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Updated on: Nov 2, 2022
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 In our previous article, we learnt in detail about the marketing strategy of a really fascinating brand Finzy. In this article, we are going to elaborate on the marketing strategy of Smallcase– A fintech company founded by three IIT Kharagpur graduates.

Marketing is a part of a company’s DNA that can either make or break it. As users across the world go digital, marketing has also followed them to the digital realm.

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We will thoroughly cover our marketing strategy for Smallcase in this blog. Before we begin our deep dive, let us start by learning the company’s story, target audience, and digital presence.

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About Smallcase 

Marketing strategy of Smallcase - logoSource – Startup Jobs Portal

Smallcase Founded in July 2015 by three IIT Kharagpur graduates could also be a fintech company building a trusted financial ecosystem with advisors, brokers, and other market participants for the investor.

The most respected brands use their products daily across the Indian capital markets landscape to provide delightful customer experiences. The smallcase began to introduce a replacement generation of investors to the Indian equity markets using technology.

The smallcase may be a stimulating new phenomenon for the average investor. A smallcase team, an independent advisor, or a portfolio manager chooses a basket of stocks or ETFs to put money in a smallcase.

In just three years since the launch of Smallcase, 360,000 investors invested their money (Valued at Rs2100 Cr) in the Smallcase platform through 60 smallcases offered through the Brokerage firms like brokerages, HDFC Securities, Axis Direct Edelweiss, and Upstox.

Quick Stats

CEO Vasanth Kamath
CMO Pavana KR
Area served India
Industry Fintech
Revenue 11.4 crore in 2021
Vision To help their clients to grow and preserve wealth


Marketing Strategy of Smallcase –

Smallcase has seen an unlimited demand in search popularity, especially after the pandemic.

Some Possible reasons for this:

  1. a superb product that makes investing really easy.
  2. Creating Brand awareness by creating educational content.

Segmentation, Targeting And Positioning

The audience for smallcase includes people that have already invested, or have an investment account. Smallcase aims to specialise in the clients of brokers who can directly get their investing journey started.

Smallcase is targeting such new investors who have just freshly started their investment journeys. They have positioned their equity portfolio in a simple and healthy understandable manner.

Marketing Campaigns

Catering to the new wave of first-time entrants within the Indian stock markets and getting to help young investors achieve portfolio diversification goals, smallcase, an instantaneous indexing and model portfolio platform launched its first campaign ‘Invest in Ideas.’

The series of three digital ads covers various ideas for investors to choose like IT, Internet and Rural Demand. Influencers and content creators like Tanmay Bhat, Zakir Khan, and Nithin Kamath shared the videos on social media.

Tanmay Bhat and Devaiah Bopanna were an element of the creative team that developed the ad series.

The company has collaborated with Sony Liv, Hotstar, YouTube, Spotify, major TV channels, digital news platforms and social influencers to distribute these ads.

Through the campaign, smallcase is reaching bent many new investors who have recently opened Demat accounts. it has been launched to help investors to start building their equity portfolio in a healthy and simple-to-understand manner.

Marketing strategy of Smallcase - marketing campaign

Speaking on the launch of the campaign, Vasanth Kamath, Founder & CEO, smallcase said, “The last 18 months have seen unprecedented interest within the capital markets from retail investors.

Many of them were entering the equity asset class for the first time. New Demat accounts have doubled now with around 3.5 crore new accounts. The Invest in Ideas campaign will help them take a portfolio-based approach to invest.

Small cases are created supported simply to know ideas that are shaping the future, so investors can choose what they believe .”

Vaibhav Jalan, VP – Of business, smallcase said, “We are thrilled to launch our first-ever marketing campaign. Through this campaign, we are targeting tech-savvy investors with a digital-first campaign, especially when most Indians are consuming information online.

With an aim to achieve out to more than 5 crore investors, we are confident that our creative campaign will resonate with young India and help them make the right investment decisions.”

Social Media Marketing

Smallcase is active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin. It has the maximum number of followers on Twitter and the least on Facebook. 

  • Twitter – 140K followers
  • Instagram – 77.6K followers
  • LinkedIn – 71.2K followers 
  • Facebook – 6.9K followers

Their posts mainly contain informational and promotional content on investing techniques and methods.

SEO Strategies

Marketing Strategy of Smallcase - Ubersuggest seo screenshot
Source – Ubersuggest

As per SEO ranking, it’s said that the number of keywords- below 500 is bad, above 1000 is good, and above 10,000+ is amazing.

As we will see here has 20,082 organic keywords which is impressive. Meaning the digital marketing of Smallcase is on point.

Also, the monthly traffic is around 75K which is again huge. Hence we will say that the SEO strategy of Smallcase is up to the mark.

Influencer Marketing

With the aim to assist young investors to achieve portfolio diversification goals, smallcase, an immediate indexing and model portfolio platform has collaborated with Sony Liv, Hotstar, YouTube, Spotify, major TV channels, digital news platforms and social influencers to distribute these ads.

They need also to collaborate with Influencers and content creators like Tanmay Bhat, Zakir Khan, and Nithin Kamath.

E-commerce Strategies

Smallcase has its own website where you’ll directly invest into. you simply need a Demat account to start investing. Smallcase website provides a user with a portfolio of stocks to settle on from made-in themes.

Tracking news & updates for quite 10-15 stocks is time-consuming.

A smallcase will allow you to take a position in ready-made themes & investing strategies that have been created by SEBI-licensed professionals.

Mobile App

Smallcase has an app which is sort of intuitive and transparent. it’s available for both ios as well as android. The users can use the app for investing directly in the smallcase stocks they would like after reading all the risks for the same.

Content Marketing Strategies

SmallCase may be a modernized way of investing in stocks and ETF baskets with your preferred broker. Building a diversified and low-cost long-term portfolio is simpler than ever before, because of Smallcase.

The Smallcase newsletter is one the great examples of delivering educational, useful and relevant content consistently.

Let’s take a glance at the conversion-optimised landing page of their newsletter page:

Every Sunday, Smallcase delivers an insightful newsletter to over 3,00,000 investors, and they’re doing this for 80+ weeks straight. Isn’t it awesome?

Every Sunday, Smallcase delivers an insightful newsletter to over 3,00,000 investors, and they are doing this for 80+ weeks straight. Isn’t it awesome?

This brings us to the end of the Marketing Strategy of Smallcase. So let’s conclude the case study.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

Conclusion – What’s unique about the marketing strategy of Smallcase?

Thematic investing is the most natural way to invest. Retail investors like you and I invest in stocks thematically, based on ideas we think will play out in the future for eg. investing in retail chains because India is becoming a consumption-heavy economy, or buying pharma/IT stocks due to possible rupee depreciation.

Most mutual funds are also thematic instruments. So what is a Smallcase? Smallcase is a curated theme-based portfolio, developed by Smallcase Technologies, a fintech company launched in 2016 by three IIT Kharagpur graduates.

It allows investors to park their funds according to their convictions and lately they have become the talk of the town. 

What’s unique about the brand is that it helps you build a low-cost, long-term & diversified portfolio easily. Created by professionals, each smallcase is a ready-made basket of stocks/ETFs that reflects a theme, strategy or objective.

 For investors who feel they understand the stock market reasonably well and don’t want to pay for the services of a professional fund manager, small cases offer a good via media.

To build his portfolio, the investor needs to screen the entire listed universe to arrive at his choices. In smallcase, he is offered a ready-made basket of stocks that have been screened by an expert based on certain parameters.

Smallcase has a great influence over social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. The SEO of their website is also quite impressive. The brand has engaged its audience through various marketing strategies and focuses to do so in the future. 

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Thank you for taking the time to read this, and do share your thoughts on this case study in the comments section below. 

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