5 Best SEO Courses in Peterborough To Boost Your Digital Skills

Updated on: Aug 11, 2022
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Are you thinking about a career in SEO? But you’re unsure about where to start. You are in the right place. We’ll walk you through a list of providers that provide SEO Courses in Peterborough in this article, along with important details like their course descriptions, costs, and length.

The term “search engine optimization,” or SEO, has drawn a lot of attention recently due to advancements in the field of digital marketing. It is one of the most well-known domains, along with SEM and SMM.

As a consequence, if a cafe chooses the correct keywords, Google will place them in the top 5 organic search results. As a result, creating an effective SEO strategy may help businesses.

Every day, brands use social media and search engines to target the general public and connect with new demographics, demanding the use of the right strategy that is both efficient and distinctive. As a result, firms are using SEO tactics more frequently.

Let’s quickly review the total number of available SEO jobs in United Kingdom. You can work remotely in some places, though.

SEO Courses in Peterborough - Job Statistics

Source: Indeed.com

Stunning! Is it? There are more and more job openings in this sector every day. We can therefore confirm that you are moving in the right direction.

Bonus Tip: Do you want to know what SEO standards apply to a new website? Visit our blog post from a few weeks ago, SEO Practices for New Website – Tips & Tricks.

Now that you have a solid understanding of SEO, let’s look at the top 5 SEO courses in Peterborough that will simplify a complicated subject like SEO for you.

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Top 5 SEO Courses in Peterborough:


1. IIDE – The Digital School


IIDE is one of today’s leading institutes for digital marketing. Having been named the “Best Digital Marketing Institute” at the World Education Congress Awards 2021, IIDE is raising the bar of global education.

IIDE is transforming the way students learn today. Unlike other traditional institutes, IIDE doesn’t encourage students to learn from PPTs which have not been updated for a long time. We believe in a customized, concise, and real-world relevant curriculum.

Of the numerous specialized courses available, IIDE offers an Online SEO Course that follows an advanced teaching methodology. The course begins with watching high-quality video lectures, followed by live online sessions and you will also be given assignments as well as practice tests to assess your knowledge.

Want to learn more about this SEO course? Here’s everything you need to know about IIDE’s online SEO course with certification. But before we get into the details of the course, here’s a glimpse of student life at IIDE.

SEO Course Syllabus 

  • Laying the groundwork for online SEO Training
  • Keyword Research: Integral part of On-page SEO
  • On-page SEO Tutorial
  • Google- proofing your website
  • Off-page SEO Tutorials
  • Google Search Consoles
  • Blackhat Techniques

SEO Course Faculty 

IIDE has a team of wonderful trainers, who are industry experts and have hands-on experience in the subject they teach. This helps the students to learn from the top business leaders and get some insights into the corporate world as well. Below mentioned are the trainers responsible for teaching IIDE’s Online SEO course:

SEO Trainers

SEO Course Duration & Fees

The duration of the online SEO course is approximately 10 hours. The SEO course fees are USD 190.

This fee may appear to be a little on the high side, but have a look at the course highlights:

SEO Course Highlights 

  • Industry-recognized IIDE Certification
  • 6+ Hours of Live Class
  • 1+ Hour of Video Lectures
  • Attend lectures via any Device
  • Access to Video lectures for 30 days
  • Practice Tests & Assignments
  • Learn From Experts
  • Dedicated Q&A Support and Help

Certification Offered

On completion of this online SEO course, you will be able to rank your website higher on Google and become an SEO professional. IIDE’s certificate serves as a testament to the knowledge and skills you have gained.


IIDE Students Work At

SEO courses in Vijayawada- IIDE alumni

Student Reviews

Student Reviews -IIDE

It is always said that learning from the best will give you a better understanding and a great experience.

So, if you wish to catch a glimpse of how learning is at IIDE, sign up for this free masterclass led by Mr. Karan Shah, CEO, and founder of IIDE, himself on the basics of digital marketing.

Now, this masterclass is not directly related to SEO but it will give you an overview of digital marketing. This way you get to learn something new and also decide if our teaching style works for you.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +91 96199 58615
Email ID: admissions@iide.co
Website: https://iide.co/online-digital-marketing-course/

2. The Knowledge Academy

SEO Courses in Peterborough - The Knowledge Academy logo

The knowledge academy is an awarded and very well-established provider of training courses globally, with the ability to deliver over 30,000 courses, in 1000+ locations, across 190 countries. They provide a variety of courses with categories like project management, business analysis, IT service management, business skills, programming & DevOps, Data Analytics & AI, Digital marketing and many more.

Their top-selling SEO course focuses on the fundamentals of SEO, giving a basic understanding of SEO, its importance etc. You can learn these SEO courses in Peterborough, near Peterborough or even outside Peterborough. They offer virtual training and on-site training where they teach you at any location of your choice. 

They also partner with organisations in different locations and offer the training at their locations. In Peterborough, they partner with Alia Future Business Centre, Peterborough located at Peterborough United Football Club’s ground. 

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to SEO

  • What is SEO?

Module 2: Importance of SEO

  • SEO Rankings
  • Customising an SEO Plan
  • Business Factors
  • Mapping Products and Services
  • Content
  • SEO for Raw Traffic

Module 3: Search Engines

  • History and Evolution of Search Engines
  • Web Crawler and Indexing
  • Adaptive Search
  • Google Algorithms: Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird
  • Navigational, Informational, and Transactional Queries
  • Achieving Organic SEO

Module 4: Finding the Correct Keywords

  • SEO Copywriting Basics
  • Choosing Keywords
  • Finding the Best Keywords
  • Tools for Choosing Keywords
  • Benefits of Using Tools
  • Google AdWords Keyword Tool
  • Types of Keywords
  • Understanding Long Tail Keyword Demand
  • Collecting Keywords
  • Using your Keywords
  • Avoiding Keyword Cramming
  • Avoiding Contrivance

Module 5: SEO Copywriting

  • Web Crawler
  • Copywriting Techniques
  • Anatomy of Optimised Copy
  • SEO Copywriting Mistakes

Module 6: Onsite Optimisation

  • Anatomy of Optimised Copy
  • Meta and Title Tags
  • URL Structures
  • Introduction and Advantages of Headers
  • Intros and Subheadings
  • Images
  • SEO Copywriting Mistakes
  • Avoiding Irrelevance
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Media, Email, and Blogs
  • Using Blog and Social Media Platforms
  • Writing to Length
  • Negative Rankings Factors
  • Site Changes that Affect SEO

Module 7: Off-Site SEO Techniques

  • Article Marketing
  • Link Exchanges
  • Reciprocal Links
  • Three-Way Link
  • Directory Submission

Module 8: Building Links

  • Links
  • Links Building Goals
  • Defining KPIs for Link Building
  • Managing Link Building
  • Links Analysis
  • Linking
  • Tools for Backlink Analysis
  • Introduction and Techniques of Link Bait

Module 9: Social Media

  • Integrating Your Social Media Strategy
  • Network Building
  • LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and SEO

Module 10: Mobile SEO

  • Mobile SEO on Different Platforms
  • Responsive Web Design Approach
  • Dynamic Serving Approach
  • Parallel Mobile Site Approach

Course Duration and Fees

The duration and fees for SEO courses vary based on your package. For more information, contact them with the details below.

Course Highlights

  • Online self-paced
  • Online instructor-led
  • Flexible packages
  • Classroom training

Contact Details

Phone: 01344767897
Email: info@theknowledgeacademy.com

3. Lilac James Co Ltd

SEO Courses in Peterborough - Lilac James Co Ltd Logo

Lilac James Co Ltd, founded in 2008 by Karen James is one of the leading marketing agencies in the UK. It is an accredited agency for the Department of International Trade and also a consultant partner for the University of Bedfordshire. Lilac James Co Ltd specialises in offering SEO training, Google Ads (AdWords) and Social Media Advertising/Management.

This agency has a slightly different approach from others that offer SEO courses in Peterborough. Lilac James Co Ltd first offers a free digital marketing review to have a better understanding of how much knowledge you have, conduct competitor analysis and assess your website and social media performance, before going on to work with you.

Course Syllabus

  • Identification of keywords
  • On-page optimisation
  • Ongoing content strategy
  • Backlink analysis
  • Technical SEO Review
  • Monthly report

Course Duration and Fees

Although there is no fixed duration, the fees cost around USD 598.

Course Highlights

  • Initial consultation
  • Bespoke training
  • On-page optimisation
  • Ongoing content strategy
  • Backlink analysis
  • Technical SEO Review

Contact Details

Phone: 01480 219355
Email: info@lilacjames.com

4. Course Central

SEO Courses in Peterborough - Course Central Logo

Course Central is an online training institute based in the UK. They provide strictly online courses and are dedicated to helping individuals level up by gaining skills and knowledge.

They provide a large variety of courses relating to accounting & finance, personal development, design, business, marketing, office productivity, education and languages, web design etc

Their SEO course can be taken by anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Course Syllabus

  • What is SEO and how does it work?
  • How to rank with SEO
  • How Google SEO works
  • How to research keywords for SEO
  • How to analyse competitors
  • What is On-Page SEO
  • What is Off-Page SEO
  • National SEO vs Local SEO

Course Duration and Fees

The course duration is 3 hours, 9 minutes. The fee was USD 133 initially but they are currently on sale and it costs USD 16.

Course Highlights

  • Conducted by industry experts
  • Get Instant E-certificate
  • Fully online, interactive course with Professional voice-over
  • Developed by qualified professionals
  • Self-paced learning and laptop, tablet, smartphone-friendly
  • Tutor Support

Contact Details

Phone: 0203 488 1760
Email: info@coursecentral.co.uk

5. Seed Creative Academy

SEO Courses in Peterborough - Seed Creative Academy Logo

Seed creative academy is a training centre based in Leicestershire that offers short courses on different fields of digital marketing. They offer numerous courses using up-to-date skills, tools and techniques. 

Seed creative academy gives a learning experience where you learn from professionals in a very inspiring environment by watching, listening and getting involved.

The course “How to Master your Digital Marketing strategy” is one of their most well-liked offerings. One of the subject areas under this is the SEO course. Although Seed creative is not based in Peterborough, it is a great option for those in the surrounding areas.

Course Syllabus

  • Understanding SEO, Checks, Tools, Research
  • How Google and SEO work
  • How Google finds your content
  • Initial audits
  • Free tools to install and use
  • Keyword, search query, topic and entity research
  • Basic on-page optimisation:
  • Labels and signposts
  • Optimising images and video
  • Content architecture and site structure
  • Writing copy for a post-keyword Google
  • Structured data
  • Mobile, speed and security
  • Building links
  • Understanding quality from Google’s perspective
  • Optimising the search user experience
  • Social Media and SEO
  • Voice search, entities and Knowledge Graph management
  • Local search
  • Site migrations
  • Tracking success
  • Keeping up with Google

Course Duration and Fees

The duration of the course and fees are not available.

Course Highlights

  • Fully up-to-date with recent developments including Google’s uses of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Delivered by an experienced lecturer and trainer, not a technician reading slides.
  • A unique and original course based on the experience of the trainer, not available anywhere else.
  • Focused on long-term, sustainable progress, not short-term boom-and-bust.
  • A tried-and-tested format developed over several years of work.


Contact Details

Phone: +44 (0) 185 879 1316
Email: training@seedcreativity.co.uk

Get Assured Placements - PG in Digital Marketing

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is SEO necessary, and what is SEO?

Search engine optimization is known as SEO. Excellent SEO increases your online presence, to put it simply.

As a result, your chances of selling your product or service to a larger group of people improve as more people visit your website and as your website’s internet traffic increases.

Q. Which place is ideal for SEO education?

The Indian Institute of Digital Education is the ideal location to learn SEO. They provide a sophisticated SEO programme online.

Additionally, they provide all clients with individualised programmes that cater to their needs and a fun learning atmosphere through a variety of learning methodologies like video lectures, LIVE online sessions, and one-on-one mentoring sessions.

Q. Are SEO classes beneficial?

If you’re a newbie who wants to learn under the guidance of SEO specialists in an organised manner or a working professional who wants to refresh their credentials or learn new skills and best practises in the rapidly evolving market, taking courses and earning SEO certifications might be highly beneficial.

Q. What qualifications are needed to enrol in SEO courses in Peterborough?

A learner must be at least 16 years old in order to qualify to learn SEO. However, professional SEO job sounds like it requires more than just a degree.

Q. How can I become a master on SEO?

You should prioritise experience and subject-matter expertise if you want to become an SEO master. You could become an SEO master with more training and experience in the field.


We’ve finally reached the conclusion of our blog, but we still want to wish you luck as you start a career in this field. Our site is designed to help you choose the best education possible, we hope!

We have a section of our knowledge portal devoted to the topic where you can read a range of articles on various themes if you want to learn more about SEO.

Additionally, SEO is only one aspect of a job in digital marketing. There are other additional abilities needed, so you must look into the IIDE short term certification courses if you want to learn more about them or gain experience in them.

Please post your queries or worries in the comments section below if you have any. We suggest hearing from you. Kudos!

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