Teach at IIDE

Indian Institute of Digital Education is India’s first school to support all digital activities of any business.

IIDE’s first school, ‘School of Digital Marketing’ comprises of a 6 month intensive program covering all aspects of Digital Marketing as well as Managerial/ Agency related skills to create actual future Digital Marketers. The 6 month program is split into 24 different modules and we would like to you to teach a few of these modules to the students.

The curriculum for the same is mentioned in the google form below. The topics in the google form are the various modules. Also, you could drop in your suggestions for the curriculum in the form.

Teaching Mechanism:

  1. IIDE will provide basic module outline and minimum required content (PPT, Videos) for the same
  2. Instructor needs to cover the basic required topics and add personal experience over and above for effective teaching
  3. Instructor needs to prepare own content for the module (PPTs, Videos etc.)
  4. Instructor needs to test the students, evaluate their work and recommend changes.

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