Decoding the Secret Behind the Amazing Marketing Strategy of Sharechat

Updated on: Aug 8, 2023
marketing strategy of sharechat

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India has more than 350 million users online and growing, making it the second-largest internet user country in the world.

The most popular messaging app in India, ShareChat, allows users to exchange videos, jokes, songs, and other language-based social content with unidentified users through features including private messaging, tagging, and personal messaging.

The platform’s creators, Ankush Sachdeva, Bhanu Pratap Singh, and Farid Ahsan, incorporated it in 2015. Digital marketing methods and the marketing Strategy of Sharechat are factors that made it the most accessible and practical app. 

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Before we look into the marketing strategy of Sharechat, let us gain more insights about Sharechat.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

About Sharechat App

marketing strategy of Sharechat

Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd, the holding company for ShareChat, has its headquarters in Bengaluru, Karnataka, and currently has more than 2000 employees.

It all began as a platform for sharing material where people with limited scope couldn’t create their own stuff. However, the business introduced user-generated material in 2016, so users can now produce their own posters and original content. Currently, users generate approximately 75+ million pieces of content per day on the network. Globally, ShareChat is expanding its staff in the USA, Europe, and India.

The audience for ShareChat is made up of users of Facebook and WhatsApp who are avid consumers of content in Indian languages including Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, and Marathi. In June 2020, ShareChat also released the Moj app, which competes with TikTok and is rapidly expanding.

Services of Sharechat

Social media

Social networking service

Video sharing

Image sharing


Instant messaging

Products of ShareChat


Moj Lite + (TakaTak)

marketing strategy of Sharechat

Competitors of ShareChat

ShareChat competes on a global level with many other top social media apps. Some of the competitors of ShareChat are VerSe Innovation, Illumy, Zebra Labs, Meta.

As the business grows there is also an increase in the competition. Sharechat has to continually stay updated with the latest trends to beat the growing competition. It is crucial for Sharechat to have a strong marketing strategy. Further in the blog, we will now have an in-depth study on the marketing strategy of Sharechat.

Marketing Strategy of Sharechat

The following mentioned are some of the key marketing strategy of Sharechat for business growth.

Targeting the Language-based Audience

ShareChat covers about 15 Indian languages and has 60 million monthly active users. Given that the typical user spends roughly 30 minutes per day using the ShareChat app, it is clear that this is an appeal for advertisers. In addition to providing advertising options, ShareChat also combines special features to support brands in achieving their goals of maximum reach.

ShareChat addresses a larger challenge that global firms confront when attempting to engage people in remote locations, helping local enterprises connect with a more linguistically specialized audience.

Marketing Strategy of Sharechat

Any company that uses ShareChat does so with the goal of taking advantage of the app’s popularity among language-based internet users and strengthening localised customer relationships. ShareChat enables well-known brands to scrap existing concepts and construct new ones that reflect local tastes and values.

It has taken steps to reach out to a larger audience and has gotten support from other social media apps throughout the world.

Covid-19 Marketing Strategy of ShareChat

India’s average mobile phone usage is approaching over four hours per day, which is a 12.5% rise from the pre-COVID period, according to a survey on digital consumption conducted by BARC India and Nielsen.

This has been an excellent opportunity for ShareChat, which has taken steps to ensure that verified information is displayed at the top of its feed, giving priority to COVID fact-check-related content in more than 13 local languages and increasing the promotion of law and government accounts across its platform. Additionally, ShareChat wants to collaborate with numerous organizations.

This market-leading platform is increasing its income and advertising streams while simultaneously attempting to strike a balance between the user experience and the bottom line.

Adding Up Unique Features

Additionally, As a marketing strategy of Sharechat it is experimenting with splash entry, a vertical advertisement that can last up to 4 seconds and cannot be skipped. With this amazing submission, 100% and twice as many impressions are ensured since the advertisement appears as the first post and fits in with the user feed. Additionally, it recently debuted Divas, a 360-degree solution.

ShareChat is also launching ShareChat TV, which will be the perfect platform for long-form content and advertisements, providing marketers with fresh opportunities to connect with their target consumers. Additionally, the company intends to make available the ADs platform, which is now in beta testing and will let brands and ad agencies build-up, track, and target campaigns on their own.

Campaigns related to Festivities

As a part of the marketing strategy of Sharechat, it also brings up campaigns or advertisements related to festivals. During any festival time or special occasion like friendship day, Valentine’s, etc. Sharechat shares amazing content on their social media platforms.

Marketing Strategy of Sharechat

Marketing Strategy of Sharechat

The social media presence of Sharechat is an added advantage to it as it can attract more and more users from this platform to use its app. Let us have a look at the digital presence of Sharechat other than its own application.

Digital Presence of Sharechat


Marketing Strategy of Sharechat

Sharechat owns various Instagram accounts like Sharechatapp, sharechat business, and also various language based. In general, the Sharechatapp account has 202k followers.


Marketing Strategy of Sharechat

Sharechat also has a Facebook account with a huge number of viewers. It has around 2.2 M followers. It posts ads and various trending content on the Facebook account.


Marketing Strategy of Sharechat

Sharechat has a Twitter account with 7639 followers. It has posted around 1464 tweets till date.  It posts tweets related to its campaign or any new launches etc.


Marketing Strategy of Sharechat

Sharechat also has an official youtube channel with 51.7K subscribers. Here along with their campaigns and ads they also share user stories, some tips and tricks for the usage of their application, and also content when Sharechat came up in the news.

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The popularity and profitability of ShareChat are attracting solid investment. The platform received a portion of a $100 million financing round led by Twitter. It is safe to say that ShareChat, with its more than 160 million users and steadily growing user base, has direct access to India’s heart. According to reports from Zinnov, 81 percent of tier-2 and 80 percent of tier-3 people prefer to consume content on their mobile phones. ShareChat has a wide range of content, including love, entertainment, and outstanding user-created content.

It is safe to say that Sharechat’s marketing approach played a significant role in the company’s rise to prominence. The marketing strategy of Sharechat has helped gain the trust and favour of its clients.

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