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Updated on: Sep 17, 2021
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Marketing Mix is about putting the right product in the right place at right time. It helps companies to achieve business goals, and objectives. It can also be looked at as a framework to define strategies. Here Marketing Mix of Dominos Pizza analyses the brand under 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

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About Dominos

Dominos Brand Logo - Marketing Mix of Dominos | IIDE

Domino’s is one of the most beloved pizza outlets globally; founded in the United States in 1960 by Tom Monaghan and his brother James, who by the way traded his shares for a Volkswagen Beetle. The company was then renamed Domino’s pizza. It’s an American pizza restaurant chain, has over 17,000 franchises for over 90 countries. The corporation headquartered is in Ann Arbor Charter Township, Michigan, United States.

Dominos opened its first outlet in India in January 1996, New Delhi. And as of now, it has more than 1085 outlets in India in almost all cities. In today’s world, Domino’s has been looked up to as great quality, good service, freshness, quality, and whatnot.

Another fun fact is Domino’s Pizza removed the word pizza from the slogan, only showing the company name Dominos. This showed how powerful the brand has become. It no longer requires to tell people it sells pizza because so many millions of people understand perfectly what they offer. Let’s deep dive into a marketing strategy.


Marketing Mix of Dominos


1. Dominos Product Strategy


Dominos Product Strategy - Marketing Mix of Dominos | IIDE


Domino’s is widely famous for its freshly cooked pizza in real-time. It has a power pack menu like double cheese crunch pizza, pizza meals extremes, burger pizza, pasta Italiano, choco lava cake, chicken wings, stuffed garlic bread, garlic breadsticks, butterscotch mousse cake. Likewise, a variety of dips, sauces, and toppings are also included.

To seize the market Domino’s works on a unique concept of localizing the flavours. Therefore, the products offered are vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and vegan too by the place. In 2007, Dominion’s removed all hydrogenated fats from its products. 

Domino’s pizza comes in three sizes-small, medium, and large. It can be customized as per the preference of the customer along with the choice of toppings they want to add, sauce, crust, and so on. They also serves beverages like thumps-up, Fanta, and coke.

Also, while changing the logo it unveiled a new box design, curated especially to keep everything fresh and hot. 70% of the items on Domino’s menu are new since 2008.


2. Domino’s Pricing Strategy


Dominos Pricing Strategy - Marketing Mix of Dominos | IIDE


With so many competitors ravelling, Domino‚Äôs has a hard time competing. But then its vision ‚ÄúExceptional people on a mission to be the best pizza delivery company in the world‚ÄĚ surpasses all the challenges. It provides the best quality with reasonable pricing. Hence, it has come up with ease yet a very uniformly consistent pricing policy. This is in return keeps the base price in check and helps to target the lower middle class and middle-class income group.

For all these years, it has survived because of affordability. And to maintain this tremendous success and reputation, time and again it introduces new as well as innovative schemes like buy one pizza and get one free or special discount at regular intervals to keep on hooked up with the customers.

It has tie-ups with Coco cola and other leading beverages brand that solely sells customized beverages. Thus, the beverages sold by Dominos are quite higher than those normally sold at the general market.


3. Dominos Distribution Strategy


Dominos Place Strategy - Marketing Mix of Dominos | IIDE


Next in line we have Dominos Place Strategy. Domino’s is great at locating its stores. Be it the ones in shopping malls or the main streets, if you crave pizza you got it from the best. With the greatest network of 17,000 franchises in 90 countries, it perfectly operates and expands the chains and stores globally. So, it is okay to say that Domino’s operates on a franchise-based model where 97% of its business is franchise-owned. And India is one of the hotspot destinations. 

From launching the first-ever SMS pizza order service in 2007 to launching the app, Dominos has come a long way. In 2009 it allowed their users to track their orders. This all indicates that Domino’s Pizza has always maintained a direct channel with its customer base.

Either customer goes for dine-in or places an order, in both cases the food product is packed in the box. Also, Domino’s came with the 30-minute delivery scheme, wherein if the order does not reach the buyer in the allotted thirty minutes then the buyer does not have to pay for it. So among the 27k+ number of employees working delivery boys can be considered heroes! 


4. Domino’s Promotion Strategy


Dominos Promotion Strategy - Marketing Mix of Dominos | IIDE

Domino’s leaves no stone unturned. It is always seen competing with other fellow pizza chains and is updated with the market trend. Generally, Dominos promotes and advertises aggressively to keep up with the race. The majority of promotions are done on its websites, mobile apps, and personalized SMS to individual customers.

Nonetheless, TV commercials have been an important aspect to showcase that it’s the only food chain that offers a guaranteed 30-minute delivery, which attracts a huge amount of loyal customers. This also shows how it depends upon the efficiency of delivery boys and telemarketing.

Along with it, it sometimes allows a 50% discount or a free coke on every purchase. At other times, any side dishes are free or allowance on pizzas. 

Its ad also features celebrities that encourage new customers to try their products. Some ads are very innovative and impact the region so much that they get featured in many newspapers. Domino’s has revolutionized the way we consume day today.


Here are the other three Ps (total 7 Ps) to the marketing mix of Domino’s.


5. Dominos People Strategy


Dominos employees are trained as per the training manual and according to the guidelines provided by the development team. All the employees wear the uniform of Dominos that emphasizes equality and the strong values of the organization. 

Each employee is welcomed to give their constructive critics, on how things can be improved in-classroom training and other development tools. This in return makes employees feel inclusive of the company. Their performance boosts up, also each end of the month or week, a reward is given to the employee of the month or week for his/her performance. This indeed creates healthy competition and helps in increase of sales.


6. Dominos Process Strategy


The backbone of the brand is the service it provides for orders at the restaurant and orders online which could be taken away or delivered at home. The dominos restaurant generally works on a token basis, customers wait in the queue and collect their pizzas after the number is displayed. But as it guarantees thirty-minute delivery Dominos has to prioritize the home deliveries first but it doesn’t affect the overall functioning. 

Dominos ensures its customer the best hygiene place to dine in. A dedicated staff looks upon the cleaning of the restaurant.


7. Dominos Physical Evidence Strategy


A 70-year old company still thriving and succeeding? This piece itself is hearth robbing.

Domino’s biggest physical evidence is its attractive family outlets and undeniable offerings. The employees are in typical attire with a dominos cap and T-shirt. Their constant effort to deliver hot and fresh pizza packed in attractive boxes. 

People also get to choose between payment methods. They are also assisted Dominos customer service. You can track your order and make an order online easily. Hence, this concludes the marketing mix of Dominos.


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Nearly a decade ago, Domino’s Pizza was known as the poor man’s Pizza Hut. Today, Domino’s is the largest pizza chain in the world, with a reportedly 5.8% rise in global sales. Along, with a vision to expand its global footprint to 25,000 stores by 2052. 

It improved its supply chain and worked strongly to create a digital presence. Recently too, it converted to whole wheat in favour to raise health awareness among people. Thanks to its commendable team no other chain could manage a 30 minute delivery, what a great time management skill! Affordable pricing is the other factor that has kept this 70-year-old long-chain functional. Likewise.

They never fail to remind people that it’s an inclusive brand, it respects each culture and their festivals and asks people to join in the celebration. And makes a constant effort to match the regional flavours. However, its maximum sales are due to deliveries, there is lack of eateries place it needs to also focus on attributes for sitting down. 

Your time means everything to us! Thanks for spending your time reading this case study. We hope you gained a lot of insights about the complete 4 Ps Marketing Mix of Domino’s Pizza. If you enjoyed feeling free to share it, leave a comment, and explore our other blogs about digital marketing then you can watch our free online masterclass or take up a 3-month digital marketing course with certification.

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