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Sonic Branding & it’s Growing Importance in Marketing and Advertising.

  • Super-Session with Akhilesh Ramachandran on Sonic Branding and it’s Growing Importance in Marketing and
  • Sonic branding primarily means the sound that a brand associates with itself and makes it a part of their
    identity. It is the sound of logo
  • Brands started using jingles and music in the 1900s to make themselves stand apart in the market and have a
    better recall value. Gradually, other companies also started picking up on the trend and Coca-Cola’s jingle “”I’d
    like to buy the World a Coke”” became a global hit in 1971. Other major companies like Microsoft also realised the
    importance of sonic branding and they came up with their famous booting up sound with Windows95
  • Nokia’s classic ringtone, McDonald’s with “”I’m loving it”” and Intel Inside are just some of the other examples
    that leveraged the use of audio with their brand which helped them create a valuable brand image in the market
  • We also watched the Netflix logo animation with and without the “”thudum”” and noticed the world of a difference
    that one small sound makes. Soundscapes in today’s world are extremely important because the average attention
    span of humans is 8 seconds, which is why that simple sound helps to create a better recall value in the minds of
    the customers

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