A Comprehensive Analysis on the Marketing Strategy of PharmEasy

Updated on: Aug 7, 2023
Marketing strategy of Pharmeasy

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The medical sector has benefitted greatly from advances in modern technology. Nowadays, technology has made it even simpler to access a variety of medications.

The days of searching the market for a certain medicine are long gone. Today, we can order any medication and have it delivered right to our house. There are many such applications which had made this possible. One such application is PharmEasy, an Indian online pharmacy delivery platform. This application allows us to purchase healthcare and medications online.

Marketing is one of the important factors for growing brand awareness in the market. Marketing helps to create trust and honesty from companies to customers.

In this blog, we will be looking into the Marketing Strategy of PharmEasy, but firstly, let us know a few more details about the company.

About PharmEasy

Marketing strategy of Pharmeasy

Online Pharmacy Pharmeasy is situated in Mumbai. The firm was founded by Dharmil Sheth and his friend Dhawal Shah in 2015 with the goal of improving healthcare accessibility in India. Medlife is acquired by PharmEasy which made it the largest online pharmaceutical platform. 

Their main goal was to bring nearly everything pertaining to healthcare to people’s doorsteps. They made great use of technology to eliminate the need for middlemen. The platform provides teleconsultations, sample collection for diagnostic tests, and delivery of medications. Additionally, it acquired Aknamed and Thyrocare Technology in 2021.

This medical technology startup’s reach is one of its most commendable qualities. It planned to service 2 million users per month after the acquisition. Pharmeasy reportedly ships medication and equipment to 710 Indian cities and about 98% of the country’s pin codes.

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Competitors of PharmEasy

With the growing dependence on the online market, the competition among online medicine apps is increasing. Following are some of the competitors of PharmEasy:


Online health management services are offered by Practo. It offers medication delivery and medical appointment scheduling, and Practo primarily targets independent healthcare providers in Indian cities.


an online pharmacy that serves as both an informational resource and a marketplace for the supply of medications. They mostly target people aged 25+ in major cities and receive their user base via Healthcart.


an online pharmacy offering a variety of OTC and prescription medications. They aim to attract customers who regularly order and those who take supplements for chronic diseases.

To beat the competition the company needs to keep planning new techniques to sustain. It is needed to tackle the growing marketing trends. Hence, the marketing strategy of PharmEasy needs to be very strong.

Here, let us have a look at the marketing mix and marketing strategy of PharmEasy.

Marketing Strategy of PharmEasy

Following is the marketing strategy of PharmEasy they have taken up for its progress. 

Television Advertising

TV advertisements are the most effective approach to capturing the interest of the Indian public. The TV advertisement was a highly effective marketing strategy of PharmEasy.

1)Dance Campaign

The business created a song for its advertisement. The song featured a cover of the well-known Bollywood classic “Urvashi.” They used the melody to create their catchphrase ‘PharmEasy, PharmEasy, Take it easy PharmEasy’. 3 videos were created on three different dance forms Kharachnatyam, Bhatak Nritya, and Shakakali. Every time this music played on television, viewers’ attention was drawn to it.

Marketing strategy of Pharmeasy     

Viewers are curious to learn more about things they find fascinating. This is how the brand’s strategy was successful. This advertisement increased client awareness of the app and its offerings.

2)Advertisement related to COVID-19

During the pandemic times, they launched an advertisement “Aapki health aapke haath mein hai.”

For the advertisement, they chose to go in a funny and sarcastic direction. The corporation employed a remark that the Indian audience is extremely accustomed to hearing “Sab uparwale ke hath mein hai”. As a result, the corporation used the actual uparwala, or neighbour living up to help them and promote their brand.

Marketing strategy of Pharmeasy

There was another ad focusing on lockdown titled the ‘WFH Campaign’ because everyone was confined to their homes. The advertising illustrates how, despite all the changes, it was still simple to get medications.

Marketing strategy of Pharmeasy

3) Ghar baithe baithe take it easy

Aamir Khan, a popular Bollywood actor, is the star of a new advertisement for PharmEasy.

Khan is introduced as PharmEasy’s new brand ambassador in the ‘Ghar Baithe Baithe Take It Easy’ campaign.

Marketing strategy of Pharmeasy

Khan performs a triple job as the PharmEasy delivery person, who appears in the strangest locations and in the silliest ways to inform clients about all the products offered by the PharmEasy brand and to urge them to “Take It Easy.”

SMS, Email Marketing

The job of this marketing starts when a user registers on the PharmEasy app or website. The business employs technology to email or send automated messages to its clients.

These communications contain details of any new deals or discounts the business is currently offering. This is a fantastic marketing strategy of PharmEasy for the business to get customer’s attention.


In its early years, cricket sponsorship was one of the most effective marketing strategy of PharmEasy.

After making an investment in cricket, PharmEasy became associated with the sport. The majority of Indian viewers watch the World Cup. The attention of the viewers is attracted by the advertisement, which also helps establish a level of trust.

Marketing strategy of Pharmeasy

Through this marketing strategy of PharmEasy, it gained enormous popularity. It is now regarded as a trustworthy brand in the e-pharmacy sector.

Influencer Marketing

We are all aware of social media’s influence today. Bloggers and influencers on numerous platforms are becoming more and more well-known. They also have a huge number of followers. 

As a result, PharmEasy has chosen influencer marketing as well. In this way, it can exploit the influencer’s audience to market itself. For instance, PharmEasy has created reels. The PharmEasy clips include comedian Sapan Verma and digital creator Viraj Ghelani.

Meme Marketing

Since the country’s youth are so attracted by memes, they are an excellent approach to informing them. The meme is a trend, that can be followed in order to clearly communicate your message. Memes were used by Pharmeasy as well to raise awareness of the company. It was an essential step in successfully capturing the attention of the young audience.

Marketing strategy of Pharmeasy

PharmEasy Digital Presence


Marketing strategy of Pharmeasy  

PharmEasy has a page on Facebook with 145k followers and 128k likes. On the page PharmEasy uploads content related to their products, Health-related memes, etc.


Marketing strategy of Pharmeasy

The Instagram account is a verified account with 74.2k followers. They post various content like memes, reels, health-related content, etc.


Marketing strategy of Pharmeasy

In youtube, they post their ad campaigns. They have 280k subscribers. They also provide extensive explanations of a variety of common chronic illnesses by recognized medical professionals, burst some long-held health beliefs, and offer advice on how to live a better life.


Marketing strategy of Pharmeasy

On Twitter, they have 10.1k followers. They share tweets related to their products, services, etc.

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PharmEasy was a blessing. It made purchasing medications simple, convenient, and reliable. PharmEasy has been a huge help during the pandemic when people were unable to walk outside and find their medications.

It is safe to conclude that the marketing strategy of PharmEasy helped the company become quite well-known. It has always kept its commercials short, memorable, and relatable. All of these tactics assisted PharmEasy in winning over clients’ confidence and favour.

Online marketing in today’s world of the internet has become incredibly important. No matter what business you own, the development of Strong branding through digital channels is necessary. 

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Thank you for reading. Please feel free to give us your suggestions on the marketing strategy of PharmEasy in the comment section below.

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