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Updated on: Sep 16, 2021
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Marketing Mix is the integration of various elements such as product, price, people, promotion, process, place and physical evidence in a way to ensure maximum achievement of long term objectives of a company and gain a competitive edge. Marketing mix strategies are dynamic due to the dynamic market. A successful marketing mix ensures the success of a company.

Before we dive into the Marketing Mix of Dettol, let’s get to know more about the company.

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About Dettol


Dettol Brand Logo - Marketing Mix of Dettol | IIDE


Dettol operates under the Reckitt Benckiser group. The market value of the Reckitt Benckiser group is valued at around $56 Billion as of April 2020. Dettol contributes over 75% of Reckitt Benckiser’s annual revenue. In 1941, Dettol acquired 85% of the market share in the antiseptic liquid market. Today it has a global presence in over 124 countries. Initially, Dettol was mainly used by doctors as a disinfectant for surgery procedures,  now the Dettol products have found their way in almost every home.

Dettol has many products under its brand and all are related to hygiene. NIMA has approved and recommended all its antiseptic products for consumer use. Since we have a knowledge of the company, let’s deep dive into the marketing mix.


Marketing Mix of Dettol


Product, place and people are considered as Strategic P’s of the marketing mix. A clear strategy needs to be set for achieving objectives relating to each of the elements since these elements are fixed as they are the primary pillars of a company.

Promotions, price, process and physical evidence are considered as the Tactical P’s of the marketing mix. These are more dynamic because they need to be updated according to customers needs and wants.


1. Dettol Product Strategy 


Dettol Product Strategy - Marketing Mix of Dettol | IIDE

Product is the good or service that is being sold for a price, the central most important element of the marketing mix. The product must deliver a level of performance that satisfies the needs and wants of the target markets’ customers. If the performance of the product is low, it reflects a failure in the marketing mix. In this element, decisions related to the product are taken such as design, technology, usefulness, convenience, value, quality, packaging, branding, accessories, warranties.

Dettol, being a health and wellness brand, claims to kill 99.9% of germs.

Dettol derives its antiseptic properties from a chemical compound called Chloroxylenol, the chemical is mixed with water, soap, oils and isopropanol in a fixed proportion and then sold in various varieties of products.

When shopping, customers can find 10 different categories of Dettol products such as antiseptic liquids, soaps, hand wash liquid, hand sanitisers, shaving cream, shower gels, medical plaster, disinfectant spray, dishwashing liquid and surface cleanser. Dettol provides these products in various sizes and scents to best match the customer’s needs. 

The products are well packaged and often have offers on them to catch the customers eye.


2. Dettol People Strategy 


All the people involved in the activities of producing products, providing services and products to the consumers come under this element. People who produce and market a product also play an essential role in capturing customers.

The people who market the products of Dettol are usually retailers, pharmacists, convenience stores, etc who are trusted sellers of the products. The customers trust the marketers and therefore trust the product and the brand because of the regular purchases made from a trusted person and place.


3. Dettol Place Strategy


The place is the geographical location where the product is conveniently available to the target market consistently with their purchasing pattern. A good place strategy consists of the availability and delivery of products in the easiest way possible.

It is concerned with physical distribution and the channel of distribution to the retailers, wholesalers, mail orders, internet orders, direct sales, etc.

Dettol products are used in 124 countries by millions of customers. It has occupied 60% of the Indian market as the demand continues to grow in India and worldwide. The products can be found everywhere, be it a mall, a small retailer or an internet e-commerce website, which proves that Dettol has a strong and successful place and distribution strategy in place. 

The distribution channel is traditional which means Dettols sells to the distributors who distribute the product to wholesalers and retailers. It provides special deliveries to hospitals that usually order products in bulk. Dettol has a rural development sales force that covers rural areas and ensures it caters to customers in remote areas too. 


4. Dettol Promotion Strategy


Dettol Promotion Strategy - Marketing Mix of Dettol | IIDE


Promotions are the activities that help in building consumer demand and sales. It’s how the company communicates what it does and what it can offer to the customers. It includes activities that result in the publicity of the product to the consumers. The marketer or promoter uses the promotions mix to achieve set targets. The promotions mix includes tools such as Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Promotions.

Dettol’s promotional media can be seen on TV, billboards, newspapers, magazines, and social media. It spends heavily on advertising and Dettol partners with the government (Swachh Bharat Mission) to further strengthen its customer loyalty. It builds a personal bond with the customers through their online blogs, articles and research studies and offline awareness programs and campaigns. Social media platforms are also utilised to spread best hygiene practices, educational content and doctors advice to keep their customers engaged with the brand. Many celebrities, sports personalities, and brand ambassadors endorse and promote Dettol products through Ad campaigns.


5. Dettol Pricing Strategy


Dettol Pricing Strategy - Marketing Mix of Dettol | IIDE

The Price is the economic value of the product. The price of a product depends upon its cost of production, demand and supply. The pricing is done in a way in which buyers can pay and companies can earn profit. Pricing is used to differentiate and enhance the reputation of the product.

Dettol revises the prices of its products according to market needs. It uses a value pricing method in which the customer gets the best value for the product purchased. The products of this brand are trusted by millions worldwide because it has successfully maintained the value of their product and customers remain loyal to the brand even if they are offered cheaper alternatives. 

The variants of all Dettol’s products are available in different sizes and scents and priced accordingly. The customers can also buy a bundle of soaps at a discount and a hand wash with refills at a discount. Discounts, offers and samples are given to maintain the regularity of the customers which results in brand loyalty.


6. Dettol Process Strategy


It is about the customer interface between the business and consumer and how they deal with each other throughout the process. The process of the product determines the capability of the product to supply the demand of the consumers. A process contains fast, easy and friendly methods or procedures applied to obtain the products needed by the consumers.

The robust distribution of the products of Dettol ensures fast and easy processes. A customer can buy the Dettol products online via Amazon or Flipkart, or offline via retailers, wholesalers, pharmacies and convenience stores.


7. Dettol Physical Evidence


Physical evidence is the device needed to support the appearance of a product, thus directly showing the quality of products and services provided to consumers. A product is easily recognized by its appearance and customers are attracted to the outlook of a product. It includes signs and logos, annual accounts and business reports, brochures, a website, and business cards.

The safe green colour and the sword symbolizes the fighting spirit of the product, the clear meaning behind the logo is to keep their users safe and protected. The physical appearance of any Dettol product is easily recognizable in any market. 


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Therefore, Dettols marketing mix is aligned with its customers’ needs and successfully satisfies them. Its 7Ps strongly influence and support each other. Dettol provides the much-needed hygiene products for every home and healthcare system. Its robust implementation of 7Ps gives it a competitive edge and helps in maintaining a safe, healthy and clean environment for its customers. If you are further interested to know more about digital marketing then you can watch our free online masterclass or take up a 3-month digital marketing course with certification.


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