Extensive Marketing Strategy of Fresh to home – A Case Study

Updated on: Jun 17, 2023

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India consumes about $ 30 billion worth of meat annually. And this demand is expected to grow faster, driven by factors such as economic growth, rising per capita income, urban trends, and a rise in the awareness of the nutrition provided by meat and related products.

However, 90 percent of this demand has been primarily addressed by the unorganized market. This is changing with various companies trying to provide meat directly to your doorstep. One such brand is Fresh to home. In this blog, we will have insights about the company and also understand the marketing strategy of Fresh to home.

About Fresh to home 

marketing strategy of fresh to home-logo

Fresh to home is a meat delivery company. It is an online grocery store that sells a range of seafood and meat to its users a list of website products including fish, poultry, mutton, beef, and fillet. The fish contains shells, freshwater, and seawater. It enables them to bring their seafood and meat to the website. The app learns fish based on neural network training that finds the type of fish. We use technology based on AI, which is a US patent. The technology is based on the experience of a basic group in Zynga. They were able to focus on making the app more interactive and easy to use for fishermen.

The company’s current income stands at Rs 600 rupees and is expected to grow to Rs 1,500 crore by December next year, the founder said.

FreshToHome currently has 16 Lakh orders per month and has approximately 18 lakh customers. It employs 19,000 people and works with many farmers.

The company recently launched Fresh to Home Daily, a daily service to deliver milk, fruit, vegetables, and other daily essentials. It will also split to bring some new products like parathas, chapati, flour, etc soon.

Bringing fishermen online 

The app works on a simple and simulated game model. When the fisherman starts the app, the camera “reads” the fish, and checks the variety, size, depending on what the fisherman puts in his business. On the other hand, one or two “feet on the road” bounce off the auction, picking up trapped fish and transporting them in cold series to the appropriate facilities.

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Technology reduces dependency on middlemen 

marketing strategy of fresh to home-fisherman app

While the team had acquired the fishermen, they knew the process had to be scaled up to make the supply chain more efficient. Fresh to home decided to use technology and built a simple app that fishermen and poultry farmers could use.  

marketing strategy of fresh to home-revenue

The company has clocked in a revenue of INR330 Cr and is aiming for INR 350 Cr. It has 60+ trucks, 1500 people, 100 hubs. The startup has raised 31 million dollars. 

Target Audience 

FreshTohome is a modern product that adapts to the changing needs of a young, urban Indian consumer. Audiences aimed at something new at home especially someone who loves meat. In this regard, it would be a permanent social and economic divide in the metro, consumers between the ages of 25-55 who do not have access to smartphones and are comfortable in using apps.

marketing strategy of fresh to home-keyword statsmarketing strategy of fresh to home-backlinks

As we can see Fresh to home has a high organic keyword search of 58.66% and 41712 backlinks.

Fresh to home gets backlinks from 41,712 unique domains. All this increases the Domain Authority of the domain and helps it rank higher which is essential to acquire customers.

Marketing Strategy of Fresh to home

The marketing strategy of Fresh to home is developed considering the marketing mix which is the mixture of essential factors that a marketer can use effectively to influence the decision of buyers to purchase their product or service.

The marketing mix includes the 4Ps of marketing: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Let’s now talk about the marketing strategy of Fresh to home. 

4P’S of the Marketing Mix of Fresh to home 


  • The firm offers a wide variety of range of products, including fish, poultry, mutton, steaks, and fillet.
  • They have ensured chemical-free and antibiotic residue-free food.
  • As the firm specialises in fresh foods the main aim of fresh to home is to provide .fresh meat and maintain taste at the same time.
  • They do not freeze their seafood and always store it between 0-4℃ which maintains the freshness.


  • The prices for the products are set optimistically reasonable. It does fluctuate depending on stock availability.
  • Fresh to home outsources its products directly from fishermen and farmers thus eliminating the need for a middle man. As This reduces the total cost of its products.


  • It is currently in the 5 main states of India and plans to expand to 56 cities in India in the next 2 years.
  • The firm will launch in Saudi Arabia and will go deeper in UAE where it was launched last year. India exports $ 2 billion worth of products to these products to the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). The UAE imports 88 percent of its fish and meat needs and is therefore the most important market in India.


Fresh to home promotes its self on every main social media platform available. 

Here are their advertisement portion :

  1. Facebook’s proportion is 26.14%,
  2. Instagram’s proportion is 24.83%,
  3. Audience Network’s proportion is 24.48%,
  4. Messenger’s proportion is 24.35%,

As we can see Facebook has the majority share. 

These Social platforms effectively contribute to the marketing strategy of Fresh to home.

Use of Freemium concept 

  • The first type of customer is the one who does not pay for membership. Here the customer can order before 24 hours and can avail of limited coupons and offers.
  • The second type is the one who buys the membership programme. Here the customer is benefited as he can order 36 hours prior as compared to 24 in the free member. Many discounts and coupons are also available to them.
    This concept of Freemium is an effective marketing strategy of Fresh to home as it can attract a large number of customers.

Marketing Campaign of Fresh to Home

Following are some of the marketing campaigns launched as a part of the marketing strategy of Fresh to home:

Apne Aap Se Ya FreshToHome App Se” 

The campaign “Apne Aap Se Ya FreshToHome App Se” is run as a TVC which is part of the marketing strategy of Fresh to home. It has launched this latest marketing with reference to Covid19. The story revolves around the problems faced by customers during the ongoing covid19  crisis as all offline markets are shut and how Fresh to home provides fresh meat delivered to your doorsteps. The “Apne Aap Se Ya FreshToHome App Se” campaign encourages and invites all its consumers who love poultry, meat, fish and seafood to choose the best offers on the FreshToHome platform.marketing strategy of fresh to home-campaign

As part of the TVC campaign, the company presented three short, simultaneous videos, on the split-screen. The story revolves around the many challenges consumers face when buying chicken, fish, or meat in the wet market and how FreshToHome presents the best option with its high-quality products. All three of these videos use jokes as a genre to highlight the difference in the wet market purchase compared to the internet in the FreshToHome app. With this TVC campaign, the company wants to move forward and establish a product as a transformer in the online poultry, fish and meat industry. With the click of a button, you can order your favorite meat and fish with the delivery feature.

‘Fresh or Free’ Campaign

‘Fresh or Free’ is the name of a customer awareness campaign that FreshToHome, an online provider of meat and seafood, has started. The campaign, which stars Jimmy Sheirgill as the main character, centers on the key brand promise of FreshToHome.com: providing fresh meat and seafood that is purchased directly from farmers and fishermen and delivered to clients within 24 hours.

marketing strategy of fresh to home-fresh or free

#NoShortcuts campaign

Ranveer Singh is the face of FreshToHome’s new #NoShortcuts advertising campaign. The advertisement emphasizes FreshToHome’s dedication to providing meat and seafood without cutting corners. Additionally, FreshToHome has updated the look of its package. The brand’s commitment to “owning the source” is echoed in the new packaging design. Ogilvy conceptualized the campaign, and Action and Company came up with the visual and package identity. TV, print, radio, outdoor, social media, and digital mediums all have live broadcasts of the campaign. 

marketing strategy of fresh to home-campaign

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Fresh to home is a successful company, with a great brand image. Their pricing is affordable and caters to people from all walks of business.

The marketing strategy of Fresh to home will have to keep changing according to the current trends. They do have to find new ways to attract their consumers’ attention. Currently, they are doing a great job. If Continuous hard work is done on the development of the marketing strategy of Fresh to home, they are going to benefit from it a lot!

What do you think about the marketing strategy of Fresh to home? How do you think they can improve in it? Please let us know in the comments section below!

Thank you for reading this blog. We hope you learned a lot about the Marking strategy of Fresh to home. If you liked this case study then please do share and check out our portal for more such Case Studies.

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