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Updated on: Jul 16, 2024

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The Ryanair marketing strategy focuses on low-cost fares, extensive online presence, and bold advertising. This case study explores the marketing strategies, digital marketing tactics, and recent campaigns of Ryanair, providing insights into how the airline maintains its competitive edge in the budget airline sector.

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Ryanair isn’t just another airline. With over 610 destinations across Europe, a massive team of over 5,000 employees representing 25 nationalities, and a reputation for being one of the world’s most profitable airlines, they’ve become a major player in the skies. They’re also the third-largest European carrier by passenger numbers.

But how do they achieve this success? This blog will delve into the secrets behind Ryanair’s marketing strategy. Throughout this case study, they’ll explore their marketing mix, digital presence, strengths and weaknesses (SWOT analysis), and how they stack up against the competition.

So buckle up and get ready to learn how Ryanair has taken flight! And don’t forget to check out our other digital marketing blogs for more fascinating company insights.

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Ryanair Marketing Strategy – About the Brand

Ryanair Logo | Marketing Strategy of Ryanair | IIDE

Source: Google

Ryanair, founded in 1984 by the Ryan family, has grown to become Europe’s largest low-cost airline. With a mission to offer the lowest fares and a no-frills flying experience, Ryanair has revolutionised air travel in Europe. Known for its cost-cutting measures and direct, often controversial, marketing tactics, Ryanair continues to push the boundaries of budget aviation. For those interested in understanding the strategies behind such successful marketing of companies like Ryanair, pursuing a post-graduation in digital marketing can provide valuable insights and skills.


What’s New With the Brand?

Let’s understand the recent developments surrounding Ryanair’s marketing strategy:

  • Revenue: For the year 2023, Ryanair reported revenue of €10.8 billion (Source: Ryanair Annual Report 2023).
  • Passenger Numbers: Ryanair carried 149 million passengers in 2023, a 9% increase from the previous year (Source: Ryanair Annual Report 2023).
  • Market Share: Ryanair commands a 16% share of the European airline market, according to Statista’s 2023 data.

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Business News

Ryanair announced plans to purchase 150 new Boeing 737 Max jets to expand its fleet and meet growing demand (Source: Reuters, June 2024).

Product Launch

Ryanair introduced a new business class service aimed at attracting corporate travellers with added amenities and flexibility (Source: Ryanair Press Release, April 2024).

Marketing News

A recently launched provocative Ryanair marketing campaign targeting rival airlines’ higher prices, generated significant media attention (Source: Marketing Week, May 2024).

Celebrity News

Ryanair’s CEO, Michael O’Leary, made headlines with his outspoken comments on the future of budget air travel at a major aviation conference (Source: BBC News, March 2024).

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Ryanair’s Target Market – Buyer Persona

Ryanair marketing strategy hinges on a deep understanding of its Ryanair target audience. Here’s an overview of their ideal customer profile:

Buyer’s Persona






20 years




  • Seeking the lowest possible fares for travel.
  • Preference for short-haul flights within Europe.

Interest & Hobbies

  • Budget travel, exploring new destinations, and finding travel deals.

Pain Points

  • Hidden fees and limited customer service options.
  • The desire for more comfortable seating and additional amenities.

Social Media Presence

  • Active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, often engaging directly with customers and critics.

Ryanair’s marketing strategy cleverly leverages platforms like Instagram and Twitter to target budget-conscious travellers. Their engaging ads capture the excitement of travel while emphasising budget-friendly prices, attracting Ryanairs target market.

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Marketing Mix Used in Formulating Ryanair’s Marketing Strategy

Ryanair Plain | Marketing Strategy of Ryanair | IIDE

Source: Google

Marketing Mix is the combination of various marketing tools that companies use to pursue their marketing objective in the target market, it mainly revolves around 4 components: Price, Product, Place, and Promotion.

In this case study about Ryanair’s marketing strategy, let’s have a look at how Raynair manipulates these components of its marketing mix to get the most efficient result.

1. Price Strategy of Ryanair 

Ryanair isn’t your typical airline. They’re the king of cheap flights, with a whopping 70% of their seats selling at rock-bottom prices. But here’s the twist: they sprinkle in a strategic mix of higher fares to keep things interesting (and profitable). This strategy isn’t without its bumps. This flexible Ryanair pricing strategy is key to their profitability.

They’ve tangled with regulators in the past for occasional hiccups where advertised fares didn’t quite match reality. Ryanair’s unique pricing keeps flights affordable for many while ensuring their own bottom line stays healthy. So, the next time you’re looking for a cheap escape, keep Ryanair in mind – just be prepared for a potential price rollercoaster ride!

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2. Product Strategy of Ryanair

The company’s product/ business strategy can be synopsized into a single motto: Keep those planes in the air! Tight schedules mean more flights, which translates to more money in their pockets. But that’s not their only source of income. They also earn from car rental commissions, priority boarding fees, and those oh-so-dreaded baggage check charges.

While efficiency is their middle name, some might say comfort takes a backseat.

3. Place Strategy of Ryanair  

Ryanair’s all about keeping things lean and mean, and their distribution strategy, which frankly speaking is one of Ryanair’s promotion strategies reflects that. Forget fancy call centres or brick-and-mortar kiosks – booking a Ryanair flight is strictly an online affair. This keeps their overhead costs low, which translates into those sweet, sweet budget-friendly fares you know and (maybe) love.

But what happens when Ryanair sets its sights on a market like Bangladesh, where internet access isn’t as widespread? That’s where things get interesting. They might need to adapt their online-only approach, perhaps by partnering with local travel agencies that can leverage the internet on their behalf. This flexibility shows that even Ryanair recognizes the need to adjust its “place” strategy based on the market, ensuring it can keep delivering those cheap flights to a global audience.

4. Promotion Strategy of Ryanair 

Ryanair’s advertising strategy is all about clear communication and keeping things fun. Newspapers, radio, and television become their launchpads, promoting their user-friendly website where you can snag amazing deals.

Their message? Simple: ‘Low fares made simple.’ They want you to know that flying with them is a hassle-free, joyful experience (at least according to their ads!). And to sweeten the deal, they strategically release limited seats at rock-bottom prices. This straightforward approach, free of gimmicks, is exactly what keeps budget-conscious travellers flocking to Ryanair.

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Marketing Strategy of Ryanair

Ryanair Plain | Marketing Strategy of Ryanair | IIDE

Source: Google

Ryanair has carved a unique niche in the airline industry. Their target audience? People who prioritise price above all else. Their marketing strategy? Simple – offer the cheapest fares and let the savings do the talking.

Here’s how they keep costs down:

  • Skimp on Marketing Spend: Ryanair avoids expensive marketing campaigns. Instead, they rely on young, budget-conscious designers to create their ads. These ads, often provocative or controversial, might only run for a few days in a handful of publications
  • Embrace Outrage Marketing: Even if the ads get yanked quickly, Ryanair counts it as a win. The shock factor keeps the airline in the news, and according to its CEO Michael O’Leary, ‘any publicity is good publicity.’
  • The O’Leary Show: O’Leary himself is a master of grabbing headlines. He’s known for making outrageous or outlandish statements in interviews, further propelling Ryanair into the spotlight (true or not, it gets people talking).
  • Taking on the Competition: Ryanair isn’t afraid to get down and dirty with competitors. They frequently create ads that directly target other airlines, highlighting Ryanair’s lower fares.

One marketing leader at Ryanair summed it up perfectly: “Our strategy is simple. Be like Aldi on price, be like Amazon on data and customer understanding, and be faster than anyone else.”

This Ryanair business strategy has certainly generated a lot of buzz, and Ryanair remains a major player in the budget airline market. But is it sustainable in the long run? That’s a question only time will tell.

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Ryanair Strategy – Digital Marketing Presence

Ryanair, known for its outspoken CEO Michael O’Leary and budget-friendly flights, has traditionally relied on ‘free PR’ for marketing. This meant leveraging media coverage generated by O’Leary’s comments and avoiding paid advertising. However, as the marketing landscape evolves, Ryanair is starting to explore new avenues.

Website Upgrade

Ryanair’s website has come a long way. The old, user-unfriendly version has been replaced with a more professional and streamlined design. The navigation bar now features clear categories like ‘Plan Trip’ and ‘Manage Booking,’ making it easier for users to find what they need.

YouTube Takes Flight

In 2014, Ryanair dipped its toes into the YouTube waters with a not-so-memorable Christmas jingle. While not a masterpiece, it marked the beginning of their YouTube presence. They’ve since moved on to showcasing real customer experiences, interviews with travellers, and even virtual travel guides for destinations served by Ryanair.

Twitter Takes Off

With nearly half a million followers, Ryanair’s Twitter game is on the rise. However, it wasn’t always smooth sailing. Limited budgets for social media marketing initially held them back. A turning point came with a viral interaction with a journalist, highlighting the power of social media engagement.

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Digital Marketing Strategy of Ryanair

Marketing Strategy of Ryanair | Digital Marketing Strategy | IIDE

Source: Google

SEO Strategy: Ryanair optimises its website content and uses targeted keywords (Specific words for precise content targeting) to ensure high visibility for search terms (queries that are searched most by a user) related to budget flights and travel deals.

SMM Strategy: Ryanair actively engages with its audience on social media platforms, using humorous and sometimes provocative posts to generate buzz and customer interaction.

E-commerce Strategy: Ryanair’s website and mobile app offer a seamless booking experience, with various upsell options such as priority boarding and additional baggage.

Mobile App: The Ryanair mobile app provides real-time flight updates, easy booking, and check-in features, enhancing customer convenience.

Influencer Marketing Strategy: Ryanair collaborates with travel bloggers and influencers to promote its destinations and services, leveraging its reach to target budget-conscious travellers.

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Ryanair Advertising Strategy – Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

One of Ryanair’s most famous advertising campaigns was the ‘Fly Cheaper’ series, which aggressively highlighted the cost savings of flying with Ryanair compared to other airlines. The campaign’s straightforward message and direct comparisons resonated with budget travellers, resulting in increased bookings and brand recognition. This campaign is a classic example of Ryanair’s advertising strategy.


Top Competitors That Influence Ryanair’s Advertising Strategy

Ryanair is not the only airline offering low-cost flights. Many players that offer competition to this airline are:

  • EasyJet: Another leading low-cost airline in Europe, known for its extensive network and competitive fares.
  • Wizz Air: A major player in the Central and Eastern European budget airline market, offering low-cost flights to a wide range of destinations.
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle: Offers low-cost flights across Europe and to North America, focusing on affordable long-haul travel.
  • Vueling: A Spanish low-cost airline that competes with Ryanair on many European routes
  • Jet2: Known for its holiday package deals and budget flights within Europe.

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Ryannair’s Marketing Campaigns – Failed Campaigns

Ryanair launched a promotional campaign aimed at highlighting low-cost fares to attract budget-conscious travellers.

  • Issue: Ryanair faced backlash for a campaign that included hidden fees, which were not clearly disclosed to customers.
  • Backlash: The campaign led to numerous customer complaints and negative press coverage.
  • Response: Ryanair responded by revising its advertising practices to ensure greater transparency in pricing and removing misleading elements from its promotions.
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Given its brand awareness and the enormous number of brand name searches, Ryanair has not been required to work on increasing traffic yet. Ryanair will have to work more in the future to guarantee that they appear at the top of the search results for long-tail search phrases, rather than handing the space over to middlemen like Google or Skyscanner, or even worse, rivals.

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are currently under-utilised from a marketing standpoint, and given the fun nature of their brand and the need for them to start producing a lot more material, Ryanair should have no trouble coming up with unique campaigns to run online.

Thank you for reading this article and don’t forget to check out our other digital marketing blogs for more fascinating company insights.


Learning from Other Brands

In comparison, the business model of IKEA focuses heavily on offering affordable, stylish furniture with a do-it-yourself assembly approach, ensuring cost-efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Similarly, the marketing strategy of HSBC leverages global branding and a strong commitment to trust and reliability, showcasing how a consistent brand message and customer trust can drive market leadership.

Likewise, the business model of Zara emphasises fast fashion and a responsive supply chain to ensure trendy products reach stores quickly, illustrating how agility and a keen sense of market trends can foster brand loyalty and industry leadership.

FAQs About Ryannair’s Marketing Campaigns

Q1. What is the Ryanair marketing strategy?

Ryanair's marketing strategy focuses on low-cost fares, bold advertising, and extensive online presence.

Q2. How does Ryanair use digital marketing?

Ryanair’s promotion strategy leverages SEO, social media engagement, e-commerce strategies, and mobile app features to reach and serve its customers.

Q3. What is Ryanair’s pricing strategy?

Ryanair employs a dynamic pricing strategy, offering the lowest possible fares with additional revenue from ancillary services.

Q4. Who is Ryanair's target market?

Budget-conscious travellers looking for low-cost, short-haul flights within Europe fall within Ryanair’s target market.

Q5. What are Ryanair’s most notable advertising campaigns?

Rayanair’s marketing campaign - the ‘Fly Cheaper’ series highlighted cost savings and aggressively targeted competitors' prices

Q6. Who are the main competitors of Ryanair?

EasyJet, Wizz Air, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Vueling, and Jet2 are the main competitors of Ryanair in this industry.

Q7. Has Ryanair faced any failed campaigns?

Yes, Ryanair’s marketing campaign faced backlash for a campaign that included hidden fees, leading to negative press and customer complaints.

Q8. What is Ryanair’s mission?

Ryanair aims to offer the lowest fares and a no-frills flying experience to their customers.

Q9. What motivates Ryanair’s target audience?

Finding the cheapest possible flights for travel motivates Ryanair’s target audience to make their purchase.

Q10. What are the latest business news about Ryanair?

Ryanair announced plans to purchase 150 new Boeing 737 Max jets to expand its fleet.

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