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IIDE’s Student Divya Tandon Receives an Award by the Government of India

Updated on: Oct 28, 2023

As an academic counsellor, I have seen a lot of students from different walks of life, upskill with IIDE and make us proud. Whether it is switching their careers, starting their own venture or using digital to change a traditional setup, every journey is inspiring and special to us. 

One such special success story that is very close to my heart is of Divya Tandon

Divya who pursued IIDE’s online digital marketing certification has been awarded by the Government of India. 

On October 12th, at the 2nd Skill Convocation Ceremony, Divya was felicitated for her upskilling journey in the digital marketing domain by Rajeev Chandrasekhar – Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship in New Delhi. 

Divya received an award from the government of India at the 2nd Skill India Convocation 

What is the Skill Convocation Ceremony?

In 2015, the government launched Skill India with the aim to train more than 40 crore students for different industry-related jobs. 

It aims to create an empowered workforce by providing various schemes and training courses. This will help develop a workforce that will help meet the industry’s needs.

As a part of this initiative, Skill India held a ceremony to recognise inspiring upskilling journeys for the very first time in 2022. 

The 2nd edition was held in October 2023 in New Delhi with the Education Minister – Dharmendra Pradhan in attendance. 

Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually addressed the awardees expressing the importance of upskilling to the youth. 

IIDE has also partnered with NSDC (National Skills Development Corporation) to contribute to this initiative of Skill India. 

Divya and I sat down for a brief conversation to understand a little bit more about her inspiring journey. 

Interview with Divya Tandon on Her Upskilling Journey

Here we have asked some questions to understand more about Divya and what led her to embark on her career in the field of social media:

Mamta: So Divya, tell me a little bit about your background

Divya: I am originally from Kanpur, a city that is rapidly moving towards digitalisation. I completed my BCom degree from Delhi University. While pursuing my higher education at Delhi University, I got an opportunity to be placed in one of the Big 4s leagues.

However, I realised that I have always been more bent towards creativity, especially in advertising. I still remember the way my childhood self would just keep staring at the ad of Amul which was put on the billboard a bit longer than usual.

I guess this is where I realised my passion for advertising. With this growing curiosity towards digital marketing, I started exploring digital marketing as a career option and decided to complete my post-graduation at the Asian Academy of Film and Television, Film City, Noida. 

While exploring my creative side, I decided to venture into the field of copywriting and eventually became a Social Media Strategist.

When I witnessed an increase in the usage of digital advertising by marketers, I realized that digital marketing is a booming industry offering immense opportunities to digital marketing professionals.

After studying this industry for over 2 years, I understood that traditional marketing had lost its essence. Since digital marketing is here to stay, I chose it over traditional marketing.

When I found out that there is immense growth in the digital marketing industry with growing opportunities for digital marketing professionals, I decided to enter this field over traditional marketing.


Mamta: How do you feel after being recognised by the government of India?

Divya: It’s an honour for me to be privileged by the government of India. This recognition inspires me to learn more and keep achieving such milestones in the future.

I would like to express my gratitude toward IIDE and the team for recognizing my potential and motivating me throughout this upskilling journey.

I am very pleased to receive this award and would like to dedicate this to my late grandfather, who is my source of inspiration to always work hard.

Divya with Biswajit Das – Regional Head at IIDE (North)

Mamta: How did you come across IIDE?

Divya: I have always been a curious soul and with this zeal to learn more about digital marketing, I started looking for the best digital marketing courses online.

I was comparing courses based on various factors. One of which was the professors who could provide me with the right direction and mentorship I needed to climb up the career ladder.

I wanted to equip my arsenal with the tools and skills so that when I enter the digital industry, I am already industry-ready. It was that moment when I came across IIDE, a one-stop answer to all my questions.

Mamta: How was your overall experience with IIDE?

Divya: To be honest, I enjoyed my time with IIDE and the vibe here is just amazing.

From counselling to placement, people here are just a pro in their job. The energy and passion that I feel here is just so infectious.

I am impressed with how the syllabus has been carefully crafted by keeping the latest case studies, and ensuring that the syllabus is revised daily. With the help of one-on-one mentoring sessions, I was able to clear my doubts personally.

Having such knowledgeable interactions with industry experts made my upskilling journey with IIDE a memorable one.


Mamta: Share with us a little bit about your placement experience

Divya: According to me, the IIDE’s placement team is always a step ahead. They proactively help their students by giving them the right guidance and suitable placement opportunities.

With this assistance and my zeal towards upskilling, I am sure that getting a placement in one of the top agencies will be a cakewalk for me.


Mamta: How did IIDE help you to upskill yourself as a Social Media Strategist?

Divya: I am currently working as a social media strategist at Neil Patel Digital India. My time with IIDE had shaped me in such a way that I was confident to take my first step into the corporate world.

Their amazing mentorship and guidance helped me to explore the inner social media strategist within me.

So yes, I am walking out with some amazing skills and can’t wait to implement these learnings in some of the top digital marketing agencies.

If you are someone who wants to take control of your career and embark on a similar upskilling journey like Divya, then you should definitely check out our online digital marketing courses. 

Don’t worry if you are confused in choosing the right course for yourself. I understand that it can be daunting when taking the first step on your career ladder.

I strongly recommend you book an appointment with our admission counsellors. They will help you find the course that aligns with your career goals.

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