Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in Ambon 2024

Updated on: Sep 12, 2023

Are you looking for the top digital marketing trend in Ambon? Do you want to stay up-to-date as regards the latest marketing trend so as to implement it in your digital marketing strategies for 2023? Then you are at the right place and you are seeing this blog at the right time.

Without wasting much time, let’s dive in and discuss the 5 top digital marketing trends in Ambon. But before that, what do we refer to as digital marketing trends?

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Popular Digital Marketing Trends in Ambon in 2023

Digital Marketing Trends in Ambon

Digital Marketing Trends:

The evolving changes that occur in the digital space. The tools/software/ or media used in the past few years are not as functional as before because of the constantly evolving characteristics of digital marketing and the introduction of new platforms. As technology improves and changes, so also are the digital marketing trends. 

Adequate knowledge of these evolving digital marketing trends will help you stay ahead of your competitors, increase your chance in the business market, enhance your business’s positive customer service experience, connect emotionally with your audience at the right place and time, and so on. As the new generations are coming up, you need to connect your business strategies to what they would love and interact with.

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If you are wondering if there are enough job opportunities in marketing, yes there are. We have a high demand for online, hybrid, and remote digital marketing jobs in Ambon, Indonesia in the year 2023. 

Why is Digital Marketing a trending career?

Digital Marketing is a trending career in the technology industry. Every business depends on marketing to make sales and have a high Return on Investment (ROI). This is so for different reasons: such as

  • It is constantly evolving/expanding nature: The digital age is improving daily, so the marketing platforms/channels in use become.
  • A decent source of income as a handsome budget is set aside for marketing.
  • The a need for marketing in every kind of business to make sales. The endpoint of any business is to make sales, hence the need for marketing to make people aware of their product and/or services.
  • The key point here is that as long as there is business transaction every day, marketing is going nowhere. Especially digital marketing as the world is becoming a global village.

Top Digital Marketing Trends in Ambon in 2023

We have looked at different reasons why digital marketing is a trending career. And I’m sure by now you as a digital marketer are already eager to know how to get your customer’s attention with the latest digital marketing trend and as someone curious going through this blog, you might want to start a career in digital marketing. Now, Let’s look at the top digital marketing trends in Ambon in 2023.

1. Short attention-grabbing Video

Video is an encouraging tool to use while marketing your products, thus marketing with the aid of video is on the rise. Not just the use of videos but with the short form ranging from about 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Using long video formats is not encouraged because of the fast attention span of the customers, when the video gets too long they become impatient and scroll to the next available content on their devices. Due to these reasons, short, engaging, fun-watching, attention-grabbing videos are one of the trends to take note of in 2023.  According to Hubspot blog research, 90% of marketers that employ the use of short-form video will have an increase in or maintain their investment in 2023.

Digital Marketing Trends in Ambon: Short Video Marketing

2. Influencer Marketing

One of the most used digital marketing strategies is influencer marketing because of the increase in social media platforms and it is one of the global marketing trends which is not only available in Ambon.

Influencers are thought leaders in their industry, they provide relevant, legit, up-to-date information on their social media pages. Influences have various niches ranging from beauty to fashion to confectionaries to fitness and so on. The use of influencers that have a niche in your business will increase your brand credibility and visibility. 

People buy from those they trust, so using trustworthy influencers will make their followers curious about your product and/or services. This will help your business to generate leads and make sales. I have second thoughts on this because of the high fees of high-profile influencers. You can opt for micro or macro influencers. 

3. Artificial intelligence and Chatbox

Chatbot is an artificial intelligence application used to make the communication process for a brand easy. It communicates to users timely and on a personal level through already programmed rules and regulations and reduces the workload of marketers. They do this through audio or text messages.

An automated strategy involving the use of chatbots to engage with consumers on time, answer their questions, or refer those questions to a human customer representative is known as chatbot marketing.

According to Small Business Bonfire; If there is no live chat option 77% of customers won’t purchase from such a website. This is because the instant response is provided by these chatbots.

Chatbot marketing is a digital marketing trend that more companies in Ambon should integrate into their business in 2023, why because;

  • It retains customers and they feel important and valued when their queries are answered instantly.
  • It gives 24/7 customer service, where customers get responded to anything they go to the company’s site.
  • More productivity, When chatbots respond to consumer queries, the marketers have time to attend to another aspect of their brand.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improved Content Marketing 

Another top digital marketing trend companies in Ambon should improve on or tweak into their marketing strategies in 2023 is improving their search engine marketing through relevant and valuable content. In 2023, companies should strive to use authentic, easy-to-understand,easy-to-relate, keyword-focused content on their website to rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

92.96% of global traffic comes from Google Search, Google Images, and Google Maps. With these statistics, a brand needs to optimize and tweak its website for these reasons:

  • so it can rank high on search engines.
  • to increase brand awareness
  • can generate more traffic and increase ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Make use of relatable images,
  • in a referenceable way (people will reference you when your content is educative, informative, relatable, and engrossing), such that other companies will talk about their site on their blogs which is backlinks.
  • Use of links leading to other websites within your site which are hyperlinks.

Check IIDE’s free masterclass tagged SEO simplified to learn more about this. It is free, online, and an e-certificate will be delivered upon attendance.

5. Youth-Targeted Marketing

The last but not least trend to be mentioned in this blog is youth-centered marketing. This is a form of marketing strategy focused on the youth and the upcoming generation.

A child 13 years old is already using a phone and surfing social media. This generation age group is conversant with the internet. Youth surf the net more than the millennial generation.

Digital marketing strategies should be targeted towards the youth. They should be considered in every decision(s) the company is making to have a high Return On Investment (ROI). For instance, Youth love vibrant colors, which should be used while creating flyers, advertisements, and so on. They love fun activities, so the use of memes and funny/hilarious stickers should be used on reels, videos, etc.

Where can you learn Digital Marketing?

Having discussed the top digital marketing trends in Ambon, you can see the tremendous benefit of having an evolving career with a lot of benefits you want to take advantage of in digital marketing.

As a digital marketer, you have to make optimal use of these digital marketing trends. Do you want to get more conversant with these trends? If, yes you need to have an in-depth understanding of what digital marketing entails, its various components, branches, and so on. Check IIDE’s Short-term digital marketing Certification courses or its MBA digital marketing program to be more equipped and become an expert in the digital marketing field.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the current trends in digital marketing?

Ans: Some of the current trends in digital marketing are chatbots, youth-targeted marketing, influencer marketing, content-driven marketing,  and so on.

Q2: What are the 5 most popular types of digital marketing?

Ans: We have Influencer marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Email Marketing.

Q3: Is digital marketing in demand in 2023?

Ans: Yes, digital marketing is in demand

Q4: Why digital marketing is important in 2023?

Ans: Digital marketing is very important in 2023 for businesses to make more sales and have a high return on investment.

Q5: What digital marketing is most effective?

Ans: All digital marketing is effective depending on what you want to focus on as a company and the stage of your company (whether it is a start-up or not).


In Conclusion, digital marketing trend is important to stay ahead of your competitors, to get recent updates, and to make the necessary changes to your digital marketing strategies.

As a popular saying, learning continues, we stop living when we stop learning. We need to  upskill and feed our brains. There are several free masterclass courses from IIDE to upskill weekly.

That will be the end of this blog, We hope to hear from you in the comment section below. Read more engaging and future-preparing blogs from IIDE.

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