All About IIDE’s Digital Marketing Academic Challenge : 2024

Updated on: Jan 23, 2024

As a college student or a digital marketing enthusiast, catching the attention of a digital billboard must make you wonder about exploring the intricacies of digital marketing.

Are you ready to embark on a journey to discover your inner digital marketer? Are you ready to push all the boundaries to explore the vast expanse of digital marketing?

If your answer is yes then I have something amazing, yet challenging, just for aspiring digital marketers like you.

Introducing DMAC(Digital Marketing Academic Challenge) – India’s biggest-ever marketing challenge of 2024. This event is the best platform for you to boast your skills and network with industry experts in the digital marketing industry.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

Why should you participate in this event?

In this dma challenge, you will get a chance to connect with industrial experts from some leading digital marketing agencies such as FCB Kinnect and get a chance to win a cash prize worth INR 50,000.

This is just the beginning and there is more to it. In addition to the cash prize the winner, i.e., the “CHAMPIONS” of this challenge will get a chance to work with leading companies such as FCB Kinnect and IIDE.

The winners will also be provided with a special scholarship of up to 25% to ensure that they do not delay their upskilling plans due to any financial constraints.

If you think this is the end, then stop your chain of thoughts right now as there is more to come. The podium winners will be provided with a Certificate of Participation and LOR(Letter of Recommendation) signifying a token of appreciation for the participants who have displayed some exceptional work throughout the challenge.

In the spirit of this event, we believe that participating in this competition is itself worth applauding and so all the participants will be provided with a scholarship between 10-15% who wish to enrol for IIDE’s Post Graduation in Digital Marketing Program.

Are you ready to take up this challenge? Then let’s begin!


Who should participate in this challenge?

First and foremost, anyone be it a college student or a recent graduate, who has a knack for digital marketing and falls under the age group of 20-23 can participate in this challenge.

To embark on your journey in this digital challenge, you will need to assemble a team of four members. One will step forward and lead the team as captain and the remaining three will be the members responsible for using their talent for the victory of their team. 

Important Note: A participant can only be a member of one team or else they can be responsible for the disqualification of the entire team.

In case of any contingencies, the organizing team holds the complete right to make any decision regarding eligibility and evaluation.

Key Requirements

Your team must have access to a laptop and a strong internet connection for the rounds that are held online.

Each team must carefully go through the guidelines before registering for this challenge. If a team qualifies for Round 3, they will be required to come to IIDE’s Mumbai/Delhi Campus at their own expense.

Flow of the Event 

Now let us dive into the details of the challenge:

Round 1: Case Study Round – Online

Here comes the first round where you and your team will have to step into the digital battlefield with your weapons ready to conquer your rivals. 

All the teams will be provided with a real-time case study that is formulated by FCB Kinnect and they will be given 1 day to study and do all their research around it.

On 12th February your team along with other rivals will undergo an MCQ round based on the case study provided. 

The window for the MCQ will be open for 24 hours with the duration of the online quiz as 25 minutes. This means that a team can take the quiz within 24 hours.

The results of this round will be announced on 13th February, 2024

20 teams from Mumbai and 20 teams from Delhi who outperform their competition will qualify to proceed in the second round of the challenge and move a step closer to their impending victory.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

Round 2: Submission Round – Online

The teams who qualify for this round will be given a chance to choose a choice of their preferred brand from a given list that supports 3 to 4 of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). 

The team will be provided with a problem statement based on which, the team will have to come up with a digital campaign and strategies in which they will have to mention how the brand can leverage SDGs to perform promotional activities for a brand.

The team will  2 days to make a presentation of 10 slides. They will get 3 minutes to present an elevator pitch to the jury covering the vital parts of their entire campaign.

The results of this round will be announced on 16th February, 2024

10 teams who come up with the most creative digital campaign will qualify for the final round.

PS: This round will take place offline at IIDE’s Mumbai and Delhi campuses.


Round 3: Panel Round – Offline

The 10 teams, after all the hurdles who successfully make it to the final round, will be invited to IIDE’s Mumbai and Delhi campus to pitch their ideas.

Each team will get to present their digital campaign and strategy(an extended version of the elevators pitch in Round 2) to the jury which will comprise a pool of expert trainers at IIDE accompanied by Karan Shah(Founder and CEO – IIDE), popular influencers and a representative from FCB Kinnect.

The results of this round will be announced on 23rd February, 2024

And the winners are………

The challenge is now moving towards the end as the judges prepare to unveil the winners of this challenge – three teams in Mumbai and three teams in Delhi. The challenge will reach its climax with the announcement of these victorious teams. This will mark the pinnacle of success that they achieved in this Digital Marketing Challenge.

We hope that you now have all the information that you require to register for this challenge.

Feel free to visit our website to learn more about this challenge. 

If you still have any questions or queries regarding this challenge then we recommend you get in touch with us by either mailing us at [email protected] or by contacting us directly at +919665395066. 

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