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Updated on: Jul 1, 2023

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Previously, we learned in detail about the marketing strategy of an interesting brand, Cochin Shipyard. In this article, we are going to take a close look at the marketing strategy of Great Eastern Shipping, India’s largest private-sector shipping company.

The objective is to help you gain insights into Great Eastern Shipping and how it became India’s largest private-sector shipping company and evaluate the marketing strategy of Great Eastern Shipping.

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In this blog, we will fully cover the marketing strategy of Great Eastern Shipping. But before that, let us start by learning the company’s story, and its target audience.

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About Great Eastern Shipping- Company Overview

Marketing Strategy of Great Eastern Shipping -logo

Great Eastern Shipping Company Limited is one of the largest private-sector maritime companies in India. It primarily transports liquid, gas, and solid bulk products. The company has two segments in its business: Shipping & Offshore. The shipping business is involved in the transportation of crude oil, petroleum products, Liquified gas, and dry bulk commodities. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary Greatship (India) Limited, which has its corporate headquarters in Mumbai, the offshore business assists oil firms in conducting offshore exploration and production activities. DNV has certified the shipping industry to the ISO 9001: 2000 standard.

The Sheths and the Bhiwandiwallas formed it to aid in the growth of their commercial enterprises. GE Shipping began its maiden voyage in 1948 after acquiring the mothballed Liberty ship, SS Fort Elice, under Vasant J. Sheth’s business acumen and fearlessly steered ahead, tasting fresh waters and looking towards new horizons. Including sailing staff, it had approximately 944 employees in 2007. It is listed on India’s two main stock exchanges i. e. the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange.

Quick Stats on Great Eastern Shipping

CEO Bharat K Sheth
CFO Mr. G Shivakumar
Area served Worldwide
Industry International Maritime Industry
Market Share/revenue 4200 cr
Vision Become the largest private sector shipping company
Tagline Once A GESCOITE always A GESCOITE

 Marketing Strategy of  Great Eastern Shipping

Now let’s learn about the marketing strategy of Great Eastern Shipping and how various elements are taken up in the marketing strategy of Great Eastern Shipping.

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

The Great Eastern Shipping Company Limited is an India-based private-sector shipping service provider. The target audience is mainly Shipping-related. The various services Great Eastern Shipping provides make most of the companies get their services through them.

The Company’s segments include Shipping and Offshore. The Shipping segment is involved in the transportation of crude oil, petroleum products, gas, and dry bulk commodities. The Offshore category provides oil corporations with services for offshore production and exploration.

The company identifies its consumer segment and target market according to various factors like companies resources, services, and competitors.

Great Eastern Shipping has positioned itself by being one of the largest private-sector maritime companies in India. They have always provided the best Shipping and offshore services and have always focused on continuous and sustainable improvisation of the infrastructure and quality products.

Marketing Strategy of Great Eastern Shipping

Marketing Campaigns

The Company Great Eastern Shipping is recognized by every individual, through the achievements and success stories of Great Eastern Shipping. But they can run marketing efforts like raising awareness for the kinds of things they do in order to connect with an increasing number of individuals.

The marketing strategy of Great Eastern Shipping does not include any significant advertising efforts.

Social Media Marketing 

Great Eastern Shipping is active on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It is mostly active on LinkedIn with around 52,717 followers. It has up to 10K followers on Facebook. Linkedin is a more professional social media page but all age group people don’t use it because it’s a platform where people look to find jobs in their own field of interest. GE Shipping uses LinkedIn to build a connection with people by sharing their achievements and posting company updates in their posts.

SEO Strategies

Marketing Strategy of Great Eastern Shipping-seo

As per SEO ranking, it is considered that the number of keywords – below 500 is bad, above 1000 is good, and 10,000+ is amazing. As we can see that Great Eastern Shipping has 3,950 organic keywords and it’s considered as good. The digital marketing of Great Eastern Shipping is therefore gaining a good deal of insight.

As we can see G E Shipping has an organic traffic of more than 17 thousand which is average so it still needs to improve its SEO strategies to rank higher in Google SERP. 

Influencer Marketing

Great Eastern Shipping is a private-sector shipping company and does not have any influencers tied up for marketing. The influence is majorly through the success stories of Great Eastern Shipping. 

Great Eastern CSR Foundation (GECSRF) is a foundation run by a company that partners with various NGOs that focuses on education, health, livelihood, and the betterment of society.

The Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd has a Great Eastern Academy that is committed to training in the Maritime Shipping and Offshore Oil and Gas Industry.

The Institute has partnered with top worldwide shipping companies to support student objectives and guarantees onboard training within the allowed parameters of different types of ships.  

All this creates inspiration and influences a huge number of people.

E-commerce Strategies

Regarding Great Eastern Shipping’s e-commerce strategies, they have a website from where one can learn about all of their services, Business Associates, history, investors, Employees, and many more. You can check out their career programs as well on the website. This can be considered a good marketing strategy of Great Eastern Shipping attracting and impacting many people.

Mobile Apps

Great Eastern Shipping does not have any official mobile application. 

Content Marketing Strategies

Great Eastern Shipping lacks in its social media marketing as they are not active on many popular social media platforms. Also, they have not launched any campaigns or other promotional content through other channels like advertising.

Some content is released through their websites about their investors, Business Associates, About the company, its partners, Employees various events that occur, etc. The website also gives details regarding press releases and Career opportunities. This influences many people and aids in raising awareness of what is happening within the organization. Hence, can be a good form of marketing strategy of Great Eastern Shipping.

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As you can see there is no such major marketing strategy of Great Eastern Shipping made, the organization needs to take it up and do it as it will be very valuable to let more people know about the company through various digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

The Company’s SEO Strategy is excellent but it lacks other elements of marketing as much.   

We are all aware of the significance of proper marketing and digital presence in the current generation. Since the epidemic, there has been a significant shift, with many firms moving online. Every business needs marketing to operate, and in the current environment, business is progressively moving online. 

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In the comments section below, please share your thoughts on the marketing strategy of the Great Eastern Shipping case study. Thank you for reading this blog.Happy learning!

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