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New Instagram Reels Insights Features and How is it Going to Help Creators – Everything You Need to Know

Updated on: May 27, 2021
Instagram Reels Insights

Instagram is rolling out several new features aimed at creators and businesses which will give access to insights for Instagram’s Reels and Live videos.

What are Instagram Reels & Why did they gain popularity?

Instagram in early 2020 released its Reels mode, taking a leaf from books of increasingly popular short-video platform TikTok.

Reels are 15-second short fun and engaging videos that can have sound effects and background music addable to them. (Exactly what users do on TikTok.) Instagram Reels have an extensive music library including numerous modern top hits from established artists. 

It gained massive popularity because of its high-level engagement with the audience and especially after TikTok was banned in some countries. It served as the best replacement for TikTok creators.

Although, we always felt that the format of the reels was missing the detailed engagement data. Creators had no way of knowing where their content performed the best or vice versa. But now, with the introduction of Instagram’s New Reels and IG Live Insights, it is going to fill in the missing piece.

So read on to understand these new features, how they’re going to help creators & how you can access them. 

The features that have been introduced are: 

instagram reels insights

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New Instagram Reels & Live Video Insights Features 

Instagram, has just announced in their Blogspot, about the brand new updates to support the creators on the platform. The application has introduced new Insights data for their Reels and Live video content. This particular feature will provide their creator’s access to more detailed data for their content’s reach and popularity. 

For Instagram Reels

1. Plays

The total number of video plays that are achieved by a  respective Reel.

2. Accounts Reached

The total number of unique user accounts that viewed your Reel.


The total number of times the Reel was shared to others.

4. Saves

The total number of users that have saved/ bookmarked your Reel.

instagram reels insights

For Instagram Live Videos

1. Accounts Reached

The total number of Unique accounts that viewed your IG Live.


The total number of users that have viewed your IG Live.

3. Peak Concurrent Viewers

This is a tricky one. Let me explain this with an example. Suppose you hosted an hour-long IG Live. And the total number of views recorded was around 10,000. But as we know, viewers keep dropping and increasing during a live session. 

Now let’s say during the mid-session there were 7,000 viewers watching your live which is also the highest number of viewers at any given point. Thus, this number becomes your peak concurrent viewers stat – which means this was the highest number of viewers watching your live at any point of time.


The total number of times the IG Live was shared with others.

Instagram Reels Ads

Another feature introduced by Instagram is the “Ads” section in Instagram Reels. This is a massive move by Instagram and businesses can make optimum use of these features. These new Instagram Reels Ads have been rolled out globally.

Here are some pointers on how it is going to work:

  • Up to 30-second ads will be looped in between the Reels.
  • The ads will be vertical and occupy the entire screen, just like the Ads in the Stories section.
  • People can view, like, comment, share, and save these ads.
  • Identification of Ads will be through the words “sponsored’ below the advertiser’s account name.

Instagram Reels Ads

Source: Verge

Brands whether small or large can gain a wide reach and potential users because of the popularity of Instagram Reels and the pace at which it is being consumed by users.

These ads can be added in the similar way the ads were run in the other sections of Instagram like Stories & Feed. Thus, if you don’t know how Ads work, consider registering for this Online Instagram & Facebook Ads Course to learn it from scratch with tips and tricks for successful Ad campaigns.

Instagram “Bonus” Rewards for Creating Reels Uncovered

In recent days, a software developer named Alessandro Paluzzi posted on Twitter uncovering Instagram’s still under-development concept to reward creators with “Bonuses” for using Instagram Reels.

instagram reels insights

Instagram Insight updates and this uncovered “Bonus” rewards feature that is under development will both go hand in hand for creators to expand their engagement as well as earn rewards on the go! Inside rumors revealed, Instagram would likely reward creators for their reels on the basis of content upload volume and/or audience engagement metrics.

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How do these new Instagram Insights Features help Creators?

From what we understand, the new updates are going to be extremely helpful to the creators especially because they were introduced bearing in mind the suggestions of the community of Instagram. Thus, they have given what creators were asking for.

These new Insights are useful for identifying how well your content is performing and what is not. This data includes your total video views, profile views, and follower count. Thus you can now analyze exactly how your content performed.

This will help creators plan their future pieces of content and give them a fair understanding of their achievements. For example, if a particular piece of content is performing really well then the creator can focus on that aspect going forward, or if some videos are not performing well in general or in some demographics then they can be stopped or improved upon.

Instagram, previously only provided limited insights data in the account Insights side of the platform. Professional users can analyze insights for both story and regular posts, with data such as demographics, account types, or key activity times. 

Also, from the account-based Insights section of the application, Instagram will add followers to non-followers breakdowns in a pie chart diagram that shows the user what kinds of accounts their content is reaching, and also what type of content formats are generating the highest engagement for them.

This move may be positioned to rival Tiktok, another competitor in the short-form video sharing platform that also provides detailed statistics about the creator’s content. These new features will be beneficial for creators looking to expand their audience bases and increase engagement with their followers.

How to Access the New Reels and IG Live Insights on Instagram?

All these new metrics will be accessible under Account Insights to provide a clearer picture of how the Reels and Live content can help the account grow. 

Professional Users can gain access to these Account Insights features by heading to- Profile > hamburger icon > Insights. Instagram is also planning to roll out a new preset time frame option that goes beyond the 7- and 30-days options currently available.

In our opinion

These new features are going to be a game-changer for all the creators and brands. You must analyze the data frequently and form strategies around it. See what’s performing the best and then you can create similar content. 

This way you will be delivering what the audience wants. If something is not giving expected results, try changing the course. The most important takeaway here is that if you fail to analyze the data and not change your strategies based on it, then you may lag while other creators will be taking full advantage of these features. 

Also, Instagram further announced that they will add Insights support on the desktop version shortly alongside developing the tool throughout this year.

That is everything we understand about Instagram’s New Insights updates. Let us know what you think about these new features in the comments below. 

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