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Updated on: Dec 23, 2022
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In our previous article, we learned in fact about the marketing strategy of United Health Care. This time let’s dig into the Marketing Strategy of  Centene Corporation.

Elizabeth “Betty” Brinn, a former hospital bookkeeper, started Centene in 1984 as a nonprofit Medicaid plan. The business, operating in the basement of Family Hospital in Milwaukee, built its guiding principles on Brinn’s experiences growing up in a Milwaukee County orphanage.

Marketing is an essential component of a business that may make or break it As users across the world go digital, marketing has followed them to the digital realm as well. 

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But, before we begin with the Marketing Strategy of Centene Corporation, let us learn more about Centene Corporation, the company, its founding, products, financial status, and competitors.

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About Centene Corporation –

marketing strtaegy of centene corporation - logoSource – Wikimedia Commons

Elizabeth “Betty” Brinn, a former hospital bookkeeper, started Centene in 1984 as a nonprofit Medicaid plan. Brinn’s experiences as an orphan growing up in an orphanage in Milwaukee County served as the foundation for the company, which was run out of the basement of Family Hospital in Milwaukee.

Centene has more than three decades of expertise running government-sponsored programmes, and it is still committed to the special needs and well-being of the communities it serves. They lead the nation in managed long-term services and support and are not only the largest Medicaid Managed Care Organization in the nation but also the biggest carrier on the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Centene Corporation is a publicly listed managed care organisation. It acts as a bridge between health care programmes that are publicly funded and privately covered. On the Fortune 500 in 2021, Centene came in at number 26.

They collaborate with the Department of Defense’s healthcare initiatives, which has made Centene one of the biggest managed care organisations in the country for serving veterans and their families. They remain steadfast in their commitment to our philosophy that each person deserves access to high-quality healthcare delivered with dignity.

Quick Stats on Centene Corporation

CEO Sarah M. London
CMO Suzy DePrizio
Area Served The United States
Industry Hospitals and Healthcare
Market Revenue 13.3% ($35.9B)
Vision We provide access to high-quality healthcare, innovative programs and a wide range of health solutions that help families and individuals get well, stay well and be well.
Tagline Helping people live healthier lives.


Marketing Strategy of Centene Corporation –

Let’s learn about the marketing strategy of Centene corporation And how Centene corporation markets its services around the world.

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning 

Nearly 1 in 15 Americans are served by Centene’s affordable and high-quality products, which are available to people on Medicaid and Medicare (including Medicare Prescription Drug Plans), as well as to people and families covered by the Health Insurance Marketplace, TRICARE, and people in prison.

The majority of the target audience is made up of millennials, who range in age from 21 to 50. With a wide selection of services in this area, Centene Corporation fills the need for insurance and healthcare services that the majority of people feel are necessary for this day and age.

As its services grew, it extended from its initial focus on healthcare administration to include healthcare, pharmaceutical benefits management, and, most significantly, insurance. This enabled the company to achieve record levels of profitability.

Positioning: Centene Corporation has positioned itself in a way that it has built a market presence through its healthcare services brand in the United States as well as Texas, California, Florida, and New York are the four biggest Medicaid states.

Marketing Campaigns

marketing strategy of centene corporation - marketing campaign

To promote themselves in the market, Centene developed a new covid vaccination outreach programme at the time. To encourage more of its members to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, Centene is collaborating with its network providers on a new call campaign. During the calls, members will be asked if they have had a vaccination; if not, assistance will be given in scheduling a consultation for the shot. The top 100 doctors who increase their immunisation rates the most will receive a $5,000 reward for medical equipment, claims Centene, as part of the project.

In connection with the campaign, Centene is releasing a new PSA that emphasises how immunizations can protect loved ones from the COVID-19 threat. Neidorff stated that “we want to continue to empower individuals to actively contribute to their health and well-being through these two new projects, as well as other previously announced activities” by teaching people about the benefits of the vaccine.

According to Centene, the new project is the insurer’s most recent effort to overcome vaccine hesitancy. Centene claims that it has also individually contacted members to urge them to get immunised, particularly those who are most at risk for COVID-19.

The statement claims that Centene’s health plans have also offered transportation to select members, removing a substantial access barrier, and have previously launched a PSA.

Social Media Marketing 

Centene Corporation is on Facebook and LinkedIn instead of Instagram. More LinkedIn users than Facebook users support it. 

  • Facebook – 9.9K
  • LinkedIn – 174K
  • Twitter – 5K+

 The social media posts address a range of subjects, such as product releases, public awareness drives, and at-home care for various medical problems.

SEO Strategies 

marketing strategy of Centene corporation - ubersuggest seo screenshot

Source – UberSuggest 

In contrast to a large number of keywords (over 1000), a little number of keywords (under 500) is viewed unfavourably by SEO rankings. A large number of keywords (10,000+) is thought to be impressive. It is evident that https://www.centene.com/ has an astounding total of 29,620 organic keywords.

As a result, a lot of data is being gathered by Centene Corporation’s digital marketing. Additionally, it’s projected that 42,260 people visit the site each month, which is incredible. Because of this, Centene Corporation’s SEO tactics must be strengthened while exerting enough effort to keep the brand climbing Google’s organic SERP rankings.

This necessitates strengthening Centene Corporation’s SEO strategies while making sufficient effort to maintain the brand’s ascent in Google’s organic SERP ranks.

Influencer Marketing 

Since then, Centene Corporation has never worked together for marketing purposes with bloggers, YouTubers, or anyone else. For social challenges, they collaborate with companies and organisations like Quartet Health and others. To increase access to high-quality healthcare, Centene collaborates with regional service providers and community health specialists.

E-Commerce Strategies 

The Centene Corporation uses e-commerce techniques and has a website where they offer a variety of alternatives, such as browsing by state, to assist individuals to streamline their search for quality medical care. Additionally, it offers solutions for your issues on global, state, national, and many other levels. To provide health insurance to millions of eligible low-income individuals, kids, and expectant women, they have teamed up with state governments. Their website contains information of this nature.

Mobile apps

They don’t have an app for their corporation but they are providing various other apps that are interrelated with their business.

Content Marketing Strategies

It is very much active on its websites. The information that is provided by them is endless. They have discussed their stories, various initiatives taken by them to save mother earth, and many more. They are not very much active on social media but their content on the website is more than enough to get a better understanding of what Centene corporation is. 

 An elaborate Centene corporation marketing plan concludes this. Let’s sum up what we’ve learned from the marketing strategy of Centene Corporation below.

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What’s Unique in the Marketing strategy of Centene Corporation?

We observed through the Centene Corporation marketing plan that the organisation is receiving affection and support from people all over the world. Among millennials, their healthcare services are becoming more and more well-liked.

As we also understood that Centene generates revenue through the provision of various medical and healthcare services, principally its activities as an insurer. Even though Centene Corporation excels at using digital marketing strategies, it is constantly looking for ways to improve and expand.

The website is well organised and everything is mentioned there about all programs and activities done by them. The only thing they need to look into is social media activeness. They are not into social media as such if they can improve this they can be at the forefront of the healthcare industry in their served countries. 

As we all know, Digital marketing is essential since it connects a business with its customers when they are online and works in many industries. Companies can reach their target clients using social media marketing, email marketing, and Google’s PPC and SEO initiatives. If you want to learn more and develop your skills, look into the 4-Month Digital Marketing Course offered by IIDE.

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We hope that this blog post about the marketing strategy of Centene Corporation has provided you with valuable insight into the company’s marketing tactics.

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Thank you for reading, and please feel free to comment below with your opinions on this case study on the marketing strategy of Centene Corporation.

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