Cairn Oil and Gas – A Comprehensive Digital Marketing Case Study

Updated on: May 17, 2021
Cairn Digital Marketing Strategy Case Study

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My name is Aditya Shastri and I have written this case study with the help of my students from IIDE's online digital marketing courses in India.

Practical assignments, case studies & simulations from Business Review helped the students from this course present this analysis.

Building on this practical approach, we are now introducing a new dimension for our online digital marketing course learners - the Campus Immersion Experience.

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Cairn Oil & Gas company operates in an industry that doesn’t have mass popularity on digital or social media aspects as many viewers think this type of content is not interesting.

That’s why, in this case study, we will go through Cairn Oil and Gas’ digital marketing strategy by understanding its web presence, Its social media strategies, and SWOT analysis on the same.

So let’s start by understanding about Cairn Oil and Gas as a company.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

About Cairn Oil & Gas


Cairn Digital Marketing Strategy Case Study - About Cairn Oil & Gas


Cairn India Limited, which was founded in the year 2007, has its headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana. It is one of the largest oil and gas exploration and production companies in India. 

Its primary business operations include exploration and production of crude oil. Currently, Cairn Oil and Gas contributes close to 24 percent of India’s domestic crude oil production and is constantly working to increase its market share.

Cairn India Limited merged with Vedanta Limited in 2017 and is now known as Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta Limited

It is a private limited company and a fully owned subsidiary of Vedanta Limited. 

Now that we know Cairn Oil & Gas as a company, let us understand its digital presence in the next section in detail, beginning with and understanding the digital trends of oil and gas sector companies.


Digital Trends of Oil and Gas Sector Companies

A high percentage of visitors engage with the oil and gas industry via websites of respective companies or through LinkedIn as these sectors are one of the highest employing sectors. However, other social mediums have also started getting engagements in recent years.


Cairn Digital Marketing Strategy Case Study - Digital Trends of Oil & Gas Companies


Some of the digital trends of the top 125 oil and gas companies showcase the following points:

  • LinkedIn is used because it helps in discovering talent and building an employer brand
  • Twitter is globally used by companies to engage and resolve with current customers or to address any complaints along with other timely and important company updates too
  • Facebook is used for brand awareness so that an online image of the company could be built in the community
  • YouTube is used for showcasing the CSR activities, and other innovations by the company
  • Very few companies are using Instagram. Pinterest is not used actively 

Let us now look at the digital marketing analysis of Cairn in the coming section.


Digital Marketing Strategy of Cairn

Here is how Cairn is faring on its digital presence:

  • Cairn Oil and Gas joined Facebook in April 2014 and has about 34,000 followers on board
  • Cairn Oil and Gas has about 181, 880 followers on LinkedIn. Twitter has about 14.4K  followers 
  • Cairn Oil and Gas have 2.78K subscribers on Youtube and only 10 videos have crossed 10K views so far

The numbers are not that significant as compared to their competitors. They need to work on their digital and social marketing otherwise it will be difficult for them to compete on digital terms.

In the next section, we will talk about the significance of digital marketing in today’s world and how Cairn Oil and Gas is doing on these lines.


Significance of Digital Presence

Traditional mediums to advertise and market the brand can still be extremely effective in getting people interested, but if the company does not have a strong online presence like on google search, then it will not be able to capture this demand as it filters back through the internet. 

In this current era, nobody makes a phone call directly from a television ad anymore. They don’t go from the TV to a phone call, instead, they go from the TV to the internet to a phone call. 

And if you don’t have a strong web strategy, all of your random marketing and advertising drives business into the arms of your competitors, the ones who have a great website, social media, and online reputation, and are taking digital marketing seriously. In this era, digital marketing is extremely necessary. 

Cairn Oil and Gas doesn’t need much brand awareness in India as they are very active in making appearances in media due to their social works, concern about nature sustainability and working strategies, and their new approach in the field of work. 

But being available online on Google Search with all a very well-optimized online presence showcasing the field of their work is also extremely important.


Website Overview of Cairn

A website cannot be found unless there is substantial optimized content on an optimized website. 

Cairn’s Website,, is very well optimized and was very smooth in the first impression. According to Ubersuggest, Cairn’s website is optimized very well and also has a good overall organic monthly traffic

Cairn Digital Marketing Strategy Case Study - Website Overview of Cairn

However, Cairn should start thinking of its website as a marketing platform instead of as a static website and should keep updating it with relevant content. Let us see how it is doing on Google Search in the next section.


Website Ranking of Cairn on SERP

As Cairn is an oil company, it should be optimized for what people search on Google. 

People usually search “oil company in India”, “gas company in India” and other related phrases to find about Oil and Gas companies in India.

Also, Cairn offers a lot of jobs and internships but their website doesn’t rank when people search “Jobs in oil and gas companies in India”. 


Cairn Digital Marketing Strategy Case Study - Website Overview of Cairn - Website Ranking of Cairn on SERP


In this case, Cairn’s website should be on the first with all keywords related to oil and gas companies so that their online appearance would be much stronger as compared to their competitors.

Now that we have gone through its website, let us now go through other aspects of digital presence i.e, Cairn’s Social Media marketing strategy in the coming section.


Social Media Strategy of Cairn

Facebook, and other major social networks, are where a lot of users are active. These platforms are online hubs where people find out about new places, products, and services. 

Further, having an active social media presence makes your business look more trustworthy and provides consumers with the level of social proof they need to make a purchase decision. So let us go through Cairn’s social media marketing strategy and presence in the coming section.


Social Media Presence of Cairn

Cairn Oil and Gas have an account on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Youtube, but they need a marketing strategy for their social media as well. 

They have a decent amount of followers on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook that are engaging with their content. 

But they need to work on Youtube as these can also generate good revenue through their posts and video engagement which can cover their advertisement budget. The company has also ignored Instagram and in this era, the audience spends a lot of time on Instagram and Youtube.

Cairn Oil and Gas should make proper episodes of their ongoing social projects and other CSR activities and publish them on social media to keep its followers updated and engaged.


Cairn Digital Marketing Strategy Case Study - Social Media Strategy of Cairn - Social Media Presence of Cairn


Cairn Oil and Gas started a social media campaign when they joined social media platforms, and it was hit because through it they created a very big pool of reach and leads. Those 3 campaigns are discussed in the following section along with their impacts:


Social Media Campaigns of Cairn

Many different types of campaigns were designed when they joined social media platforms for brand awareness and engagement. These campaigns were published throughout social media platforms by Cairn Oil and Gas.


1. Did You Know – A Campaign of Cairn India

Cairn Oil and Gas did a campaign named #DidYouKnow and promoted it through their Twitter and Facebook platforms and later on other social media platforms eventually.

In this campaign series, they tried to show their operations, workplace happenings, and locations along with their achievements which attracted a lot of views and audiences.


Cairn Digital Marketing Strategy Case Study - Cairn’s Social Media Campaign - Did You Know Campaign

Cairn Digital Marketing Strategy Case Study - Cairn’s Social Media Campaign - Did You Know Campaign


This campaign attracted a lot of views on social media platforms, especially on Linkedin, and also helped people know more about the company as it became a private company in 2017 after it was acquired by Vedanta Limited.


2. CSR Activity Campaigns of Cairn

Cairn Oil and Gas have been doing various CSR activities across India, in that manner, it was significant for the organization to communicate its CSR activities to the audience. 

It displayed its ambitions across social media platforms with visuals, which helped in grabbing attention across different platforms. Accordingly, it began devoted visual campaigns on CSR to present organization activities and missions across networks.


Cairn Digital Marketing Strategy Case Study - Cairn’s Social Media Campaign - CSR Activity Promotion Campaign

Cairn Digital Marketing Strategy Case Study - Cairn’s Social Media Campaign - CSR Activity Promotion Campaign


CSR is the strong point of Cairn Oil and Gas as it works a lot on empowering people’s lives and promotes overall welfare every year. It should keep coming out with campaigns revolving around its CSR activities.


The Outcome of the Campaigns

The #DidYouKnow campaign was able to reach 45,000 audiences on Facebook and Twitter in 60 days, since the time it began. 

Due to these campaigns, Cairn Oil and Gas engaged with a huge amount of reach across all the platforms and the audience took interest in their content as well. These campaigns were able to get 3,00,000+ reach across all social media platforms. 

Through it, Cairn Oil and Gas also spread awareness about their other ongoing and upcoming projects.

Now that we have gone through its digital presence, let us now go through a SWOT analysis of its web presence in the next section.


SWOT Analysis of Cairn

Where digital presence has its advantages, it also has its weak points. Therefore SWOT analysis is done in which strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats of digital and social media platforms on Cairn’s Oil and Gas is discussed.


Strength of Cairn

  • Strong CSR activities in place
  • A very strong presence on Facebook and Linkedin  


Weakness of Cairn

  • Low to engagement on Youtube and Instagram
  • Requires a devoted group of marketeers
  • Same marketing strategy for all the social media platforms


Opportunity of Cairn

  • Enormous potential on Instagram and Youtube 
  • Additional revenue generation from Youtube


Threats of Cairn

  • Need to keep a check on online media procedure with lawful content
  • Possibility of harming brand’s name by any miscommunication or misrepresentation of information
  • Dangers related to security and data breach of its official website.

Here are some of the recommendations that we think might help Cairn Oil and Gas to improve its online competence.


Recommended Digital Marketing Strategy for Cairn

  • Work on weakness mentioned in the weakness section of SWOT analysis
  • Using proper keywords to increase site visibility on Google Search
  • It should focus on solving the customer queries by addressing pain points in the customer journey and root source examination of pain points experienced by its clients
  • It should come up with a strategy for creating engaging content, improving marketing, and gaining traffic. For example, activities such as #AskUs or something on these lines will assist in bringing in the crowd 
  • For job openings, tenders, or about the company’s other major events, they should publish through their website and related social media platforms as it will increase their pool of leads both quality-wise and quantity-wise too

With this, our marketing case study on Cairn Oil and Gas Limited comes to an end. Let us conclude this case study in the next section.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC


Cairn Oil and Gas India is one of the leading and fastest-growing companies in this sector. Through a combination of strategic acquisitions and organic growth, it has established itself very well. 

However, on the aspects of digital presence, Cairn Oil and Gas is not as effective as it is on the business fronts. They need to devise a strong marketing plan to siege enough available potential on various social media platforms and also generate a name and trust among the general public.

Hope you liked this case study. Have any thoughts on this case study? Let us know in the comments below. Visit our website for more information. 

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