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Postgraduation vs Masters in Digital Marketing: Which is better?

Updated on: Dec 31, 2022

When you graduate without any placements, your next option could be either master’s or postgraduate certificate courses. While both have different objectives and benefits, you are more than often left in confusion. To clear doubts for fresh graduates and aspirants looking forward to studying further, here’s our guide on postgraduation vs masters in digital marketing. 

Continue reading to understand what both of them mean, the difference between the two, and which one is a better option for you. 

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What is Postgraduation in Digital Marketing?

A postgraduation in digital marketing is a professional diploma course that generally offers a certificate on the completion of the course. It is to develop your skills in digital marketing. 

What Is A Masters in Digital Marketing? 

A masters in digital marketing is a professional course that offers a degree certificate on the completion of the program which certifies that you have achieved a high level of mastery in digital marketing. 

Difference between Postgraduation vs Masters in Digital Marketing

We have stated some common points of difference between the programs and an average idea of what to expect in each. 

Criteria Postgraduation in Digital Marketing Masters in Digital Marketing
Duration 6 months- 1 year Up to 2 years
Cost INR 1-10 lakhs INR 4-30 lakhs
Syllabus The syllabus of a postgraduate program, as well as a masters in digital marketing, is pretty much the same. Except that a masters gives a little more focus on managerial skills as well to prepare you to take up mid-senior managerial roles.
Career Opportunities The career opportunities after a postgraduation course normally start from the executive level like SEO executive, Social media executive, SEM specialist, etc. Whereas through a masters in a digital marketing program, you will be prepared to take up mid-senior managerial roles like Brand Manager, Content Manager, Paid Media Expert, Media Strategist, etc.


Which One Should You Opt For? 

Now that you have a rough idea about both the programs, here’s how you should choose one for yourself. 

Option 1 – If you want to study digital marketing in a fast-track course to upskill yourself and not invest a lot, you can opt for postgraduation in digital marketing. You might have to start from the lower end of the corporate ladder but there’s nothing wrong with that. Check out these courses after graduation for more options. 

Option 2 – And if you’re willing to invest money and time into your digital marketing career so that you can take up roles directly at the higher level of management, masters in digital marketing makes a good choice for you. 

Option 3 – Although, for all those who want to take up mid-senior managerial roles with a relatively lesser investment of time and money but no compromise on the knowledge and quality of education, IIDE’s Digital Marketing MBA is the perfect fit.

This program is a perfect combination of a postgraduate and a masters program. It is an 11-month exhaustive program that includes 2 months of compulsory internship. Along with preparing you for all digital marketing skills practically, you are also rigorously trained in managerial skills. 

This course doesn’t follow any traditional methodology of teaching like textbooks. Everything is taught practically with its application and you will be working on real case studies, live projects, and more. 

Every student of this program is eligible for guaranteed placement assistance in top brands and companies like Kinnect, FoxyMoron, Schbang, Amazon, Zomato and more for roles like:

  • Brand Manager
  • Client Servicing Manager
  • Content Marketer
  • Account Manager
  • Paid Media Expert
  • SEO Expert
  • Business Development Manager
  • Media Strategist

The fee of this program is totally worth the investment. Catch what the previous students of this program have to say here – IIDE PG Reviews.

Visit IIDE’s website for more information and for a free counseling session with IIDE’s team of experts, give us a call at +91 96199 58615 or write to us at [email protected]o

Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass

To Conclude, 

The decision of opting for a postgraduate course or a masters program totally depends on the goals you want to achieve and the investment you’re willing to make. 

Hope this blog has broadened your horizons and helped you in making a decision. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below. 

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