Best 8 BBA Colleges In Mumbai for students

Updated on: Mar 6, 2024

Are you considering a career in business administration, management, or related fields? Mumbai, the vibrant metropolis known as the “City of Opportunities,” offers a plethora of options to kickstart your journey. Among the various academic avenues available, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) stands out as a prominent choice for aspiring business professionals.

In Mumbai, a bustling hub of commerce and industry, the pursuit of a BBA degree opens doors to a world of opportunities. With a rich tapestry of colleges and institutions offering top-notch education in business management, aspiring students are spoilt for choice.

In this blog, we delve into the realm of BBA colleges in Mumbai, exploring the institutions that stand at the forefront of excellence in business education. Whether you aspire to become a savvy entrepreneur, a strategic manager, or a visionary leader, these colleges provide the ideal platform to hone your skills and carve a path to success in the dynamic world of business. Join us as we navigate through the top BBA colleges in Mumbai, where your journey towards a rewarding career begins.

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Top 8 BBA Colleges in Mumbai for students after 12th Commerce

Let’s look at the top 8 BBA Colleges in Mumbai along with their course & college details.


1. KPB Hinduja College

KPB Hinduja College is one of the well-known colleges in Mumbai for its management & marketing degrees. Affiliated with Mumbai University, they offer undergraduate & postgraduate degrees in commerce.

KPB Hinduja College has been consistently ranked among the top colleges in Mumbai that focus on skill development rather than outdated knowledge. They have a lot of clubs and co-curricular activities that help students improve their communication & leadership skills.

Apart from that, Hinduja has recently introduced a new degree- BBA in Digital Business that is focused on teaching students the latest trends & technologies that are dominating the digital age. This degree not just focuses on improving job opportunities for students but also shapes them to become potential entrepreneurs in the country.

Detailed Course Information Here –

Contact Details

Phone No– 022-4098-9000
Address– 315, New Charni Road, Charni Road East, Opera House, Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004


BBA Colleges In Mumbai - TSCFM logo

Backed by 60 years of teaching experience, TSCFM (Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management) is part of the Shahani Group of Institutions. It is a premium business institution ranked 3rd among universities offering global business courses in India by Outlook Magazine. It is one of the few B-schools in Mumbai that brings the best international management education to India. It has received many awards for its innovative teaching model, including the Clinton Global Initiative Award.

Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management – TSCFM offers students a chance to gain a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from one of the top-ranked UK universities without ever needing to go to the UK. Their UK BBA program allows students to receive the best business education through a global perspective and interaction with international faculty. The curriculum of their BBA program is updated every year and it can change as per the developments in global business.

Contact Details

Phone- +91 99300 88330
Email- [email protected]


3. KES Shroff College (Autonomous)

KES Shroff College is a NAAC-accredited autonomous college, affiliated with Mumbai University. The college offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees & courses in science, arts & commerce streams.

KES prioritizes real learning over theory. Hence, keeping in mind the digital revolution, they have recently launched a new degree for commerce students called B.Com in Digital Business.

Here’s what students of BBA in Digital Business have to say about the degree:

bdb students reviews

Detailed Course Information Here –

Contact Details

Phone No– 022-28072477
Address– KES Shroff College, Bhulabhai Desai Rd, Kandivli (w), Mumbai 400067


4. Pillai College of Arts, Commerce & Science ( Autonomous)

Affiliated with Mumbai University, Pillai College is the top college for students from Navi Mumbai, Panvel & Thane. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate & doctoral degrees in arts, commerce & science disciplines.

The best colleges in Navi Mumbai that emphasize developing skills over rote information include Pillai College. There are global immersion and extracurricular activities available to students that help them develop their leadership and communication skills.

In addition, Pillai recently launched the BBA in Digital Marketing, a new degree program aimed at educating students on the most recent trends and innovations that are defining the digital era. With this degree, students are not only given better employment possibilities but they are also given the tools to become future entrepreneurs in the nation.

Detailed Course Information Here –

Contact Details

Phone No– 022-2745 1700
Address– Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai Campus, Plot No. 10, Sector 16, New Panvel – 410 206, MH, India

5. Nagindas Khandwala College

BBA Colleges In Mumbai - Nagindas Khandwala College logo

Established in 1983, Nagindas Khandwala College in Mumbai offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Arts and Commerce. They are known for their high academic standards and focus on preparing students for successful careers.

The college offers a wide range of courses, with something for everyone interested in Arts or Commerce. Admission is based on merit for most programs. They have recently launched a new degree, B.Com in digital business that is perfect for commerce students who have an interest in exploring the digital marketing realm.  

The college is known for its strong placement record, with over 75% of students getting jobs after graduation. Many well-known companies recruit from the college, offering an average salary of 3 lakhs per year.

Nagindas Khandwala College provides scholarships and other support programs to help students succeed. They also have a well-equipped library, Wi-Fi, and dedicated support services for placements and student concerns. The college is consistently ranked among the top colleges in India, making it a great option for students seeking a quality education.

Detailed Course Information Here –

Contact Details

Phone Number: 2228072262
Address: Bhavishya Bharat Campus, Road, No.1, Govindji Shroff Marg, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064


6. Regenesys Business School 

BBA Colleges In Mumbai - Regenesys Business School logo

Established in 1997, Regenesys Business School is dedicated to teaching, learning, researching, and developing conscious leaders who make a difference all around the world. They are known for providing world-class higher education that produces exceptional graduates who are ready to succeed in leadership as well as management roles in their respective industries.

In 2013, Regenesys Business School expanded its business school and opened an India campus in Mumbai. Regenesys India offers various academic, digital, and corporate education programs that are designed to expose students to global management and leadership trends as well as top international companies.

It offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Mumbai, providing students with a foundational education in the concepts, principles, theories, and models of business, management, and leadership. It also prepares graduates for a wide range of employment opportunities.

Contact Details

Phone: +27 (0) 11 669 5000
Email: [email protected]

7. S K Somaiya College 

BBA Colleges In Mumbai - S K Somaiya College logo

S K Somaiya College was founded in 1959 by the late Shri K.J. Somayya for driving his dream of shaping young minds through quality education. In just 50 years, it has over 39,000 students, over 3,000 faculty members, and 34 institutions serving in various educational fields such as humanities, engineering, education, medicine, management, pure sciences, and mass communication.

S K Somaiya College offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) designed to help prospective students discover their innate skills and strengths while addressing their weaknesses. It can help students pursue a variety of careers in various fields of banking, finance, insurance, retail, digital media, research analysis, logistics, and human resources. Its curriculum is designed to help students meet global, national, as well as local needs.

The program consists of rich, foundation courses, core courses, electives, and enrichment courses, along with minor courses and it focuses on experiential learning so that students can contribute to the business areas in which they are placed.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]


8. Thakur College of Science & Commerce, Mumbai

BBA in Digital Marketing - Thakur College

Thakur College of Science & Commerce is one of the most renowned colleges in Mumbai. It is affiliated with the University of Mumbai & offers undergraduate & postgraduate degrees in science & commerce stream.

Thakur is known for its learning methodology & how they give preference to practical knowledge along with theoretical. Thakur college as well as its BBA degree is a rage among the students due to the campus life it promotes along with their learnings.

🚨Recently, Thakur College introduced a new degree for commerce students – BCom in Digital Business which is equivalent to a BBA degree but with a focus on newer digital platforms & technologies.

Since digital & online businesses have rapidly increased, this degree allows students to look at jobs as employment and entrepreneurship.

Detailed Course Information Here –

Contact Details:

Phone No– 022 2625 6451
Address– Thakur Village, Kandivali (E), Mumbai – 400 101
Website –


Careers Opportunities after Pursuing BMS

  • Marketing Manager : A Marketing Manager is responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies to promote products or services effectively. They analyze market trends, identify target audiences, and oversee advertising campaigns to maximize brand visibility and sales.
  • Business Development Executive: As a Business Development Executive, individuals are tasked with identifying new business opportunities, building client relationships, and expanding the company’s customer base. They often work closely with sales and marketing teams to develop strategies for growth and market penetration.
  • Financial Analyst: Financial Analysts assess the financial performance of companies and provide insights to support investment decisions. They analyze financial data, prepare reports, and make recommendations on investment opportunities, risk management, and financial planning.
  • Operations Coordinator: Operations Coordinators oversee the day-to-day operations of a business to ensure efficiency and productivity. They manage resources, monitor workflow, and implement process improvements to streamline operations and achieve organizational objectives.
  • Management Consultant: Management Consultants offer expert advice to businesses on improving performance, solving problems, and implementing organizational changes. They conduct research, analyze data, and develop solutions to help companies optimize their operations and achieve strategic goals.
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Frequently Asked Questions about BBA Colleges in Mumbai:

Here are some of the frequently asked questions with answers for BBA Colleges in Mumbai in 2024:

Q. Which college is better for BBA in Mumbai?

Hinduja, KES Shross, Pillai, and Thakur College are considered the best colleges for BBA in Mumbai. Another addition to this list is the new Niranjan Hiranandani School of Management & Real Estate which has introduced a new BBA in Digital Business degree.

Q. What is the fees of BBA in Mumbai?

The fee for a BBA in Mumbai can range anywhere from INR 1-5 lakh per annum.

Q. How is BBA different from BCom?

A BCom concentrates on the commercial aspects of an economy while a BBA concentrates on the business & management aspects. Both BBA & BCom do have overlapping disciplines such as marketing, finance, etc but the approach varies.




That’s it for our list of the top 8 BBA Colleges In Mumbai. We hope you enjoyed reading our blog and found it to help opt the best college for you.

In conclusion, the array of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programs offered by various colleges in Mumbai presents an exciting opportunity for aspiring business professionals. Mumbai, renowned as the “City of Opportunities,” provides a vibrant backdrop for students to embark on their journey towards a successful career in business administration and management. With institutions like KPB Hinduja College and TSCFM offering innovative programs such as BBA in Digital Business, students are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge to thrive in the dynamic world of commerce.

These colleges not only prioritize academic excellence but also emphasize practical learning, industry connections, and holistic development, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared to make significant contributions in their chosen fields. Whether aspiring to become entrepreneurs, strategic managers, or leaders in the digital age, the top BBA colleges in Mumbai serve as the ideal launchpad for a rewarding career trajectory.

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