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Exploring Industries: PGDM’s Agency Visits

PGDM at IIDE isn’t just confined to classrooms. These agency visits offer a unique chance for our PGDM students to engage with the inner workings of various agencies and prominent brand companies.

During these visits, they have the privilege to interact with esteemed professionals, including the Creative teams, Marketing Managers, and Brand Managers.

To date, we have orchestrated enlightening visits to renowned entities such as WRM – White Rivers Media, Schbang, and FCB Kinnect, among others.

These agency visits serve as invaluable networking opportunities, fostering connections that can greatly benefit our students in their future endeavors. Moreover, the visits provide an exclusive glimpse into the dynamic landscape of the digital realm and the corporate sphere.

This firsthand exposure empowers students to directly address their queries and uncertainties, receiving expert insights straight from the industry specialists themselves.

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