Emerging Job Opportunities in Sylhet after an MBA in Digital Marketing: That You Should Know

Updated on: Nov 3, 2023
Jobs after MBA in digital marketing in Sylhet

The master of business administration (MBA) in digital marketing is a two-year postgraduate program. It enables the students to choose a career in the digital industry since the world has evolved and we are in a digital-centric era. Moreover, since digital marketing is an addition to the most trending and highly paid area of specialization, it prepares them to take leadership in digital marketing. Here’s a guide on Jobs after MBA in digital marketing in Sylhet.

Digital marketing can help an establishment reach its target audience, boost sales, and target a particular geophysical area for advertising. Most small-scale businesses that do not have a marketing department easily leverage social media platforms through digital marketing. They may do it themselves or hire an expert or freelancer specializing in digital marketing. 

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Demand for digital marketing jobs in Sylhet in 2023

Due to the importance of digital marketing in firms and establishments, many individuals go into digital marketing without experience. They tend not to be hired because of a lack of expertise. Brands who seek to hire digital marketers always hire individuals with experience. Newbies in the industry usually do not easily get hired, especially when they’ve not been recommended by their various institutions. 

Jobs after MBA in Digital Marketing in Sylhet

Why choose an MBA in digital marketing in 2023?

Individuals choose to go for a master in business administration because:

Easy to start a career  in digital  marketing:

Individuals from any background can start a career in digital marketing provided they have experience and also opt for a certificate course in digital marketing.

You do not necessarily need to have a four-year degree in any of the related fields to be successful. As a newbie, you need to apply for internships and freelance opportunities that will help you practice and eventually build a career. Good written communication skills, a laptop, a strong Internet connection, and a steady power supply is also added advantage. 

High demand for digital  marketers:

Digital Marketing has taken over the conventional marketing system because companies now know the need to digitize their services. They now need digital marketing experts who will advertise their company in different digital media. Internet advertising has replaced the highest advertising segment, which happens to be television advertising because of the high reach Internet marketing can get.

The digital marketing field is diverse:

Since digital marketing is a segment of marketing, taking digital marketing courses will give you the ability to specialize in any field of digital marketing. Such as:

  • Social media marketing: This type of marketing involves using social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, quora, etc. to conduct marketing activities. Using social media platforms for advertising makes it easy for promotions and awareness to be targeted to a particular set of audiences.
  • Email marketing: It creates relationships with clients. Convincing content and promotions are also sent to customers via email, and they also get the opportunity to be more visible in the market. Most brands use email marketing with already existing customers to introduce new and already existing products.
  • Influencer marketing: This involves using an individual who has a high social media presence to promote and create awareness about a product.
  • Offline marketing: Even with the rapid growth of digital marketing,  conventional marketing media such as; radio, billboard, and print media are still very relevant in the digital marketing era.

Ability to work from anywhere:

As the name implies, “digital marketing”, since the world has gone digital, it gives you the ability to work remotely as long as you have a device that can connect to the Internet. Gone are the days you will have to work for hours without getting a successful outcome. Having an MBA in digital marketing will enable you to work smart and achieve your goals instead of working hard and ending up not achieving your goals.

Good payment:

According to Payscale, payment packages earned by digital marketers are;

  • Digital Marketing Manager – 74,000 USD/year
  • Social Media Manager – 44,000 USD/year
  • SEO Manager – 80,000 USD/year
  • Content Marketing Manager – 67,000 USD/year
  • Product Marketing Manager – 114,000 USD/year
  • Brand Marketing Manager – 87,000 USD/year

These payment rates are expected to increase because of the growing demand for digital marketers by organizations. The above payment rates are for individuals who are experts in the industry. 

Best Jobs after MBA in Digital Marketing in Sylhet

Below are the best career options:

Public Relations Manager:

The responsibilities of a public relations manager in digital marketing are slightly different from those of conventional marketing. The major role of PR in digital marketing is to select suitable media platforms and maintain the image of the organization in the media space.

SEO Analyst:

Search engine optimization is the process of making a blog, Web site, or Web page shown on the first page or rank high in search engine results. An SEO Analyst has to analyze and apply organic SEO techniques to appear in the first search engine result. Content with a strong keyword is very important. 

Social Media Manager:

A social media manager must come up with strategies to create interaction with the social media audience. They have to create posts, stories, and ad campaigns. 

Brand Manager:

The duties of a brand manager are to research how to make the brand visible and also formulate marketing strategies for the promotion of the brand. The actual aim of brand managers is to achieve the set goals of the brand.

Content Marketing Manager:

The duties of a content marketing manager are to supervise the quality of the company content and strategize on how to deliver the content. It could be video content, audio, or any other form of media content.

Advertising Manager:

Advertising managers are in charge of planning and executing advertising programs for the company. They liaise with their assistant to make sure that all the organizational goals are met.

Digital Marketing Manager:

Digital marketing managers are liable for running digital marketing campaigns, right from preparing an idea to executing something very similar. A digital marketing manager may likewise work intimately with supporting the whole promoting group to make campaigns go live.

Where To Get Started For An MBA in Digital Marketing?

If you wish to start a career in digital marketing and get the right skills, we’ve got you covered. IIDE is one of the best digital marketing schools in India. 

Individuals who opt for an MBA in digital marketing with IIDE are taught by experts in each of the segments of digital marketing. They have the opportunity to learn from top individuals in the industry during an internship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can go into digital marketing? 

Ans. Anybody who has good written communication skills can apply for an MBA in digital marketing.

Q. Is digital marketing difficult? 

Ans. Digital marketing is not difficult if you have passion and show commitment to learning. 

Q. What do I need to be a successful content creator?

Ans. To be successful in content writing,  you need to have a basic knowledge of written communication. A laptop that has an internet connection isn’t an exception.

Q. How much do digital marketers in Sylhet earn per annum? 

Ans. An average digital marketing manager in Sylhet earns approximately ₹326,301.77 per annum. 

Q. What’s the difference between marketing and digital marketing? 

Ans. Digital marketing is a segment of marketing. Marketing is the activity of promoting and selling products or services. Digital marketing is the promotion of brands via the Internet and other digital channels. e.g, social media platforms like; Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, quora, twitter, etc. 

To Conclude 

These were the top jobs after MBA in digital marketing in Sylhet. If you are planning on getting an MBA in digital marketing, IIDE is the leading digital marketing school in India. 

IIDE offers a 2 years pg course in digital marketing, in which you will be exposed to all the disciplines of digital marketing. The program will prepare you to take on various responsibilities under the digital  marketing  umbrella. 

The institute offers internships and also puts you in terms with professionals in the industry for practical projects and further trains you for real-world business activities.

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