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Updated on: Sep 13, 2021
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Sunsilk is the best hair care brand in India. It has a Market share of 19%. It has been in the market for over 67 years and is giving quality products and it still on the top of the market.

Thus this makes us keen to know the marketing mix of Sunsilk.

In this blog, we will be discussing the company marketing mix including the 4p’s: product, price, place, promotion.

Before we see its marketing mix let us know about Sunsilk as a company.

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About Sunsilk



Sunsilk was launched within the United Kingdom in 1954, and by 1959 it was obtainable in eighteen different countries worldwide. At the time, Sunsilk had a plus over different shampoos within the market because it solely required one application, then meant laundry less natural oils from the hair.  When it involves hair, we tend to all have a love for sleek, shiny, and pleasant hair. Sunsilk is one such brand that has been a line of work throughout this niche, serving customers with fine and healthy-looking hair, all due to its products.

Focusing on the core mission of making igneous solutions for ladies everywhere, Sunsilk has brought its fondness and experience to assist customers to discover and embrace a brand new normal of beauty everyplace.

Sunsilk’s various and innovative vary of products has created it among the fastest-growing brands within the beauty business these days, with a worldwide footprint in additional than eighty countries, covering major regions and territories of the planet.

Given that company has its presence in several countries, Sunsilk is additionally sold-out below the name of “Sedal” in Spanish-speaking countries, as  “Seda” in Brazil, as “Hazeline” in China, and as “Elidor” in Turkey. It provides a wide range of products including Perfect Straight Shampoo, Lusciously Thick & Long Shampoo, Nourishing Soft & Smooth Shampoo, Stunning Black Shine Shampoo, Hairfall Solution Shampoo, Long And Healthy Growth Shampoo.

Let us now see the marketing mix of Sunsilk.


Marketing Mix Of Sunsilk

The marketing mix refers to the set of actions, or schemes, that a corporation uses to market its brand or product within the market. The 4Ps structure a typical marketing mix – Price, Product, Promotion, and Place. Here is a detailed description of Sunsilk’s marketing mix.

Sunsilk’s marketing mix helps the brand to know its position in the market and how it can improve its strategies.

Let us now start by looking at the Product mix of Sunsilk.


1. Product Strategy 

Sunsilk uses the combo of demographic, geographic, and psychographic segmentation variables to understand the customers’ ever-changing desires and address them consequently. It uses differentiating targeting ways to make the products on the market to the client consequently as per their alternative.

It uses usage & profit-based positioning ways to increase hair & care awareness among the potential customers and to be their favorite attention brand. Sunsilk offers an honest vary of products, primarily consisting of Shampoos and Hair Conditioners, to satisfy the varied wants of varied kinds of hair.

Following is that the list of products that Sunsilk offers:

Stunning Black Shine

Dream Soft & swish

Anti-Dandruff Solutions

Lusciously Thick & Long 

Hair Fall Solution

product mix of Sunsilk-Marketing mix of Sunsilk | IIDE

Sunsilk has additionally launched several country-specific products to unravel the hair and hair-connected problems with the patrons at the country level and perpetually works on transcending recent, ingenious, and refurbished products across the world.

Let us now see the price mix of Sunsilk.


2. Pricing Strategy 

From the vast competition within the hair care trade, Sunsilk has been forced to stay up a relatively low worth. It offers products in terms of small sachets ranging from Rs one to bottles prices of Rs 169. 

Sunsilk uses a value-based evaluation methodology in its marketing mix during which the price is decided in keeping with the perception of users. as compared to the competitors like P&G, Sunsilk maintains a way cheaper price. Nevertheless, Sunsilk has used lower costs if and once markets were required to be punctured. 

The evaluation strategy alongside the aggressive selling strategy has enabled Sunsilk to retain its position united of the market leaders within the hair care market globally.

price mix of Sunsilk- Marketing mix of Sunsilk of Sunsilk-Marketing mix of Sunsilk | IIDE
Let us now see the place mix of Sunsilk.


3. Place & Distribution Strategy

Sunsilk positively catches the attention of the buyer with the intense packaging it has. Moreover, the supply and visibility of Sunsilk are quite high because it is available at each grocery store, retail store, and convenience outlet. 

On a bigger scale, Sunsilk is accessible in over eighty countries and encompasses a market leader position in countries like India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. The distribution happens through Unilever and there’s a separate team for handling the segmentation. because the market is big and unfolds across geographically, the distribution network is sort of in-depth. except for the normal channel approach, warehouses are maintained to account for the demand. the most important places of sale of Sunsilk products are the grocery stores.

Lastly, we will see the promotion mix of Sunsilk.


4. Promotion Strategy 

Sunsilk has always been a brand that has focused on vigorous marketing and promotion. the overall route of promotion through newspapers and other medium, television advertisements has been adopted by Sunsilk. 

Famous celebrities like Priyanka Chopra promotes the brand.  ‘Your hair by your side’ is the tagline used by Sunsilk. It also increases consumer participation by having interactive games and quizzes. 

It also launched a web all-girl community which has helped in increasing brand awareness among the target group. This initiative also ended up getting large-scale media coverage. Sunsilk also included professionals and experts for producing shampoos which emphasized the quality of the brand. Sunsilk has proactively been involved in advertising and marketing its products which have helped the brand achieving its current status. Sunsilk has a unique way to associate and acknowledge the requirements of its potential customers through its interactive website.

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To put it in a nutshell marketing is the most thrilling of all business ventures. it is the core of every prosperous business. 

Sunsilk is a successful company that has nailed its product offerings in terms of quality and variety both. It provides a wide range of products in the market for different hair problems

Their pricing is budget-friendly and serves perfectly to their audience and industry. They provide low-priced products in the market for its customers.

Their geographical reach as we saw is commendable, because of the various decades of experience under their belt. With its continued promotions and signature branding, the corporate is certain to enjoy its distinguished position within the market. 

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