Domino’s Marketing Strategy – A Detailed Case Study

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The students of IIDE work on various brands and make assignments after thorough research and deep understanding. This time they have come up with the Domino’s pizza franchise case study. You can have a look at the presentation below as well as the textual summary to get some visual insights into their e-marketing strategy.


Domino’s case study

About Domino’s

Domino’s is a Global Pizza ordering brand that has its own network of stores or franchises around the globe. It is a recognized brand and has made its own position as a pizza delivery brand and fast food franchise in India and the globe. It was first founded in 1960 in the United States whereas the first store in India was launched in 1996 in New Delhi. They are known for their impeccable quality Pizzas and sides.


Target Audience

The main target audience of Domino’s fast food franchise in India is between 18-35 in demographics. The target audience for Domino’s digital marketing strategy is the larger portion of people who would end up buying a pizza with or without a reason. From a college student who would just order a pizza for a night in with friends, to a gym freak who would end up having a pizza as their cheat meal, to a working professional who orders Domino’s while working overtime. People between this age group have smartphones and spend hours of their day on social apps who also constantly look for discounts and offers which are offered by Domino’s India.


Domino’s Digital Marketing Strategies

Domino’s undertakes a whole variety of digital marketing activities wherein they take care of SEO, SEM, SMM, and a lot of other things. Following is an analysis of Domino’s marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

Good Search Engine Optimization is very important to get ranked at the top in Google search results. This ultimately drives a lot of traffic to the business website and also increases the trust of people in the business. For a brand, it is very important to have a strong SEO.
Domino's Marketing Strategy-SEO
Domino's Marketing Strategy-SEO

As per the SEO audit result, the Domain Score of the website is 92. The use of Meta Title is strong since they have used the relevant keywords in the title.

The Meta Description is also relevant as they have used the right keywords in it with making it obvious on what they have to offer.

The web page uses both H1 Headings and H2 headings as well which makes it easier to know what exactly the page contains.

The web page has an updated site map as well.

Through the SEO Audit results, it is clear that Domino’s India is an SEO friendly Website and the SEO team works pretty hard to maintain good SEO work.


Domino’s pizza social media strategy

As of January 2020, Domino’s India has around 234k followers on Instagram, 7.1 million likes on Facebook, 1.3 million followers on Twitter, and 62.2k subscribers on YouTube. Domino’s India’s presence is noticeable on social media. Domino’s India tends to play with the cord nearest to the heart.
Domino's Marketing Strategy-Social Media Marketing

They connect and make things relatable for their followers by using common people in a Domino’s marketing campaign or use hashtags or slogans that will ultimately create an emotional connection with their audience. For example, have a look at this video:
Domino's Marketing Strategy-Youtube Marketing


Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_vwM5Doqr4


Compared to its competitors the Domino’s social media marketing is far more enticing.

They also do a lot of Moment Marketing through videos on social media platforms, they have achieved successful campaigns.

They also have their videos in different languages to reach as many people.

Domino's Marketing Strategy-Youtube Marketing


Email Marketing and SMS Marketing

Email Marketing is not a significant form of marketing used by Domino’s India. They use email marketing to send order confirmation messages and sometimes for remarketing. The use of SMS marketing is quite high as they send OTP, order confirmation, or Offer related messages.
Domino's Marketing Strategy-SMS Marketing


Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing has always been used by Domino’s India. The hoarding and banners have played a huge role in driving customers in stores. Through traditional marketing different offers and nearby stores are promoted. Enticing pictures of pizzas are used in traditional marketing.
Domino's Marketing Strategy-Traditional Marketing


Dominoes Advertising

Paid Google advertisements give great results. The brand can target the audience using Google search ads to promote their offers.

Domino’s India also uses target ad marketing on Facebook and Instagram where the ads are only displayed to the targeted audience which eventually drives traffic to their website or app.
Domino's Marketing Strategy-Facebook Ads

After analyzing the Domino’s advertising, our students have noted some pros and cons of Domino’s pizza business strategy.

The e-marketing strategy of Domino’s India is extremely effective in driving customers and new followers every day through impactful campaigns and emotional and humorous posts on Domino’s social media. The insightful captions give us a better understanding of what Domino’s India has to offer its audience. Domino’s digital marketing campaigns always have something emotional to offer which leaves an impact in general on the audience. Videos are made in several languages that cover audiences from rural parts of India as well.

They can use moment marketing more in their social media posts as they do for their video ads. They must also come up with different posts for different social media platforms.



Domino’s India has been going strong with their Digital Marketing strategy. But Domino’s marketing strategies keep evolving with time so it is important that even Domino’s India keeps making those changes in their own e-marketing strategy as well. With it being one of the largest brands that sell pizza in the leading pizza restaurant chain and online it is very important for them to maintain their reputation and keep doing the great work they are already doing.

What do you think about Domino’s India’s online marketing strategy? How do you think they can improve it? Do let us know in the comments below.

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