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Updated on: Sep 13, 2021

How many times have you placed your trust in a brand after hearing about it from your friends/family or real experiences from strangers? Reviews are one of the best decision-making factors because they tell you about the brand in detail along with its negatives and positives. 

So if you’re considering enrolling in IIDE and embarking on your educational journey, you’re on the right track 😉 And here are some IIDE student reviews & testimonials to help you make a confident decision. 

Here are the courses that we’re going to review in this blog:

IIDE Ratings 

IIDE Reviews & Ratings

Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass

IIDE Reviews by Our Students – 2022 Updated


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  • Kunal Kerkar, Founder of Kerkar Media.
    Alumni of Advanced Online Digital Marketing Course

“Since childhood, I had only 2 career options. I either started my own venture or I joined my family business. With IIDE coming into the picture in 2016, I realised that having a Digital Marketing Agency was an extremely good business model. So, I thought, why not give it a go.

At 22, I was an average mechanical engineer from the University of Mumbai. I started looking for what else I could do and where I could be. I had to find something that I would be extremely motivated to do and something that would reward me for that motivation.

That’s where I came to know about Digital Marketing and IIDE. It came across as an institution that would appreciate high energy individuals coming there. Studying there was not like just coming to classes, learning and going home. It challenged us in a variety of ways. Also, the environment was very friendly and very helpful. Everyone wanted you to win and that is a very important feeling to have.

We learnt a lot of modules in the core Digital Marketing skills. However, more importantly, soft skills like communication, presentation and the art of pitching, is what helped me the most when I started my agency.

Whatever tiny success I have achieved in the form of Kerkar Media goes to IIDE. If it was not for them, I would not be in this situation today. IIDE has been a great investment. It has certainly catapulted me far ahead in life.”

Connect with Kunal Kerkar 

  • Oorja Rawat, Freelance Content Writer
    Alumni of Advanced Online Digital Marketing Course

“The counsellor I was in contact with from IIDE was beyond wonderful, always professional and on top of what needed to be done. She’s still so patient whenever I have bizarre questions or do things I’m not supposed to!

The in-house faculty include the founder and CEO, the one and only Karan Shah, who’s just an amazing teacher as he is a businessperson. He’s also one to watch out for in case you were a slacker in school– he wants you to be 100% present in his session! There’s another great in-house staff like Meherzad, who is so kind to every student, he’ll never shout at you. But somehow making him disappointed saddens you even more. Aditya sir, Daksh sir, Xaif sir, Aneri ma’am, and Vinika ma’am are a few more of my favourite in-house faculty. 

I really like well-planned buildings, and dirty, dingy classrooms annoy me. Thankfully, not a single part of IIDE is like that. The classrooms are soundproof and always clean.

Even during the course, there are internship opportunities offered by trainers who are looking to hire. That’s a little tough because working alongside IIDE alongside the final year of college is a little much to handle, but there were others in my batch who were interning at Social Kinnect and Fruitbowl, so yeah, it’s great!

My experience with IIDE so far has been nothing short of stellar. I would totally recommend you to go for it!”

Connect with Oorja Rawat 

  • Khushmi Chheda, Business Development Manager at Schbang.
    Alumni of Advanced Online Digital Marketing Course

“At IIDE, learning never stops and it’s rightfully a fact. We learned so many things out of the syllabus and most importantly, we learned how to apply all the skills in practicality. 

When I was recruited by Schbang, they never had to train in me detail regarding what impressions are, or how does the Facebook dashboard work or how to set up an Ad. I was already well-versed in all of these things. 

The way the assignments and projects were conducted, gave me a kick to perform and do better each time. I know how E-mail Marketing works, how SMS marketing is done. I even learned how to automate strategies and this helped me integrate them into my job. 

Right now what sells are your insights and insights are derived from data, so getting an understanding of what works in the market basis data is where I wanted to focus. So if you want to enter the world of Marketing, Digital Marketing is very crucial and to learn digital marketing, IIDE is where you should do it from.”

Connect with Khushmi Chheda 

  • Zeel Gada, Senior Account Manager at Kinnect.
    Alumni of Advanced Online Digital Marketing Course

“IIDE has given me a life-changing experience. Every week we met new trainers and learned new topics which kept us at the edge of the course. These trainers were the best ones from their industries. Few of them were even CEO’s and Founders of top brands. 

Saturday Super Sessions had to be one of the highlights that I looked forward to every week. Beer Biceps, Mumbai Foodie, POPxo, were among all those who we heard from in these sessions. 

I bagged an internship with Mumbai foodie during my course! While presenting my start-up idea as my final presentation, one of the jury members happened to be a founder of Think Digital Agency in Hyderabad. He was so impressed that he gave me a job offer which included training in Hyderabad and then setting up their office in Mumbai. 

I was a fresher in that company but I never felt so because of the amount of knowledge I gained at IIDE. I can never be thankful enough for the opportunities I got because of IIDE.” 

Connect with Zeel Gada 

  • Sakshi Sharma, Brand Strategy & Marketing Consultant.
    Alumni of Advanced Online Digital Marketing Course

“I came to Bombay only for IIDE. I was working in Gurgaon in an MNC in a 9-5 mundane job and it became so monotonous that I quit my job out of nowhere. I was in Iceland when I made a decision that was a huge step and would change my entire life because it was a complete shift in the industry. I

I had several options in Delhi too but IIDE stood out for me. The kind of practical exposure that I gained. I started liking digital marketing and realised that there was so much to it. I’m loving this field, all thanks to IIDE.”

Connect with Sakshi Sharma 

  • Kautuk Haria, Associate Director at Kinnect.
    Alumni of Advanced Online Digital Marketing Course

“So I knew I wanted to get into advertising but I wasn’t sure if Digital will be my go-to field. IIDE helped me identify that niche within advertising which is a part of digital. The kind of clients that I have got on board is Standard Chartered Bank, Dream 11, Fan Code, Wills Lifestyle which is part of the ITC group. Today, digital is not just one part. It is going to take on the entire advertising industry.

If you really want to add on to your skills and want to learn more about digital marketing, IIDE is the place to be at.” 

Connect with Kautuk Haria 

  • Ishika Agarwal, Aspiring Digital Marketer
    Alumni of Advanced Online Digital Marketing Course

“I am a proud student of IIDE’s first Online Digital Marketing course. Our course was so intricately and thoughtfully designed, that at no point did I Personally feel any technical difficulty. The best part was the trainers. 

All of them were very good and had a lot of industry exposure. I was really surprised with the kind of class participation and level of interaction among the students across the globe.”

Connect with Ishika Agarwal 

  • Mansi Siraj, Business Development.
    Alumni of Advanced Online Digital Marketing Course

“Having studied in London in International Marketing from Kings College, I can make my comparison from both the courses and they were completely different. 

The entire course was very well formulated, you start with the basics and then you move your way up to the advanced topics Photoshop, Google Analytics& SEO. I was really averse to Analytics because that scares me but IIDE made it so simple.” 

Connect with Mansi Siraj 

  • Yash Advani, Founder and Content Strategist at Marketing & You
    Alumni of Advanced Online Digital Marketing Course

“The covid-19 situation gave me an opportunity to delve into the world of Digital Marketing which I would’ve been unaware of had I not joined IIDE’s course. 

You can always book one-on-one sessions with trainers to solve your doubts. The feature of learning over a long distance from experienced professionals made this course much better.” 

Connect with Yash Advani 

  • Arya Samant, Creative Partner at Creativeland Asia.
    Alumni of Advanced Online Digital Marketing Course

“Overall, IIDE is a good college. Students of IIDE can get recruited in top digital marketing agencies like Schbang, The Glitch, FoxyMoron, Kinnect, etc. I got an offer from an agency for a particular role. Later I found an internship at Glitch. Students can always ask for help from IIDE faculty members, and they surely help them.

Teachers are the main feature of this course. Teachers are very hard-working and knowledgeable, and they solve all our doubts and make the lectures even more fun. The course curriculum is relevant, and students are industry-ready, especially through the assignments that IIDE provides.

As our course was online, we didn’t have to worry about Wi-Fi, labs, classrooms and other facilities. They use to teach us with the resources, such as the PPTs, PDFs and other things. All these resources are updated and industry-relevant.”

Connect with Arya Samant 

  • Pallavi Jain, Brand Solutions Executive at GoZoop.
    Alumni of Advanced Online Digital Marketing Course

“I graduated as an engineer, but I realized that it wasn’t something I wanted to do after working for a while. I always felt like I was good with people and wanted to make use of them. I was looking for other opportunities & things to learn when I came across Digital Marketing.

I looked for courses on the internet and IIDE was a clear choice. The vibe that IIDE has is very unique and refreshing. My batch at IIDE was super fun and lively, everyone was very helpful and assisted each other.

I’m currently working as a Brand Solutions Executive at Gozoop where I have to work with clients to build relationships and coordinate between the client and different departments at Gozoop.

I want to thank Meherzad sir, Daksh sir & Aditya sir for helping me throughout the whole course, be it guidance or building confidence for interviews, they were always there! I look forward to growing in this industry.”

Connect with Pallavi Jain 

  • Anand Shinde, SEO Associate at IIDE.
    Alumni of Post Graduation Program in Digital Marketing 

“I can assure you that this course is a bang for the buck! The amount of practical learning and real-life skills I gained in this program are priceless. It is not like a regular college where you can have a laid-back attitude, here the faculty and mentor are always behind you, for you to give your best and excel in your niche.

We personally got to learn from the CXOs and managers of some of the biggest names in marketing and ad agencies. Hence in this process we get an opportunity to discuss and network with the right people in the industry and trust me, there is so much to learn from them. The insights that we get are priceless!

They also provide 100% placement assistance to the students post-completion of the course. Many of my batchmates are already placed at top agencies and brands with the help of placement cell, they are always in touch with you.

It was a fun learning experience and in these 11 months, I made some valuable connections and friends whom I’m going to cherish for the rest of my life.”

Connect with Anand Shinde 

  • Rutuja Kulkarni, Artist.
    Alumni of Post Graduation Program in Digital Marketing 

“The placements are really great in our college. Our batch witnessed a 100% placement record with salary packages ranging from 4 LPA-6 LPA. All the students got placed in top digital marketing agencies and companies like Schbang, Kinnect, FoxyMoron, Gozoop and many more. Internships for 2 months are also mandatorily provided by IIDE.

On the IIDE campus, you can sit for hours and still won’t feel tired. It’s absolutely a beautiful and comfortable place with a very pleasant vibe. Our campus has air-conditioned classrooms. There is a high-speed Wi-Fi facility all over the campus as our course demands a good and fast internet connection. The thing which I really love about our campus is the names of all our classrooms and offices, and all of them are named after digital terms.

Faculty members are the most precious thing about IIDE. There are absolutely fantastic and qualified teachers, and all of them are very helpful. The course curriculum is really good. It provides you with in-depth knowledge regarding all the subjects and is very relevant. They make sure that all the students are industry-ready by providing them all-around knowledge about different aspects of digital marketing.”

Connect with Rutuja Kulkarni  

  • Chintan Mehta, Strategic Alliance Associate at IIDE.
    Alumni of Post Graduation Program in Digital Marketing 

“IIDE has a placement committee which assists all the students to apply at several digital agencies which include Schbang, Kinnect, WATConsult, etc. The staff is polite and very helpful. The teachers also help us to make a new resume from scratch which allows us to make a better first impression.

It has a great campus in Andheri West and it’s close to the railway station. The classrooms are adequate and the entire place is well maintained. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and government restrictions, our batch did not have the chance to visit the campus as many times as we would have liked.

The best thing about IIDE is its faculty. All the teachers are industry experts with years of experience and the course is also designed by them. Even the student coordinators are very supportive and friendly. The course curriculum is really in-depth and one will learn A-Z of digital marketing.”

Connect with Chintan Mehta 

  • Swetank Sharma, Planning & Strategy at Wavemaker.
    Alumni of Post Graduation Program in Digital Marketing 

“The PGP course is very exhaustive. I’m getting to learn new and interesting things every day. The course covers all the necessary skill set modules to make us a complete digital marketer. The campus looks beautiful and gives out a pretty vintage vibe, it looks amazing!

They do have a placement committee. Our course is ongoing and most of my classmates are already interning at top level agencies. Post the completion of the course we’ll be placed into India’s top digital marketing agencies and brands like Gozoop, Kinnect, Schbang, etc. Through our placement cell.”

Connect with Swetank Sharma 

  • Muskan Lilani, Social Media Strategist at Purplle.
    Alumni of Post Graduation Program in Digital Marketing 

“My goal is to be happy with what I do & where I am at and I believe that one door closes only for another one to work out for you. 

I started writing blogs back in 2016 & started my own Instagram page where I would share product reviews & my personal style of fashion. I was really interested in growing through social media so I attended a basic digital marketing course & I knew I wanted to get into Digital Marketing.

IIDE’s marketing is hat’s off Amazing & the reviews are pretty good. I developed a faith in IIDE since a few of my friends & acquaintances studied from IIDE. 

I wish it was offline, but we can’t really go against the safety of the nation. We had a batch of 18 people only but all of them are pretty good in their field. I made some amazing friends and enjoyed my course to the fullest.

I would like to thank Meherzaad sir & Aditya Sir for always helping me improve & Akash for always supporting me no matter what the hour is. My final presentation went smoothly due to such amazing guidance.

I am currently working at Purplle as a social media marketing intern. I would love to explore my creative side & connect and learn from people.”

Connect with Muskan Lilani 

  • Bhavika Buddheo, Biddable Media at Group M.
    Alumni of Post Graduation Program in Digital Marketing 

“Young dynamic and well-experienced faculty members are always there to guide you. Right from the beginning, we had industry experts to guide us. They always help you with the curriculum and solve all your doubts. Always giving realistic examples while teaching. One of the best faculty members and learning.

The campus gives a classy vintage vibe and as it’s a digital marketing course we have Wi-Fi available on campus and all our exams are taken online on their own portal. Air-conditioned classrooms with modern facilities with clean, green environment and the place are very peaceful.

IIDE placement team is always very supportive of internships and placements. 100% assistance is given to the students for the same. Students are fully trained from the industry experts and are placed in big companies and in digital marketing agencies.”

Connect with Bhavika Budhdeo 

  • Manan Dave, Brand Service at MullenLowe Lintas Group.
    Alumni of Post Graduation Program in Digital Marketing 

I am a passionate digital marketing enthusiast and this course is a perfect fit for me. The classrooms designed are very nice & comfortable. Wi-Fi is fast. The canteen is very hygiene. Quality of food is very good & hygiene. IIDE have game nights, every month which is very interesting. IIDE also celebrates special occasions like Diwali, Christmas, and many more.

The course curriculum is relevant. The teachers are helpful and are very qualified. They keep you industry-ready. If you have a doubt, there is also a one to one doubt solving session. The course is intense & very good.

Top placement offers are from Schbang, What consult & Kinnect. Around 60% of students have secured an internship. IIDE gives you a 100% assured internship. The top roles offered are SEO, SEM, WEB, GA Analyst, ASO, ORM and many more. The highest package offered was 6 lacs.”

Connect with Manan Dave 

  • Srishti Verma, Analyst & Biddable Media at Performics.
    Alumni of Post Graduation Program in Digital Marketing 

IIDE course management team does extensive research before launching any course. Being in the PG batch I have knowledge of each and every aspect of what digital marketing consists of. This course will make you understand how to plan a marketing strategy for any brand, what skill agencies want, analysing data to plan result-driven campaigns. 

We experience hands-on for every tool required, till date I have worked on WordPress, Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, Google Ads, ORM tools, Canva, Rival IQ, CRM tools, etc.

IIDE has the best faculty in India for digital marketing. The sessions are given mostly by the Digital marketing agency owners and they provide you with the most valuable knowledge. Also, learning from industry experts gives you insights into the market. Industry experts from Gozoop, WRM, Schbang, Social Kinnect, DigiChefs are the ones who frequently visits IIDE.

IIDE has a placement cell that guides us through the process. They make sure that students get a good opportunity even for an internship. I am currently interning at Kerkar media as an SEO intern and IIDE played a major role in this.”

Connect with Srishti Verma 

  • Vedang Rane, Planning & Strategy at Wavemaker.
    Alumni of Post Graduation Program in Digital Marketing 

The best thing about the course is it gives you knowledge about how the industry works while interacting with all the trainers I got to understand my niche.

Students at IIDE get placed at top agencies like Kinnect, Schbang and Go Zoop. There were a few students who got an opportunity to work for IIDE. Also, IIDE has its own placement cell where they help in finding internships.

The infrastructure of the college is very student-friendly. It has an open space in the passage and ground at the back which makes the experience very enjoyable. Though the majority of the course was online, whatever time I had offline I enjoyed it.

The faculty of the course was amazing. Each module was taught by trainers who were industry experts and every trainer made an effort of conducting in-class practical activities which helped in understanding. There were also classes for communication and G suite which helped us in our presentation skills.”

Connect with Vedang Rane 

  • Bhakti Patkar, Paid Media at Group M.
    Alumni of Post Graduation Program in Digital Marketing 

No doubt the faculty members over here are very kind and helpful. The course is relevant and makes a student industry-ready. Teaching quality is fantastic and not at all compromised due to online sessions. Highly recommended to join for PGP course of IIDE.

The infrastructure of IIDE is pretty amazing. From faculty members to the curriculum, everything is planned. Due to covid restrictions, our offline sessions are not yet started but nothing is compromised in online sessions. Each and every doubt is solved with the help of faculty members.

IIDE give their best efforts to get the students placed. The placements are in top-notch agencies like Gozoop, schbang, kinnect and many more. Almost every student with the best knowledge and capabilities gets placed by IIDE. Half of my classmates have already started their internships.”

Connect with Bhakti Patkar 

  • Utkarsh Patel, Media Buyer at Scbang.
    Alumni of Post Graduation Program in Digital Marketing 

I chose this course because it is a specialised MBA in digital marketing. IIDE provides placements in top digital marketing agencies like Schbang, Gozoop, Kinnect, FoxyMoron etc. Currently, our course is ongoing and our batch is 1st batch for the PG course in digital marketing. So most of my classmates and I are doing internships in digital marketing agencies.

The faculty of IIDE is really helpful, qualified and knowledgeable. The teaching quality is really great. IIDE brings industry experts to teach us.

Our 2020 batch is not able to enjoy campus life due to the covid-19 scenario, but we had got few weeks to come and experience the campus. From that, I can say the campus has good vibes, you are excited to learn new things every day and engages you to participate in all kinds of activities.”

Connect with Utkarsh Patel 

  • Ciara Dsilva
    Alumni of Certification Course in SEO

“First of all, I would like to thank Karan sir and all my companions for the wonderful experience. 

Digital marketing is about utilizing digital technology to achieve marketing objectives and it requires a certain skill set to utilize the digital technology effectively and I learnt it from IIDE and had so much fun while learning. This is the right place to learn new useful skills and the trainers are best and ever ready to help you!”

  • Aditya Mohan
    Alumni of Certification Course in Social Media Marketing

“I thoroughly enjoyed learning digital marketing with IIDE as the pedagogy was very student-friendly. The course was oriented towards application-based learning and has turned out to be vastly helpful in my career as a freelance digital marketer.”

Connect with Aditya Mohan

  • Niharika Verma
    Alumni of Certification Course in Instagram & Facebook Ads

“I really had a great experience learning with IIDE. Also, every teacher was very clear and had a unique teaching style, one thing I really liked about the Teachers of IIDE was that they were very helpful throughout the course.”

  • Susanne Cardwell
    Alumni of Certification Course in Instagram & Facebook Ads

“Absolutely amazing course! I am so thoroughly impressed. The trainer is so engaging and fascinating that you almost wonder, “What psychological tactic did he use to create some a compelling lesson?’ The information is fantastic and the video lecture is very entertaining. Great course and very thorough!”

  • Learnyst Team
    Alumni of Certification Course in Instagram & Facebook Ads

“I loved this course. The instructor Karan Shah explains each concept in a fun way. Felt like I was watching a movie. Didn’t feel bored one little bit. More importantly, he explains complex concepts with real examples as simple as you can get it. Loved the video quality as well. Excellent course for anyone wanting to learn FB ads. Looking forward to putting these tips into practice.”

Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass


Q. How are the courses at IIDE different from others?

All the courses at IIDE are taught only by industry experts and leaders who practice that subject in real life in the corporate world. Also, each course is highly customised and personalised to meet the level of the students, be it a fresher, a working professional or a leader in a company. No outdated PPTs and textbooks are used. It is a highly practical environment.

Q. What are the placements like at IIDE? 

The placement rate at IIDE is 93% with 100+ Hiring Partners on board. The average package is 4 LPA and the highest CTC is 9 LPA.

Q. What are the fees at IIDE? 

The postgraduation course fee is INR 4,00,000 + Taxes. The advanced online digital marketing course fee is INR 72,033 + Taxes & the short-term certification courses in digital marketing range from INR 6,355 to INR 10,149 + Taxes.

Q. What are the financing options at IIDE? 

IIDE offers a no-cost EMI option. Also, scholarship is provided for the postgraduate applicants. There are 3 scholarship openings per batch for INR 60,000 each.


Hope these reviews and testimonials have given you a fair understanding of how student experiences at IIDE look like. As Karan Shah, our Founder & CEO says, “Learning never stops”. So if you’re a keen learner waiting to upskill yourself, IIDE is the place for you. 

If you’re confused between the different courses offered by IIDE, we recommend you to avail a FREE COUNSELING SESSION with our team of counsellors. Write to us at [email protected] or give us a call on +91 96199 58615. 

Happy Learning! 

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