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Updated on: Nov 7, 2022
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Practical assignments, case studies & simulations from Business Review helped the students from this course present this analysis.

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Previously we learned the marketing strategy of HelloFresh. In this blog, we are going to learn the marketing strategy of McCain – WORLD’S Famous frozen food brand.

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Now will learn the entire detailed marketing strategy of McCain by the end of this blog. Before Knowing the strategy of MCCAIN’S FOOD, let’s start with the company’s story, target audience and digital presence.

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About McCain – 

marketing strategy of Mccain - logo

Source – Wikipedia

In today’s blog, we are gonna learn about some detailed marketing strategies of MCCAIN’S food which was founded on 23rd February 1957, in Canada with over 60 years of experience in delivering great tasting food, they continued to plan for more profit in the future generations.

The McCain brothers (Wallace, Harrison, Robert and Andrew) were entrepreneurs of their time. As sons of a third-generation farmer

They used frozen food technology, and opened their first McCain Foods production in their hometown, New Brunswick, Canada-they started with frozen French fries, which have become a signature product.

Quick stats

Area served Worldwide
Industry Food
Revenue 500 crore (2022)
Vision Celebrating real connections, through delicious, planet-friendly food.
Tagline Planet-friendly food.


Marketing strategy of McCain – 

To begin with, the marketing strategy of McCain, let’s take a look at the segmentation, targeting and positioning of the brand and understand how they divide and target their audience.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning 

Segmentation – The key products in its marketing mix include McCain sweet potato, McCain home roasts, McCain wedges, frozen vegetables and ready-to-eat meals.

  • McCain Smiles, Tasty Taters
  • McCain Classic Cut Fries, Extra Crispy Classic Fries, 5 Minute Fries, Steak Fries, Crinkle Cut French fries
  • McCain Shredded Hash Browns and etc

Targeting – McCain targets working mothers in the age group of 25-45 years.

Positioning – McCain is positioned as one of the world’s largest producers of French Fries and Potato Specialities. Global Leader in manufacturing ready-to-cook frozen products.

Marketing Campaign 

  • ‘Just McCain’ Campaign

marketing strategy of Mccain - marketing campaign

This campaign was launched to promote its homemade burgers which help you to cut down the wait time of making, your restaurant bills.

  • McCain Monsoon Campaign

marketing strategy of Mccain - marketing campaign

McCain Foods teamed up with WeatherAds, a weather activation platform, for their monsoon campaign to boost sales when it rains. The campaign increased the brand’s reach by 27%.

  • Snack-O-Clock Campaign

marketing strategy of mccain - marketing campaign

McCain, a manufacturer of prepared foods, is interested in “new snack time slots” for consumers who are housebound.

The Snack-O-Clock advertising campaign focuses on new snacking times, such as in-between-Zoom meetings, when binge-watching web series, and in-between online courses.

McCain Foods India, a manufacturer of frozen foods, recently launched the Snack-O-Clock digital campaign in response to the various eating occasions that have emerged in households as a result of lockdowns brought on by COVID.

Nowadays, the majority of adults work from home, and kids are learning online. The campaign capitalises on the fact that it has led to the emergence of new snack timings.

Social Media Marketing 

  • Instagram – 2K+ – global  / 16K – Indian page
  • Facebook – 429 followers – global / 150K – Indian page
  • LinkedIn – 258K followers
  • Twitter – 465 followers – global / 6K followers – Indian page

McCain is most followed on LinkedIn with 258K followers. They post promotional content about the products, offers and campaigns they launch.

SEO Strategies

marketing strategy of mccain - ubersuggest seo strategy

Source – Ubersuggest

In accordance with the SEO standards, organic keywords less than 500 are bad, more than 1000 are good and more than 10,000 are amazing. And as seen Mccain has 9,467 organic keywords which is nearly 10K which is amazing.

Mccain has monthly traffic of around 61K which is amazing as above 20,000 is good.

Influencer Marketing 

In India, Mccain has Karishma Kapoor as the face of the product. Considering her popularity it has been beneficial for McCain to target and attract the Indian audience.

E-commerce Marketing

McCain has its website on which detailed info about the products is available but it does not sell through the website. It has a tie-up with 2 major apps Big Basket and Blinkit on which McCain products are available online.

Content Marketing 

Along with the engagement on its social media platforms, McCain shares various recipes on its website by using the McCain products.

This brings us towards the end of the marketing strategy of McCain.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

Conclusion – What’s unique about the marketing strategy of McCain?

In their marketing strategy of McCain, we saw that McCain is gaining lots of love and support from all the places in the world. It will remain a trusted brand, it also takes great care to minimize its impact on the environment.

The promotion of the product focuses on the positive relationship between McCain food and a healthy diet. Though McCain lacks in its digital marketing methods, it is still trying to evolve and grow in the digital sector.

As we all know, digital marketing has taken a drastic change because of pandemics that affected every business. As per digital marketing statistics, about 60% of the population of world uses the internet.

It rose by 20% in the past two years due to the pandemic with many businesses going online. An established company’s image is everything. The right campaign strategies can make or break a company’s brand image.

Through digital marketing, effective campaigns can be designed and the scope of fixing any glitches immediately is there.

With the increasing importance of digital marketing, learning about the growing field is an important step. If you would like to learn more and develop skills, check out IIDE’s 4 Month Digital Marketing Course to learn more.

We hope this blog on the marketing strategy of McCain has given you a good insight into the company’s marketing strategies.

If you like such in-depth analysis of companies just like the marketing strategy of McCain, check out our IIDE Knowledge portal for more fascinating case studies.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and do share your thoughts on this case study of the marketing strategy of McCain in the comments section.

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