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Updated on: Dec 18, 2022
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In the previous article, we discussed the marketing strategy of Royal Enfield. In this article, we are going to look into the marketing strategy of KYT.

In this blog, you will understand how KYT helmets have developed its marketing strategies and established itself as one of the top and most reliable helmet companies providing comfort and safety to its riders. KYT promises its customers to maintain and keep upgrading their standard of quality of production.

Serving their customers since 1980 they have gained the trust and respect of their customers and maintained long-term relations which have proved to be beneficial for the company.

The main objective of this blog is to make you understand the different marketing strategies used by them and the effectiveness of the strategy. 

Marketing is critical for a company to make its customers understand their products, to learn more about marketing and its benefits you can check out IIDE’s  Free masterclass on digital marketing. Before we go inside the marketing strategy of KYT, let’s understand the company’s history.

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About KYT – 

marketing strategy of KYT - logoSource – IDN-GRAFIS

The “Racing Idea Project” behind KYT was its founder, Mr Eddy Tedjakusuma. Since 1980 it has been successful to create PT TARA group as one of the biggest helmet production manufacturers in the world today. With an increase in global demand for the product, PT TARA today has been regarded as the main global manufacturer extensively focus on motorcycle helmet production with its in-house plant facilities.

In 1998 a brand was created that identifies itself as RACING DNA, whose main goal was to focus on producing quality motorsport helmets while providing the utmost safety. Therefore KYT was born based on that idealistic philosophy.

The philosophy lies in presenting the highest value helmet by replicating and maintaining the highest qualities and attributes of a premium racing helmet, at an acceptable value point to the worldwide customer. All KYT helmets are provided with a user manual that has mentioned what type of helmet is suitable for different riding conditions.

Finally, to the motorcycle rider and customer, KYT is honoured to present this quality philosophy every time, our valued customers choose and ride with KYT helmets.

KYT communicates with the public through a number of professional racers around the world. Each helmet produced is made up of three elements to help increase the absorption power of the impact. They have also been provided with certifications like ISI(India), DOT(USA), and others.

Quick Stats

CEO Mr Eddy Tedjakusuma (founder)
Area Served Worldwide
Industry Helmet Production
Market Revenue <$1m
Vision Providing the safest helmets to worldwide consumers


Marketing Strategy of KYT –  

Let’s start with the marketing strategy of KYT, by looking into its STP Analysis.

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

Since KYT is an international company it uses geographic segmentation (place) for its customers as they are spread all around the world and this helps them to reach out to its customers easily.

The customers they target are usually between the age of 18 to 40 years and there has been an increase in the automobile industry due to the interest of the young population hence helping them to increase their sales.

With their new and advanced technology helmets, they have a unique positioning in the market which has made them one of the top helmet production companies.

Marketing Campaigns

marketing strategy of kyt - marketing campaign

KYT helmets have collaborated with N2 Track Days which provides motorcycle enthusiasts to have the opportunity to bring their superbikes on track and have a ride to get the feel of MotoGP. This event is organized on large scale with trained professionals looking over the event. They also provide the customers with a giveaway contest which is quite interactive.

Marketing campaigns are important for every company as they increase brand awareness which helps to gain new customers by promoting their products. They help to understand the target audience and what the customers demand from the company. Campaigns are also meant to benefit the community and maintain a good reputation for the company. They are a great way to engage with customers and get feedback from them. A strong campaign idea is needed to be successful or it can create a negative image of the company.

Social Media Marketing 

  • Instagram: 201k followers
  • Facebook: 14K
  • Twitter: 6K

As you can see from above that they have a huge following base on Instagram.

Most of their content includes promoting their various helmets, new launches, and collaboration with other companies and influencers.

SEO Strategies

marketing strategy of kyt - ubersuggest seo screenshot

Source – UberSuggest 

It is known that as per SEO rankings Number of keywords below 500 is considered bad and above 1000 is considered to be good, and above 10,000 is amazing, we can see that KYT has 2571 organic keywords which are considered to be good. As seen they have a pretty amazing monthly traffic of around 121K+ on their website. As monthly visits above 20,000 are considered amazing. 

KYT helmets have to work more on its keywords in order to get more traffic on its website. Most of their traffic comes from the website from online searches which include organic as well as paid marketing. If you want to learn tricks about a great SEO Strategy then look into SEO Certification Course.

Influencer Marketing

KYT has been used in MotoGP and has tied up with racers like Dennis Foggia, Mario Aji, Benoit Paturel, and many more. The majority of the influencers they sponsor are from MotoGP since it’s a huge platform where helmets are the most essential element. These influencers also have a range from 100k to 150k followers on their profile which help the company in marketing its products through the influencers.

E-commerce Strategies

Mainly the company sells their products on their website which is very user-friendly and they don’t have an application. On their website, they have a variety of helmets suitable for different kinds of environments like racing, city, sport touring, off-road, etc and each category has various helmets under them. Since they are a foreign company they have distributors in various parts of the world who help in supplying the products.

Mobile Apps

KYT does not have a mobile app.

Content Marketing Strategies

The blogs provided include the details of the company and its history of the company.

Their social media post mainly consists of the MotoGP racers they have collaborated with along with showcasing the new products they have launched.

Most of their content is displayed through social media platforms which showcases what the company is working on and how are they planning to improve the company.

This brings us to the end of the marketing strategy of KYT.

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What’s unique about the marketing strategy of KYT?

Looking above, from this article you can understand that the marketing strategy of KYT needs to improve for the company to grow. The company should indulge in more digital marketing strategies which have been increasing in today’s world. There is a huge growing market for this industry and the company will have to keep itself updated in order to compete with its competitors.

The biggest issue that the company needs to tackle is its marketing strategies. It is important nowadays to have a digital presence and the company needs to be aware of its competition. They need to build a strong social media platform so as to increase their traffic to their product. The company can also develop an application to showcase the products and provide plenty of details.

There has been a growth in digital marketing in today’s world and it has become an essential skill for marketers. Companies have been looking for experts to help them gain an online digital presence to expand their business and help them to connect with their ideal customers.

Since it is online the company can reach a wider audience and increase its market value. In order to learn more, you can check out IIDE’s Online Digital Marketing Courses and MBA in Digital Marketing Course to upskill yourself. 

If you like in-depth analyses of companies like the marketing strategy of KYT, find more such insightful case studies on our IIDE Knowledge portal.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and do share your thoughts on this case study on the marketing strategy of KYT in the comments section below.

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