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IIDE’s Virtual Internship Programme Reviews – Read What Interns Have To Say

Updated on: Dec 7, 2022

Practical learning and experience can help you explore the nitty-gritty of the digital marketing world and strengthen your employability skills & existing capabilities. You can do this by opting for various digital marketing courses offered by IIDE, but here’s another way IIDE is empowering the digital youth. 

IIDE has launched a global virtual internship programme for students across the globe who wish to learn digital marketing hands-on and apply everything they learn. It is a 1-month long internship with the core team at IIDE. 

While the idea of virtual internships was born amidst the pandemic, it has come out as a great program for students to train with experts and experienced professionals located miles away from them. 

IIDE has successfully conducted more than 22 VIP batches training more than 3000 interns from countries like India, UAE, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Nepal, the USA, the UK, and more. 

Find out what the interns have to say about their experience at IIDE. 

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IIDE Virtual Internship Reviews 

Manita Vania - vip review

Manita Vania, Malaysia

Batch 20

“IIDE Virtual Internship Program was my first-ever internship and as they say, your firsts are always memorable. This internship has given me confidence, valuable lessons, and friends for life. When I first joined IIDE’S virtual internship program, I was an introvert but networking with individuals from around the world and working with them made me come out of my shell. IIDE has certainly made me confident in terms of presenting and talking to strangers and it was a memorable experience!”

Jessica Ekele - vip review

Jessica Ekele, Nigeria

Batch 21

“IIDE Virtual Internship Program was more than I could ever imagine! When I heard about the term internship, I was expecting a pile of work dumped on me with ridiculous deadlines, but this virtual internship program was nothing of the sort! Being a part of this virtual internship program was an honor and a great opportunity. I would apply again if I could 😜😜”

anas farooqi - vip review

Anas Farooqi, Pakistan

Batch 20

“For a long time, I wanted to transition from Finance to Digital Marketing but was rejected because of a lack of hands-on experience. Being a part of this internship was the best internship experience I’ve ever had, with a perfect balance of learning and execution. Since it’s a global internship I got a chance to connect and network with new people. I wished the internship could have continued further, I recommend every person pursuing a degree in Digital Marketing consider taking part in this internship. It is absolutely worth the time spent.”


vanshika tyagi vip review

Vanshika Tyagi, India

Batch 21

“Being a part of IIDE’s Virtual Internship Program was the best decision of my life. This virtual internship allowed me to learn digital marketing in the most fun and meaningful way possible. Their practical approach to learning is what sets them apart. The training conducted in this internship are constructed to prepare us for the industry and provide us with a hands-on experience of how the industry works. I made so many memories and friends that I’ll cherish forever.”


IIDE Virtual Internship Review - Nisha Bhatia

Nisha Bhatia, India
Batch 1

“I joined the first-ever batch of VIP at IIDE and it was the most spontaneous decision of my life. That 1 month of training helped me learn a lot about digital marketing and its applications in business. It’s a really fun experience and not to forget, it added great value to my resume. The internship also focused a lot on essential corporate skills.”

IIDE Virtual Internship Review - Hrithik Khairnar

Hrithik Khairnar, India
Batch 9

“IIDE gave me the opportunity to learn something which was absolutely new to me. Didn’t know the basics of digital marketing and here I am now flaunting my skills to everyone I know. Nonetheless, it also taught me how networking works and how you can use them for your benefit.

I’m really glad that I got a chance to become a part of the IIDE family and I love how you guys put in the energy to enhance the knowledge and focus on practicality. Me being from hardcore science background i.e. pharmacy, loved the process of digital marketing and how it works.

P.S:- IIDE VIP BATCH 9.0 is the best and the friends I made there are truly gems.

Also, thanks for choosing me as one of the best interns in VIP 9.0. Really grateful for that. Thanks once again 💯”

Manishi Samarakoon, Sri Lanka
Batch 12

“IIDE was my first internship as a marketing management undergraduate. As a digital marketing learner, I was able to learn a range of digital marketing lessons throughout a month including fun sessions that gave me hands-on experience from talented mentors. Also, I got a chance to work with many foreign friends. I’m super glad to become a virtual intern at IIDE.”

IIDE Virtual Internship Review - Sharan Rajapathy

Sharan Rajapathy, Sri Lanka
Batch 12

“This was my first virtual internship program and I really learned a lot in this internship such as SEO, blog writing, and all about digital marketing from the beginning. All the sessions were fun, I would like to thank the mentors for helping us all the days with our tasks and queries. Got many friends and finally the best internship program for every digital marketer.”

Shubhekshya Neupane, Nepal
Batch 2

“This internship is for all students like me who want to get the basics right and build a solid foundation in digital marketing. 1 month seemed less and kept us wanting to learn more. The training is so well-executed. Everyone at IIDE ensures we keep our best foot forward and prepares us for the industry.”

Abeesh Ghosh, Bangladesh
Batch 7

“During the 2nd wave of the Covid-19 outbreak, I got a chance to work with IIDE through their Virtual Internship Program. This internship helped me in realizing what teamwork means when we started working on social media campaigns. My overall journey at IIDE was a moment to cherish. Blog writing brought out a creative side of mine which increased my thinking capabilities.”

Isabelle Brown, London
Batch 5

“The virtual internship worked totally in my favor because I would’ve never been able to learn so much from trainers located miles away from me. I made so many friends and learned about different cultures. This program gave me a fair understanding of what to expect if I enter this industry. Kudos to IIDE for curating such exceptional opportunities.”

Faizan Sheikh, UAE
Batch 4

“Hands-down, IIDE is definitely the best place to learn anything about digital marketing and it was even better because I got to work with them. Apart from the skills, I got to learn the corporate etiquette and mastered the Google workspace which is a requirement for any big/small company today.”

Emma Jones, USA
Batch 3

“I came to IIDE to learn something but I am not just walking out with a lot of knowledge but with tons of experience. I got a chance to improve on teamwork, coordination, and communication skills. The constant support and encouragement from the mentors are definitely worth appreciating. The internship provided me an opportunity to explore more in the field of Digital Marketing.”

IIDE Virtual Internship Review - Minal Gurbani

Minal Gurbani, India
Batch 14

“IIDE’s virtual internship was exactly what I needed to start my career. It was very informative and insightful. Highly recommended for everyone who wants to intern in digital marketing. The sessions were very fun and engaging. Will be cherishing all the memories for a lifetime! Got to learn plenty of useful skills like SEO, running Facebook and Instagram ads, prospecting, email marketing, and blog writing. Thank you IIDE for this amazing experience! Thankful.”

IIDE Virtual Internship Review - khan zada moiz khan

Moiz Khan, Pakistan
Batch 6

“I was a beginner in social media marketing and came across a Facebook and Instagram ads workshop by Karan Shah. At first, I wasn’t sure that this online workshop would answer all my questions. But this workshop helped me in understanding the tips and tricks of making an ad and to target your potential customers. After that, I joined IIDE’s virtual Internship and learned a lot about digital marketing modules.

All the instructors helped us create campaigns for different fields of products and services via live sessions. Their way of teaching was very unique and how they interacted with interns was very impressive. It made us comfortable and confident to ask them about queries and they resolved it in the live session. I am really glad that I got in touch with IIDE and learned a lot to achieve my goals.”

IIDE Virtual Internship Review - Anisha Rao

Anisha Rao, India
Batch 9

“Being a virtual intern at IIDE has completely changed my perspective towards digital marketing. This is the best intern experience a person can get virtually. IIDE taught me so much in just a month. The ideas, the people, the learning were amazing. New techniques & new ideologies to learn were shared here. In every internship, we work but in IIDE’s internship, we learn. Honestly, I would recommend this to anyone!!!”

IIDE Virtual Internship Review - Madhu Bhadkamkar

Madhumita Bhadkamkar, India
Batch 8

“I had one of the best experiences with IIDE. I learned a lot from them. Most importantly, I had the experience on how to deal with teams, achieve targets, work hard, and learn about digital marketing. Even with all the work assigned to us, we didn’t miss out on having fun with the team, sharing a laugh or two. Our leaders were very chill when it came to break time but made sure that we understood the importance of the assignments given to us and did it on time. This all definitely added up on my confidence level and I feel happy that I was a part of it.”

IIDE Virtual Internship Review - Ayushi Bhagat

Ayushi Bhagat, India
Batch 13

“It was amazing to work at IIDE as an intern for digital marketing. The mentors helped us a lot to get through the concepts of digital marketing. I learned the marketing strategy and its basic concepts. The working hours, as well as the working environment, were very flexible and cheerful. Blog writing helped me to improve my writing skills. Also, the social media activities helped me gain a lot of insights into marketing and public speaking.”

IIDE Virtual Internship Review - Devraj Bhandare

Devraj Bhandare, India
Batch 11

“It was the best internship ever. Starting with the black Coffee sessions and insightful sessions I enjoyed them all. Working with amazing brands like Airbnb and McDonald’s. IIDE made my creative skills much better. I am from the finance field but because of IIDE, I could explore Digital marketing. I learned blog writing, SEO, Facebook, and Instagram ads, Social media marketing campaigns and all this boosted my skills. Thankyou IIDE 😊”

IIDE Virtual Internship Review - Sakshi Thaware

Sakshi Thaware, India
Batch 12

“It was a great experience, I learned a lot from all the mentors. The one-month internship not only taught me an easy way of learning digital marketing but also I was really lucky to find a bunch of amazing people and friends! Not just this, but also the masterclass every Saturday, it was a great opportunity to listen to Karan Shah sir live in one of the masterclasses. I hope I encounter such an amazing batch somewhere in my life again!”

IIDE Virtual Internship Review - Jeniflora Mathews

Jeni Flora Mathews, India
Batch 14

“This was my first internship, and IIDE made me feel so comfortable and supported me throughout. All the mentors who taught me so many new things were so supportive. My friends from the batch were also so good and helpful. It was not only about learning about content writing but I also learned new things like Google workspace, Facebook & Instagram ads, How to make LinkedIn profiles, and more. I am grateful to IIDE for giving me this opportunity to be an intern and work with you. Thank you so much.”

IIDE Virtual Internship Review - Yash Sheth

Yash Sheth, India
Batch 9

“I found IIDE so far to be the best institution to intern for. It provided me with so many opportunities to grow as a person. It also helped me to work on my time management as well as team management skills (marketing campaign). I got to network on such a wide range with so many people of such high caliber. Truly humbled to be a part of such a great organization.”

IIDE Virtual Internship Review - Tanvi Dang

Tanvi Dang, India
Batch 12

Being a part of IIDE was the best decision of my life. I am grateful to IIDE for providing such an amazing and enriching experience. I got to learn so many new and interesting things. A special regards to all the trainers and mentors who always pushed us to challenge ourselves and groom our personalities. That one month I noticed myself getting out of my comfort zone and learning more.

IIDE Virtual Internship Review - Shruti Sahoo

Shruti Sahoo, India
Batch 14

“It was an amazing experience to learn digital marketing from IIDE as it was my first ever internship. I enjoyed the one-month session. They were full of knowledge and fun especially the fun Friday sessions. Made a lot of friends. The trainers were so cooperative and highly talented. I am a person who gets afraid when it comes to anything digital but IIDE taught me the basics of it with ease. Thank you so much IIDE for this platform.

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