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Updated on: Jul 6, 2023
Digital Marketing Salary in Kuching|IIDE

As you might as well know by now, digital marketing is a high-demand job online as many businesses and industries are making room for online advertisement and social interactions to build brand exposure and generate leads. In other, for these companies to be successful in their objective, they will need to hire digital marketers to help them build their brand online and sell their products and services. 

However, there are different areas of specialisation in digital marketing, each comes with its salary. So, depending on whether you are a hiring manager or someone that wants to go into digital marketing, it is essential to know the different niches in digital marketing, their salary and most importantly what your aims and objectives are. Also, an organization must clearly define what they want to do in other to seek after or hire a specialized digital marketer that will help them in achieving their goals. For example, a startup company will aim to build its brand so it will hire a social media marketer for brand exposure. On this note, if you want to know the different skills or niches of digital marketers and how much they earn check out this blog  “Highest paid digital marketing skills”

Before delving into the realm of digital marketing salary trends in Kuching, let’s first talk about the factors affecting digital marketing salaries.

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8 Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Salary In Kuching

Digital marketing salaries are dependent on a variety of factors, If you are curious to know them stick with us, as we will explain 8 subpoints.


Have you ever wondered why it is compulsory to have a work experience in your CV? or why hiring managers prefer hiring those with vast experience in their area of expertise? This is because experience makes it easier to quickly learn the scope of the job assigned to you and even at times makes you deliver to your client or boss on time.

In the world of digital marketing, your work experience might determine how much you will earn on your job. Imagine an SEO blogger with an experience of 1-2 years compared with someone in the same niche with an understanding of about 5+ years, surely you can’t expect both bloggers to earn the same amount or can you?


Some digital marketing Jobs come with salaries depending on your university degrees or certifications in high-priority skills. The truth is anyone can venture into the world of digital marketing, so depending on where you got your certificate from be it a renowned digital marketing school or a school which no one recognises, salaries ought to differ.  

Someone who has a degree in marketing and advertising is not the same as someone who has an online certification for an 11-month digital marketing postgraduate course or a short-term digital marketing course. Some managers also hire based on certification. So, depending on your educational background, salaries will differ. 


Skills in digital marketing are what set you apart from others. As you now know, there are different niches in digital marketing some earn higher than others as a result of how demanding and hard skill is comparable to others. An individual with Google analytics, Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing skills is on a higher level of payroll than someone that is into Facebook and Instagram Ads. 

The skills you exhibit go a long way in determining how much you will earn as a digital marketer. High-level skills are more in high demand, therefore having those high-level skills are what can make your earnings rise.


A digital marketer’s salary is also dependent on where the person works. For instance, are you working for a startup company in Malaysia or an International company? Depending on which company you work for, the size, the brand, the budget and the business goals matter a lot in terms of how much you will be paid. 

A digital Marketer who works for Pansar Company in Kuching will earn more than another working for a start-up company in the same area. A global example will be working for Amazon vs working for KFC, their annual budget and income are not the same.  


In the world of geography and economics, a city can produce more GDP for the country than other cities. In the real sense, some cities are poorer than others and some cities are richer than others.

For instance, a company located in Kuching the capital city of Malaysia and one of the three richest cities in the country will surely have more business income than a company from one of the poorest cities in the same country. 

As a digital marketer, the country and city you work in, whether on-site or remote, determine how much you will get paid no matter your skill set. Another global example could be working in London, United Kingdom vs working in Seoul, South Korea; their economy is not close to being at the same level.


Your role in digital marketing is also highly essential in determining your salary. A digital marketing manager will command more earnings than an entry-level digital marketer. In the same vein, the CEO of IIDE a digital marketing industry will earn more than the Head of Learning and Development in the same company. 

Your role is also an important factor, let’s take for instance an SEO expert who has 10 years of experience and another SEO expert who have 5 years of experience, the former will surely have a bigger role to play in actualizing the company vision even though both experts have the same qualification. The bigger Role might be being on the board of directors or becoming the general manager, therefore the salary of the former will grow bigger.


Several work Industries ranging from banking, finance, electronics, farming, sports, marketing, education and all also determine a digital marketing salary. It is fair to say some industries are bigger than others depending on where the country makes the most money from. For instance, the biggest industry in Malaysia is Agriculture, the country makes a lot of money from exporting locally farmed produce. So u can tell from every day that any digital marketer working for a food company in Malaysia will surely have an important salary. 

The Industry factor varies from City to City and Country to Country as each location has its own biggest industry e.g. Saudi Arabia’s biggest Industry is Oil & Gas.


When you are creative you become the pick of the bunch, especially in the area of social media marketing. Being creative in this niche is a strong way for you to be set apart from your counterparts. Employers would want to hire you because of your creative spark after all that’s a core requirement of being a social media marketer.

Therefore, a digital marketer who is in this niche can be paid based on how creative they are. It is for this reason that not all creative marketers are paid equally, some are more creative than some, and some are talented in creativity while others learnt it.

Digital Marketing Salary trends in 2023

Here, we will list the digital marketing niches and talk about the salary trends under them.

1. Social Media Marketer:

Social media marketers are those specialized online marketers who use social media platforms to promote business interests. A few examples of the platforms they use are Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat etc. Their role is to create content, interact with customers, create marketing budgets for promotions and advertisements etc. A social media manager is responsible for strategizing an upcoming product launch, creating a video, analyzing data across various social platforms, designing viral GIFs, interacting with the company’s PR & Communications, as well as running paid advertisements and lots more.

In Kuching, the average salary of a social media marketer is RM 41559 ($8,980)

2. SEO Manager:

SEO (search engine optimization) Managers provide the strategies required to find visitors who will need a particular service or information via a search engine. SEO helps in converting a visitor to a customer. The SEO Manager targets the right content to attract the right people to a website or blog.

An SEO manager should be able to research, analyse and give insightful information to the visitor to your website as well as be a good content marketer. Stakeholder management, brand exposure and a clear understanding of best practice tactics all fall under their job description. The average salary of an SEO manager in Kuching is RM 69490 ($15,016).

3. SEM Specialist:

SEM (search engine marketing) specialist is accountable for successfully managing Paid Search campaigns. This role requires experience in managing Paid Search campaigns. The keyword “paid” is the difference between SEM and SEO. because the latter is organic meaning a strategy that helps a website generate traffic. It is increasing a website’s visibility by making it one of the highest top-ranking websites on the search table. This might be a faster way to make a website get to the top of a search engine. Their job description also demands them to formulate budgets, create comprehensive test reports in the process of analysing web analytics and pay-per-click campaigns and so on. 

The average salary of an SEM specialist in Malaysia is RM 84180 ($18,191)

4. Copy Writer:

A copywriter is someone who creates write-ups for any marketing material while closely working with the graphics and video editing team to ensure their message is clear and concise. A copy is a creative write-up that can attract the audience to view and find information about the service you offer. What makes someone not skip an ad on youtube or Facebook depends on how catchy or creative the copywriter can be in the first 5 seconds. This is to show you that a copywriter has a huge task in creating a write-up that can glue the audience to the screen, this is why not just anyone can become a copywriter. 

The average salary of a copywriter in Kuching is RM 2474 per month which is equivalent to $534 per month

5. Email Marketer :

An Email Marketer keeps a client on their mailing list engaged between purchases and also continuously provide them with information regarding new products, discounts and other services. Email Marketers can get clients’ emails through sign-up forms on websites or Email marketing, these methods enable them to generate leads for businesses. 

An Email Marketer has the basic function of ensuring informing and upholding to clients through continuous interaction with them. Interaction can be done through newsletters or purely transactional emails to which the client can reply. The average salary of an email marketer in Kuching, Malaysia is RM 74251 which is 16,045 USD.

6. Web Developer:

One noticeable feature in clients’ behaviour online is that they would more often than not a company’s website for information about the services they offer, this might come as a disadvantage to someone who doesn’t have a website, and this is where a web developer comes in. 

A web developer is someone responsible for the creation and maintenance of websites. Almost every big organization around the globe have websites where customers can access and view all offers and information. In other for the website to be maintained and continuously updated, a web developer needs to be hired.

The average salary for a web developer in Kuching is RM 43,675 ($9438).

7. Digital Marketing Analyst:

A digital marketing analyst research and analyse statistics that can improve a company’s online marketing efforts. According to Simplilearn, “A digital marketing analyst’s task is preparing reports, conducting analysis, exploring dashboards and evaluating website visitors. They use CRM (customer relationship management) software and intelligence tools for their data analytics”. It is more or less an online marketer doing online market research or survey that will aid in producing more veritable marketing strategies. 

This niche requires skills in data analysis, SEO & SEM, communication skills, social media marketing skills, basic design skills etc. 

A digital marketing analyst earns an average of RM 58,776 in Malaysia which is equal to 12,701 in us dollars.

8. Digital Marketing Specialist:

A digital marketing specialist can also be called a digital marketer, they are in charge of all the online channels and they use them to drive brand awareness and generate leads. Meaning, a digital marketer’s role and responsibilities are to oversee and develop the overall content strategy for an organization, as well as online marketing campaigns.

A digital marketing specialist’s duty also resonates around creating online advertising campaigns, pricing strategies and targeting the demographic data of their target audience. They work with marketing teams at companies to achieve their goals and objectives through more awareness about what they offer.

A digital marketing specialist earns an average of RM 41,247 ($8913).

E-Commerce Manager:

An E-commerce manager drives awareness and action toward a business that sells its product or service electronically. E-commerce managers make use of social media, digital content, search engines, and email campaigns to attract visitors and facilitate online purchases. An Ecommerce Manager, overseeing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Customer Management Systems (CMS), web development, social media, email marketing and other online marketing-related solutions. Each of these requires its management software.

The E-commerce managers oversee how the brand websites look likes and are responsible for generating online sales. The average salary of an e-commerce manager in Kuching is RM 105,184 ($22,730)

9. Marketing Automation Specialist:

Marketing automation is the use of software tools and technologies to create effective digital marketing campaigns with automated, repetitive tasks. Marketing automation specialists meanwhile utilize these tools to set up trigger-based campaigns and establish regular emails.  Marketing automation specialists can help online businesses target customers with automated messages across email, the web, social, and text.

Marketing automation specialist is one of the most appealing marketing career paths right now in digital marketing, this is because, according to Marcloud consulting “Spend on marketing automation tools is predicted to grow  rapidly, to $25.1 billion annually by 2023.”

The average salary of a marketing automation specialist in Kuching is RM 52,410 ($11,325)

Where can you learn Digital Marketing?

Having read this blog up to this point, I am convinced you will want to take a bold step and enter the world of digital marketing. Knowing the importance of digital marketing, especially in the world we currently live in, it is no longer news that in the future digital marketing jobs will be in high demand. A lot of businesses are currently planning towards that area, and a lot of people would want to learn a lot about digital marketing, especially in Kuching. The good thing about learning now is that you can even learn remotely, that is from the comfort of your home. This means that there are many digital marketing skills you can learn online. IIDE has a variety of digital marketing courses and masterclasses you can learn online. 

IIDE hahas a range of programs to choose from depending on your interest. It could be Free Live Masterclasses, Short term Certification or  Online digital marketing courses. IIDE is ranked number 1 in India as the best place to learn digital marketing and what is more amazing is that you can register for their programs no matter where you are in the world as everything is virtual. 

Course Outcomes Of The Online digital marketing courses:

  • AI-based Mock Interviews
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How much does a digital marketer earn in Malaysia?

Ans: An average digital marketer’s salary in a year is RM43,336 and monthly RM 3,068. They also have an hourly rate of RM 17.83/hr.

Q. What is the basic salary of digital marketing?

Ans: The basic salary of a digital marketer for an entry-level employee is $45,000 in the U.S. The normal average salary on the other hand is $64,124 per year.

Q. How much does a digital marketer earn in Qatar?

Ans: The average salary for a digital marketer in Qatar is QAR 5637 per month. On average they earn QAR 67, 644.

Q. Is digital marketing a high-paying job?

Ans: It is one of the highest-paying jobs online. Depending on your Niche you can earn a significant amount of money for example an E-commerce manager in Malaysia earns RM 105, 184 per year while an Email Marketer earns RM74,251 per year.

Q. What is the monthly salary of a digital marketer?

Ans: The average salary of a digital marketer per month in Malaysia is RM 2,534.


Oops! Too bad we have to end our discussion here, I hope you enjoyed the reading so far. Just a quick reminder that digital marketing is the most in-demand job for an online business to build its brand and grow its revenue exponentially. The world has since become a global village and now brands have the opportunity to showcase their services to the world via the internet and social media but in other to do so they will need a digital marketer to help them be among the top brands in the digital space.

Kuching is not so different either as most organisations in the city are now taking note of the impact online marketing can have in making their businesses grow. Digital marketers are fast spreading in the whole of Malaysia and very soon it will become a trend. So, are u willing to join the train? If Yes, visit here to check out digital marketing courses and programs you can enrol in with IIDE.

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