Social Kinnect Super Session

Rohan Mehta, CEO of Social Kinnect which is one of India’s top Digital Marketing agencies today was at IIDE to speak with the students on how they got started Social Kinnect & the struggles throughout their journey that got them today to inspire the kids to start something of their own. He spoke in detail about the techniques he used to crack some of their clients & how it works in this industry, what is a client looking for, how to close a sale & deliver more than they expect. He even went on to discuss the inception of Media Kinnect which is the media buying company & how it was an inevitable decision for them.


Besides that Rohan made sure to share his perception & expectation (through his experience) of the future for the Digital Industry & where it’s going in the coming years. The students had a great time & got a lot of their questions answered too.
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