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Updated on: Sep 11, 2021
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Lux is one of the largest soap brands in India. It has a wide range of products which include beauty soaps, bath additives, shower gels, conditioners and hair shampoo. In 1925 it became the 

It was claimed by the advertisements that Lux soap was used by 686 out of 694 well-known actresses. It has been at the top of the market for many years and retaining that position isn’t easy.

Thus this makes us keen to know the marketing mix of Lux.

In this blog, we will be discussing the marketing mix of Lux. Discussing 4P’s strategies in detail.

Before we start with its marketing mix let us know about Lux as a company.

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About Lux

brand logo of Lux- Marketing mix of Lux | IIDE

Lux Soap was first introduced in the American market in the year 1925 by the Lever Brothers. Lux is a global brand developed by Unilever. The logo ‘LUX’ is colored with gold color. The brand name ‘LUX’ is derived from Latin which means Light. Lux is a word taken from Luxury and the name of the brand explains the quality of the product.  

Lux was a white soap and packaged into pastel colors designed to be comparable to the French soaps. But it was more affordable compared to the French soaps. The soap has different attributes that serve consumer needs. Some of the attributes noted were a fragrance, lather, and how the bar lasts.

The brand name symbolizes Luxury, comfort and relaxation Lux’s logo helps in identifying and placing a hint about the quality of the products for buyers.

Lux brand signifies beauty and glamour as one of India’s most demanded personal care brands. Since lux was launched in India in the year 1929, lux provided a series of soaps in various colours and world-class fragrances. 

In 1916, Lux soap was first launched as laundry soap targeted specifically at delicates. The result was a gentler soap that dissolved quickly and was advertised as suitable for home laundry use. In 1925, Lux toilet soap was introduced as bathroom soap. In 1929, it was launched in India and in 1960 lux went coloured.

Let’s now look into the marketing mix of Lux. 


Marketing Mix of Lux

The term “Marketing mix”  is the foundation model for any business. Marketing Mix is a combination of different marketing variables that the firm combines and controls to get the desired result from the target market. It is one of the vital tools of marketing. It thus fully covers the marketing and business strategies surrounding a business.

Lux is an international brand, it supports an international quality for the product. it is known as the No.1 soap brand in India. Some of the most attractive and glamorous stars of the world have suggested this brand over years.

Let us start by looking at the Product mix of Lux.

1. Product Strategy

product mix of Lux- Marketing mix of Lux | IIDE

Lux is the oldest and most used beauty and bathing bar in India. It deals in the manufacturing and marketing of soaps and related products. The variety of products includes beauty soaps, hair shampoos, shower gels, bath additives and conditioners. It has been marketed in several forms, including bar, flake and liquid (shower gel, hand wash, and cream bath soup). 

Lux in step with the changing trends and evolving beauty needs of the consumers offer an exciting range of soaps and body washes with unique elements to make bathing time more pleasable. One can choose from a range of skin benefits like firming, fairness and moisturizing.

Lux soap comes in packages of 40g, 80g and 120g. Also, colours like white, pink, yellow, green and blue and several fragrances. Some of Lux’s 

demanded variants are as follows:

  • Lux Almond Delight                    
  • Lux Orchid Touch
  • Lux Rose
  • Lux Crystal Shine
  • Lux Peach and Cream 
  • Lux Golden Glow

Let us now see the Price mix of Lux.


2. Price Strategy

Lux is a product that speaks to the middle class and targets a large number of customers. Lux is available at a low cost and stands as an affordable lux soap with good quality for all. The price of the soap starts from Rs 5 to Rs 40 for different SKUs.

Lux focuses on being a cost leader and has acquired a competitive pricing mechanism in its marketing mix to compete with other competitors and survive in the marketing competition. This is further carried by being a large-scale producer which has resulted in achieving economies of scale.

The first received advantage is that Lux has resulted in being the market leader in 5  countries. Thus the pricing strategy of Lux soaps and gels has enabled the brand to keep its spot as a market leader. The new products or variants launched by the company are priced keeping in mind the demand for the product and consumer’s purchasing power and hence the brand always makes sure that its products are affordable.

Let us now see the place mix of Lux.


3. Place and Distribution Strategy

Lux has a well-built distribution network with over 1.4 million outlets just in India. Lux follows the traditional mechanism of distribution channels. It deals with the distributor who supplies to the wholesaler and then in turn supplies to the retailer. The retailer then provides the product to the ultimate customer. 

However, the distribution process is lifted by a third party that works in tandem with Unilever Company. They supply Lux products to retailers all over the country. There are around 71 manufacturing plants of Lux products present worldwide, identifying and the products are available in more than 80 countries.

Lux products are present everywhere and occupy large shelf space. Lux is found everywhere, be it a retail store, wholesale store or Kirana stores. With the increasing use of eCommerce, Lux products are widely available online. The extensive distribution network ensures that the reach of Lux products is as wide as possible.

Lastly, we shall see the promotional mix of Lux.


4. Promotion Strategy

promotional mix of Lux- Marketing mix of Lux | IIDE                                   

Lux uses 360-degree marketing communication through print media, TVCS, online ads etc as a mode of its complete marketing mix strategy. It has always placed itself as a soap that gives a good fragrance and leaves one with a beautiful and glamorous feeling.

Lux is involved in vast marketing be it through televisions, radio or print media. One special way of promotion was through cartoon ads and online games. Lux has used celebrities like Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai, Shahrukh Khan, Audrey Hepburn for promotion and has positioned itself as a soap made and used by celebrities. It had numerous promotional schemes which included meeting celebrities, offering gold coins. Lux has been sponsoring different television shows like Dance India Dance etc.

The brand is so big and well established, it focuses more on restating the brand value proposition of being a popular beauty soap. One of the core potentials of Lux is the marketing it does for its products. 

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With the completion of 4P’s strategy, our marketing mix of Lux comes to an end. It is a completely successful company that has nailed its product in terms of all aspects, quality, promotion, and more. 

The price of the products is affordable to consumers and serves perfectly to their target audience and industry. Their reach of products is too wide to many countries in the world. With its continued promotion and hard work, the brand is sure to enjoy its stand in the market.

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