-generation mobile network, UMTS, was launched for commercial use in 2004. To know more about Telenor, you can also visit their website

Competitors of Telenor:

The Competitors of Telenor are as follows –

1. Telefónica 

marketing strategy of telenor-telefonica

Telefonica is a telecommunications company based in Madrid, Spain. With a global network, it provides various mobile telephony and fixed-line telephone services. It offers telephony and television services in Europe and America.
As well as the Telefónica brand, it also deals with Movistar, O2, and Vivo. The company is an entity of the Euro  50 stock market index. 

2. BT Group 

marketing strategy of telenor-bt group

British Telecom Group (BT Group) is a multinational telecommunications company operating in the UK. It has systems in over 180 countries and is the biggest provider of fixed-line, mobile, and TV services in the UK. 

3. Telia Company 

marketing strategy of telenor-telia

Telia is a Swedish multinational company that provides mobile network and fixed-line telephony services in Finland, Norway, and Denmark. Telia also owns C More Entertainment, which is a Finnish company that owns various television channels in Finland and Sweden. The company has headquarters in Stockholm and its stock trading is done at the Stockholm Stock Exchange and the Helsinki Stock Exchange.  

4. Tele2 

marketing strategy of telenor-tele2

Tele2 AB is a Swedish telecommunications operator that provides fixed-line and mobile telephony in Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Sweden.
In T-Mobile, Netherlands Tele2 is covering a market share of 25%. As of 7 September 2021, Tele2 and Deutsche Telekom have opted to clear themselves of T-Mobile Netherlands in exchange for an enterprise value of €5.1 billion.  

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Marketing Strategy of Telenor:

The marketing strategy of Telenor is a set of actions or tactics that the company uses to promote itself in the market. The marketing strategy of Telenor depends on the 4Ps which are Price, Product, Promotion, and Place.

marketing strategy of telenor -marketing mix

Let us start discussing Telenor’s Marketing Mix to understand its product, pricing, advertising & distribution strategies-

1. Product Strategy of Telenor:

Telenor provides a wide range of Telecom services in many countries. Telenor features a span of products to deliver like IPTV, Fixed Line, Internet, IT services, Mobile Telephony, and digital television. Telenor is in the mobile and ADSL market. 

Before it was claimed over by Vizada, it provided a span of services like voice, data, television, and satellite communication. They also provide infrastructure for communicating maritime radio under the name Telenor Maritime Radio. They are also known for their water meter reading and machine-to-machine technology.

2. Price/Pricing Strategy of Telenor:

Telenor has tackled market penetration pricing in its marketing mix since its opening. It is an important part of the marketing strategy of Telenor. They dropped their services to garner huge profits. Telenor has been giving huge discounts to invite customers. They also give Telenor free calling to their customers when they buy a bike. This type of pricing is very beneficial for the company as it helps boost the sales of its products and services. 

3. Place & Distribution Strategy of Telenor:

Based in Norway, Telenor runs in 29 countries across the world. It has a network in 12 countries. The company’s various benefits are sold through a network of small retail shops. These establishments act as sales centers for other service providers.

Telenor is a company that provides various telecommunication services in various countries. These include Thailand, Malaysia, and India. They also sell their services through mobile phone sellers.

4. Promotion & Advertising Strategy of Telenor:

Telenor expands itself through inflated advertising campaigns. Telenor’s ads have adopted certain slogan ideas like Pay Less, Talk More. They also claim to be the cheapest in their ad campaigns. They also use the procedure of Radio, TV, and supervising events to promote. Telenor ads have also boosted their visibility through hoardings, billboards, and print ads. Hence, they have been an effective marketing strategy of Telenor.

They also promote events to reach out to the maximum number of customers. Telenor’s ads are everywhere in India. In most areas, the visibility of Telenor’s advertisements is high due to their usage of the phrase Life Full, Paisa Vasool.

The marketing strategy of Telenor includes the following-

1) Delivering expansion through favorable brand positions, strong distribution, and focused customer offerings is a marketing strategy of Telenor that fuels the continual want for connectivity and related services.

2) Continue to innovate on their core business and be a leader in modernization, from how they run their networks to the way they engage with customers across touchpoints.

3) Enhancing their strong foundation of responsible business through the way they raise business standards and contribute by providing skills for an accelerated digital future is also an important marketing strategy of Telenor.

Marketing Campaigns of Telenor:

1. Pay Less, Talk More

marketing strategy of telenor-paylesstalkmore

Telenor’s ads have adopted certain slogan ideas like Pay Less, Talk More. They also claim to be the cheapest in their ad campaigns. They also use the methods of Radio, TV, and operating events to promote.

They also increase their visibility through hoardings, billboards, and print ads. They also promote events to reach out to the maximum number of customers. Telenor’s ads are everywhere in India. In most areas, the visibility of Telenor’s advertisements is high due to their usage of the phrase Life Full, Paisa Vasool.

2. Telenor Hears You 

marketing strategy of telenor- telenor hears you

Telenor Pakistan likes to put its customers at the heart of its campaign – #TelenorHearsYou. As the hashtag states, Telenor expects to hear from you and solve your problems. It does want to solve every issue that its customers face, so it’s going to take all the feedback it can get to find ways to make these issues disappear.

Telenor Pakistan aims to reach out to its customers and used this campaign to showcase how Telenor understands what review every customer has to say about their service level and how Telenor conceded to these concerns by bringing about beneficial changes in their techniques and methods. 

3. Developing Women of Tomorrow 

marketing strategy of telenor-developing women campaign

Telenor Pakistan kicked off a campaign called “Developing Women of Tomorrow” to affirm the important role of women in developing society and the workplace. Through various initiatives, the company is energetically addressing the particular needs of female employees and is helping them maintain a healthy balance between work and family life.

“Developing Women of Tomorrow” is a noticeable internal and external campaign that tries to raise awareness of women’s issues and motivate female applicants to apply for positions at Telenor Pakistan. The company also offers an extensive range of advantages and facilities that benefit its employees to sustain between work and personal life.

The objective behind this campaign is to ensure that people understand our commitment to benefiting our female employees in whatever way possible, helping them to continue their careers with fervor and determination. This campaign boosted them a lot and was a good marketing strategy of Telenor.

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Due to its well-organized managerial structure and effective use of local markets, Telenor has been able to avoid many of its weaknesses. This company was also able to attract the attention of young investors.

The company could maintain its competitive edge due to the various advantages it offered. The rise of young users was mainly due to the various features that were introduced during the last years. These include SMS Service, Easy Packet Service, and GSM Facility. Telenor faced a lot of challenges during the last years but survived due to strategic planning and better distribution of sales and services.

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