Most Frequently Asked Email Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: May 9, 2023

If you have been on the lookout for digital marketing jobs related to email marketing, then you’re at the right place and to nail that interview, we suggest going through this article thoroughly. In this article, we will be exploring email marketing interview questions and answers for freshers, professionals, and generic questions. 

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Email Marketing Interview Questions and Answers: General

Here’s a list of email marketing interview questions along with their answers about the topic email marketing in general.

Q1. What is email marketing?

Ans. Email marketing is using electronic messages to send out to customers promoting a brand or a service. It is a direct form of marketing that reaches out to consumers using Emails. It is known to be effective and has high returns on investment. 

Q2. Why do we need email marketing?

Ans. Whilst email marketing is important for making conversions, it is also important to create a conversation with potential consumers, increase awareness and help businesses grow. 

Q3. What is the best time to send out emails?

Ans. It depends from business to business. Studies suggest that anytime between 9:00 to 11:00 AM is a good time as many people catch up on their emails during these hours just before starting work. For example, Faasos sends out their emails just before lunchtime as part of their email marketing strategy.

Q4. What are the best email marketing tools available today?

Ans. Mailchimp and Benchmark are some of the best Email marketing tools available today. Read this article on the best email marketing tools for some more tools you could share. 

Q5. What points should one include in their Email?

Ans. One must include the following points in their Email – 

  • An intriguing subject line
  • A header 
  • To-the-point body text
  • A call-to-action 

Email Marketing Interview Questions & Answers: For Freshers


Q6. How can one prevent emails from going into spam?

Ans. You can prevent emails from going into spam by getting permission to send them emails, avoiding any spammy subject lines, and making it easy for them to unsubscribe if they aren’t interested. 

Also, you can give some insights that are given in the infographic below:

spam - email marketing interview questions
(Source: Campaign Monitor)

Q7. What is an open rate?

Ans. Open rate is a specific percentage of subscribers who open your email out of all the subscribers that you sent the email to. A good email rate ideally is between 12-25%.

Q8. What is an unsubscribe rate?

Ans. Unsubscribe rate refers to the percentage of users who did not subscribe to your email out of choice. If say, out of 1000 emails, 10 users unsubscribe, then the unsubscribe rate is 1%.

Q9. What is the click-through rate?

Ans. The Click-through rate is the ratio of users who clicked on a particular link to the number of users who click on a particular link or a CTA to the number of users who simply viewed a particular email. 

Q10. Explain forward rate

Ans. A forward rate is when users forward your email to other users since they found it interesting or value-creating that they want their contacts to have a look at it. It is calculated by the number of forwards divided by the total number of emails blasted out.

Q11. What is segmentation in email marketing?

Ans. Email segmentation involves dividing people into lists or segments who have similar traits and demographics. Segmenting is important before sending out emails since it enables better targeting and content that is personalized according to a person’s needs.

Q12. What is the churn rate?

Ans. Churn rate is the percentage of users who have stopped subscribing to your mails or you have removed from your mailing list. You can reduce this by segmenting your list, and sending a feedback email. 

Q13. What metrics do you use to measure the success of the campaign?

Ans. Some of the metrics that one should consider measuring the success of a campaign include –

  • Open-rate
  • Churn rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • Forward rate
  • ROI
  • Spam rate

Q14. How can the personalization be leveraged in email marketing?

Ans. Personalization in email marketing can be leveraged by personalizing emails with their names, product recommendations, personalized discounts based on past purchasing behavior, and offers during special occasions. Personalization helps the customer feel valued. 

Email Marketing Interview Questions & Answers: For Experienced Professionals


Q15. What are the different types of email marketing campaigns?

Ans. The different types of email marketing campaigns include welcome emails, newsletters, product updates, sale campaign emails, seasonal campaigns, event invitations, and remarketing email campaigns.

Q16. How can one improve on email subject lines?

Ans. Email subject lines are extremely important when it comes to email marketing. Ideally, use the lower case, keep the subject lines short, the subject line and the body copy need to be in line with each other so as to not throw the user off. 

Email subject lines need to be personalized and can convey a sense of urgency to encourage the user to open it.

Q17. How can one make use of automation in email marketing?

Ans. One can use automation in email marketing to blast emails, collect responses or feedback, automated welcome emails to new subscribers, and product updates.

Q18. What is the future of email marketing?

Ans. The future of email marketing is immense and is said to grow at the rate of over 5% annually over the next 3 years by 2025.

Q19. What are the click-through rates for B2C and B2B emails?

Ans. The average click-through rate for B2B emails is 3% and the average click-through rate for B2C emails is 2%.

Q20. Why do you think you are right for this job?

Ans. I do think I have the right skills and expertise for this job owing to my past experience as well as educational qualifications. Highlight some of your past projects and how you handled them. Also, highlight your qualifications or courses that you took. 

Q21. How many times a week do you think you should email your email list?

Ans. Studies suggest that brands should email their subscribers at least once a week. If there are offers and promotions, then 2-3 times a week is good. 

Q22. Give us some examples of the best email campaigns that give you inspiration.

Ans. Urban Ladder’s frequency of emails and Apple’s email marketing in terms of design is something that inspires me. Faasos research in terms of timing is something I do admire. You can find some more brands that you can think of here that really inspired you.

Q23. How do you ensure that your emails are GDPR compliant?

To ensure GDPR compliance, I obtain explicit consent from subscribers before sending them marketing emails, provide a clear opt-out option in every email, and securely store subscriber data. I also regularly review and update my privacy policy to ensure that it meets GDPR requirements.

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To Conclude, 

Hope this list of email marketing interview questions has made your life easier. Let us know in the comments below how you nailed your Email marketing interview.

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