Exciting Job Opportunities in Udaipur after an MBA in Digital Marketing: 2024

Updated on: Nov 3, 2023
Jobs After MBA In Digital Marketing In Udaipur

Opening up a business has never been easy. And to make sure the public knows about it, that’s the hardest part of it all. Today we’re gonna talk about the Jobs After MBA In Digital Marketing In Udaipur. You do everything, give everything you can to start a business, but without the public’s interest in it, it’s a waste, because you’ll have no customers whatsoever. The only way people can know about a business or an activity is through advertising and marketing. 

The activity or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising is marketing. Digital marketing is where businesses advertise their products on the Internet. Sitting in the office and in front of a computer, a single person can make customers storm the place through creative ads without the physical effort of going door to door. 

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Why Choose an MBA In Digital Marketing In 2023?

Jobs After MBA In Digital Marketing In Udaipur

1. Knowledge and Skills

The program MBA in Marketing enhances your knowledge of product development, business development, advertising, and other marketing skills. It is a constantly evolving industry so job opportunities keep increasing depending on your skills.

It is a two-year management course, where you learn how to use digital tools to market and advertise a product. It helps to understand how the world can connect virtually and buy and sell products online. It shows how everything can be done online. Your skills in technical as well as research fields improve significantly as you have to be up to date with the world and its speed.

2. Demand

As mentioned earlier, the demand for digital marketing is only going to increase in the coming future. People find it way more convenient to sit in one place and market their product all over the world with a few efforts in front of a computer.

According to LinkedIn, digital marketing is one of the top jobs to have in 2023. This is because of its scope all over the world. It is in trend these days and everyone wants to learn more about it as they are fascinated by technology and its various effects. Also, it makes their work easier.

3. Job Opportunities

Many Big Multinational Companies require people who are skilled in digital marketing to promote and advertise their products worldwide. They will look for people who have a master’s degree to make sure they have the best personnel out there. 

There are a variety of digital marketing jobs that one can do after they have completed an MBA in Digital Marketing such as a SEO specialist, Brand Manager, Copywriter, Content Writer, Social Media Manager, Email Marketer, Media Strategist, Content Manager, Content Specialist, Market Research Analysts, Campaign Specialist, Pay-Per-Click Specialist, and much more. All these positions are quite important in the digital marketing department.

4. Top Recruiters

The Jobs after an MBA in Digital Marketing in Udaipur are many. There are many well-known companies that always wanna have more recruits who are eager to learn and use their skills in this field. Hence, many big and famous names are looking forward to appointing people who have done a proper course in Digital Marketing and an MBA is a very valuable degree in India.

Digital Marketing Jobs are offered by companies such as iProspect India, WATConsult, Social Panga, Webchutney, Mirum India, Reprise Media India, GroupM India, SapientRazorfish, Foxy Moron, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Resultrix, To The New Digital, BCWebwise, iStrat, AdGlobal360, Pinstorm, Quasar Media, Langoor, etc.

5. Salary

As mentioned above, there are many jobs after MBA in Digital Marketing in Udaipur and it offers a more-than-expected salary as well. This is because this type of marketing is on the rise yet there are only some people who are actually really skilled at it and that’s why companies offer a good salary to people they think are worth it so that a competitor company doesn’t snatch them away. 

The average salary for many of these MBA jobs in Udaipur ranges between INR 15000-30000 per month and an average of INR 2-4 lakhs annually. The salary for these digital marketing jobs for freshers is comparatively way more when compared to salaries of normal interns in corporates.

Best Jobs after MBA in Digital Marketing in Udaipur

As mentioned above, there are a lot of jobs after an MBA in digital marketing in Udaipur. Some of them are elaborated below:

1. SEO Specialist  

As an SEO specialist, your job will be to identify strategies, techniques, and tactics to increase the number of visitors to a website and obtain a high-ranking placement on the results page of search engines. By getting more leads, you’ll be increasing the profit of the business. An SEO specialist also makes sure to keep everything under a budget and looks after the costs of an SEO campaign. One of their main jobs is to research and execute search engine recommendations which in the end, shows the ad to more and more people. Someone working as an SEO specialist can get an average of 22,359 INR per month.

2. Content Writer

Content writing is the process of writing, editing, and publishing content in a digital format. As a content writer, you are the one who makes sure that people reading about the product are hooked on it by being more creative. In short, you should know how to be a storyteller. You need to capture the attention of a potential customer who is interested in your products or business, just through your words. Content writers use their understanding to forward benefits and solutions to the consumer, whilst keeping an eye on SEO. This job can get you an average of 16,838 INR annually.

3. Social Media Manager

Nowadays, every popular brand or business has a social media account such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. This helps them in getting to people who are on social media every single day. Social media managers are ordinarily responsible for taking care of and updating the social media pages of the respective company. They participate in developing strategies to increase followers, generating and supervising social campaigns, producing content, assessing analytics, etc. Social media is always on the rise in terms of user growth. And managing such a huge part of digital marketing is a skill many companies look for. They can get an average of 16,838 INR annually.

4. Copywriter

Copywriting is similar to content writing in many ways, but it’s not really the same. Copywriting is basically the skill of producing creative content to catch the eye of a potential consumer. Content is a critical part of digital marketing so performing well while being in these positions is very crucial to the whole digital marketing team. If you can’t get the attention of a potential customer through your words, your ads will be of no use. Emails, websites, catalogs, etc are the things a copywriter has to deal with. Someone who gets a job as a copywriter after an MBA in digital marketing may get an average salary of 75,000 INR per month.

5. Email Marketer

An email marketer has the job of advertising products through emails. This is done by making an email list, creating emails to portray the product specifications, etc. An email marketer basically gets leads through written communication, as emails are a form of written communication, only done virtually. These individuals understand the technical landscape of email, driving traffic, securing conversions, and building relationships with consumers. Whether the consumers are new or old, they need to make sure they always give off a good impression. A person getting a job after MBA in digital marketing in Udaipur can get an average of 11,763-13,050 INR per month.

6. Brand Manager

The job of a Brand Manager is to use their marketing and industry expertise to set budgets for campaigns, organize promotional events for products, and encourage brand uniformity across marketing initiatives. They basically provide a direction for the advertising of the product by coordinating with other departments. They perform many other roles that include branding, communication channels, product development, online and offline promotions, and market research. Their roles may vary depending on the business as many of them have different marketing strategies than the others. The average annual salary for a brand manager after MBA in digital marketing in Udaipur is around 14,00,000 INR.

7. Media Strategist

A media strategist analyzes data from TV ratings, web pages, and other such sources to build a customer profile. This job includes creating creative ad campaigns to capture the attention of the consumer. To create an ad campaign, the media strategist has to go through three stages:

  • figuring out the campaign’s target demographic,
  • determining the best time to run the campaign,
  • deciding which medium to use.

They can decide the impact that the presence of an ad campaign will have on people, whether it be on digital platforms or through traditional means. That’s why a media strategist must be up to date and accurate information about the trends that relate to digital as well as traditional marketing. The average annual salary of a media strategist after an MBA in digital marketing in Udaipur is 5,00,000 INR.

Many of the jobs mentioned above may sound similar but in reality, they are not. They differ, even if slightly so, from each other and that slight difference plays a major part in each of their roles.

Where To Get Started For An MBA in Digital Marketing?

To start a career in Digital Marketing, you first need to learn everything about it as the way it works always keeps evolving. There are many places that you can learn Digital Marketing from in Udaipur, Rajasthan. There are MBA courses both online as well as offline. Some of them are:

  • IIDE
    Duration – 11 months
    Total Fees Range – 4.67 lakh INR
  • Amity University Online
    Duration – 2 years
    Total Fees Range – 2.55 lakh INR
  • upGrad – Chandigarh University
    Total Fees Range – 2.2 lakh INR
  • Mewar University, School of Continuing Education
    Total Fees Range – 1.03 lakh INR
  • Jain University
    Duration – 2 years
    Total Fees Range – 1.9 lakh INR
    Duration – 24 months
    Total Fees Range – 5 lakh INR
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FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why choose Digital Marketing as a job in India?

India is a developing country and is second in terms of the largest population in the world. The number of startups and businesses is endless here and all of them require digital marketing in order to survive in the market. Hence, a career in digital marketing can be very successful in India.

Q. Can I learn the course online?

Yes, the course of MBA in Digital Marketing is offered online as well as offline.

Q. What are the types of Jobs that one can get after MBA in Digital Marketing in Udaipur?

You can get various kinds of jobs after an MBA in Digital Marketing. Some of them are SEO Executives, Online Marketing Managers, Content Writing, etc.

Q. How much, on average, can I earn as a Digital Marketer in Udaipur, India?

Being a Digital Marketer has a good income. The average salary of a Digital Marketer is INR 2,61,000 which sums up to about INR 18,000 a month.

Q. What are the top companies that I can apply to after an MBA in Digital Marketing in Udaipur?

You can apply to many well-known companies after getting an MBA in Digital Marketing in Udaipur. Some of the top ones are WebSenor InfoTech (winner of global service excellence award, 2018), SeoSensor, 3i Planet, ASPIRE TECHNO SOLUTIONS, Elixir Info, etc.


To conclude this blog, the importance of digital digital marketing will only keep growing in the future ahead of us. This is because every new business will have to advertise their product to the customer and to do that, on a worldwide scale if needed, digital marketing is the only way to go. With its need increasing, the demand and income for jobs in digital marketing will only increase simultaneously.

Getting Jobs after MBA in Digital Marketing In Udaipur will only get easier with more opportunities. And that’s why, learning Digital Marketing is the way to open yourself to many opportunities out there.

To learn more about Digital Marketing, visit www.iide.co. To learn more about one of the best MBA in Digital Marketing postgraduate programs, visit MBA in Digital Marketing.

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