‘Cricket Tournament’

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A wave of exhilaration swept through our PGDM corridors as the Cricket Tournament unfolded, a riveting spectacle of sportsmanship and unity.

With bated breath and fierce determination, students from diverse batches converged on the field, forming teams that surpassed mere numbers – they were alliances of friendship and collaboration.

Cheers reverberated as the matches intensified, embodying not just competition, but teamwork and strategy. The tournament crescendoed with well-deserved honors for the victors, yet the true triumph lay in the shared experience. Beyond the field’s boundaries, these moments of unity and excitement remain etched in our collective memory.

The Cricket Tournament’s echoes will resonate as a reminder of our potential to conquer challenges, foster teamwork, and infuse life with spirited energy.

Embrace the lessons, cherish the memories – this is the essence of our PGDM journey.

Cheers to unity through sportsmanship!

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