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What Makes IIDE Students Industry-Ready: Let’s Find Out

Updated on: May 10, 2023
What Makes IIDE Students Industry Ready

The Indian education system has advanced by leaps and bounds, especially since the pandemic. IIDE too has been tweaking its learning pedagogy constantly to make the new online learning format more impactful and student-friendly than ever before.

Our mission is to prepare industry-ready talent with enough practical knowledge and expertise so that they make the perfect fit for top industry positions.

As I students learn, they get to practice digital marketing operations through live assignments and simulations. This in turn allows them to solve real business challenges even before they enter the industry.

Our entire approach is student-oriented and out of all the ways we do this, here are a few techniques I’d like to mention which have had a strong impact on the student preparation journey.

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How IIDE Empowers its Students & Makes Them Future-Ready

  • Internships

Today, internships are no longer just an asset to add to your CV. It’s more than that, especially in digital marketing. Internships give you hands-on training & practical exposure which is vital to excelling at digital marketing.

That’s because when you learn & apply something right from scratch, you will be able to build expertise in it. There are 2 ways we integrate and encourage internships.

Throughout our courses, the trainers motivate students to take up internships and challenge their capabilities. In fact, in IIDE’s Postgraduation Program, all students have to do compulsory internships for 2 months during their program. It enables them to apply everything they’re learning at IIDE which also helps them find their own strengths and expertise. 

In addition to that, we aim to empower not only our students but in fact, students from across the globe. To fulfill this, we have launched our Global Internship Program where students join a 1-month power-packed internship in digital marketing. 

This internship program has successfully completed more than 12 batches and trained 700+ interns. Read what the interns had to say about their experience: 

IIDE VIP Reviews

  • Global Marketing Competitions 

Competitions are what motivates students to think out of the box, apply the skills they learned, and bring the best out of themselves. It helps unleash the underlying potential of students. 

Hence, IIDE students are encouraged and supported to participate in global competitions specializing in digital domains. From the various competitions our students go for, here are some of them. 

GOMAC – Global Online Marketing Academic Challenge is a worldwide competition where college students with an extensive digital marketing background participate in it. 100+ colleges across the world participate each year. Teams compete with each other on real-life clients & budgets to create, run, optimize, and report digital marketing campaigns.  

This competition is known for challenging a student’s abilities and experiencing some great things by the end. Our PGPDM-20 batch bagged the 2nd position across the Asia-Pacific region. 

IIDE GOMAC Finalists

Students also participate in IIDE’s Startup Weekend Challenge powered by Google. This program is a 54-hour challenge where participants have to come up with startup ideas in a simulated business environment. 

The participants gain a lot of exposure to the startup world due to the deadlines, the frustration, the decision-making, and building something from just an idea to an entire business. 

Such marketing & entrepreneurship competitions are important factors in shaping a student’s career and IIDE’s culture calls for all such competitions. 

  • Placement Workshops

IIDE has more than 200+ hiring partners and a 95% placement rate. But we just don’t connect our students with the hiring partners. We also train them to be via various placement workshops on career mapping, profile building, resume making, interview training, soft skills training, art of negotiation, mock interviews &  job readiness scores.

  • Super Sessions

What’s better than learning from industry expert trainers each week? Learning from industry leaders and CXOs of top companies and brands every Saturday! 

IIDE conducts super sessions every Saturday where top business leaders are invited to share some of their experiences and insights in the world of digitalization. Students love these sessions because they get to hear directly from their inspirational leaders and get to see what it’s like in the industry. 

Akira Mitsumasu, VP – of Global Marketing at Japan Airlines, Avinash Janjire, VP – Marketing at Thomas Cook, and Jaideep Doshi – Global Brand Manager at Hindustan Unilever are just a few names who have been a part of our Super Session Speakers. 

IIDE Super Sessions Speaker

  • Live & Capstone Projects

Just like internships, projects are very vital to test a student’s knowledge and ensure that they’ve understood everything right from the core to the advanced level. It helps you assess which areas need more focus and accordingly helps students out. 

Along with other in-house course projects, a live project in which our students participate is called the GNMI – Google Non-Marketing Profit Immersion. A team of students has to come up with advertisement ideas and pitch them to real NGOs, and then work for the ones who have approved them. 

Students actually work on marketing the NGOs. This has a 2-way advantage. The students get to work with real-life clients and moreover, they help NGOs spread the word. 

The next project is a Capstone Project which is a mega presentation that all the postgraduate students need to appear for as their final assignment. It is an extensive project where a brand is allocated and a student has to apply each digital marketing skill for it. They have to come up with strategies for each and demonstrate how it’s done. 

This is beneficial to learn how to apply all digital marketing strategies for a single brand & make sure they’re all integrated and in sync with each other. Here are some examples of brand projects at IIDE. 

IIDE Brand Projects

  • Group & Individual Presentations

Presentations allow students to showcase what they have learned and what their thought process is. Another reason why it’s important is that, in every company, small or large, presentations are an integral part of meetings to brief clients/colleagues about important things.

Throughout the course, there are a series of group & individual presentations after the completion of different modules to help students test themselves and evaluate their learnings immediately. 

Group presentations are very good to induce a teamwork culture in students and prepare them to work with different-minded individuals with the same goal. It also helps improve public speaking skills, the art of pitching, and how to present something. 

IIDE Student Presenting


  • Mock Interviews

From all the highlights and inclusions mentioned above, what additionally helps students crack their interviews is the rigorous training they go through via mock interviews. 

HR’s from top brands prepare the students about how to answer questions and present themselves in front of the interviewers. They also give interview tips, resume tips, insights on frequently asked questions, and also some etiquettes to be kept in mind. 

Lastly, here’s what Our Recruiters have to say –

” I have found that the students from IIDE tend to possess a rare combination of hard and soft skills enabling them to deal with real work scenario with a greater degree of understanding and creativity. They have an integrated view of Digital marketing and are able to add great value. I have always had a pleasure of working with many IIDE students and look forward to working with many more.”

Kainaat Rizvi
Manager – HR, Togglehead Digital Pvt. Ltd.

” Our hiring experience with IIDE has been really great. We have been working with IIDE for the last 3 years and have hired many candidates, interns, as well as full-time employees and yes, of course, IIDE’s education, has made the hires job-worthy, and easy for the candidates to understand their own expertise and get into the field of digital advertising. ”

Brigith Dsouza
Assistant Manager, White Rivers Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Get Assured Placements - PG in Digital Marketing

To Summarise, 

IIDE goes out of its way to make the students’ learning experience an enriching one. We make sure that a student never feels insufficient of their knowledge and training when they step into the corporate world. 

If you want to get started with your digital career, check out IIDE’s 4-month Online Digital Marketing Course and 11-month Post Graduation in Digital Marketing

IIDE also offers a free counseling sessions for students who need guidance & mentoring to choose the right course. Avail now at or +91 96199 58615. 

Happy Learning!

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